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Joined: 8/12/2010
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Dont do private stuff in front of people you dont want 'invading' your privacy. Keep it simple.

If you think she is looking...then why not turn to her and ask her why she seems to be looking? Ask her if she trusts you or not, is that not the real issue here?

Communicate with her.
Joined: 2/14/2010
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/22/2011 7:46:03 PM
Is she being clingy all the time? It's nice being intimate, but everyone needs breathing space periodically. So from your info, it's hard to tell if she's trying to get your passwords so she can take down all other computers and take over the world or if she's just being super clingy.

Here's a suggestion: Why don't you try activities that don't involve using the computer? There was life before computers, believe it or not. Find out what that life was like. If you want to show pictures, facebook updates, etc., e-mail those links to her long before she comes to your place, so there is no reason to be on line when she's over. Another idea is go to her place and look at those sites from her computer, and when she's logging in, stick your nose on her keyboard.
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/22/2011 8:27:08 PM

if you don't have trust in a relationship you have nothing. it starts with the computer then the cell phone and just gets worse and worse. she may have issues from past relationships it doesn't mean you've given her any reasons to distrust you. but seriously it will NOT work.

I believe in trusting in a relationship. Yet I had an ex that I gave her a computer and she discested emails that I thought I had deleted with other exes and totally game me hell. She did the same with a phone. Then she took my entries in my journal and took them apart and again used them against me.

I believe in trust, but will you give your boyfriend/girlfriend you diary? I don't think so. There's a line, where private is more than that.

Also it turned out that she had figured out the passwords to all my accounts. So, I keep my computer completely private from now on.
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Joined: 7/17/2009
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/22/2011 8:55:39 PM
That would bother me.

My password and what I do on my computer is my business.

It sounds like this woman has some trust issues.

Have you explained to her that you are still on pof?
If you haven't communicated this with her, maybe she is wondering why you are continually logging on.

Then this becomes a communication issue.
 peppermint petunias
Joined: 9/2/2009
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/23/2011 4:30:05 AM

Me think you or her,is one Mc' nugget short of a happy meal! jmo


So....................let me ask "you know who" this:

Is it remotely possible, that just once, you find it in you to actually believe the male story, and not start to bash and attack???? I know it never ever happens here.

In most cases "you know who " is right.
I think "you know who" is an equal opportunity BS sniffer.

Being called out is not bashing

You let this nutter into your life for one reason. * wink*

So put up with it, don't invite her over when you don't have time for her and quit Mcbytching or get a sock puppet sans eyes or "GF" you actually care about.
Joined: 5/31/2011
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/23/2011 4:34:43 AM
Maybe handle your computer log in business alone. Is there really a need to be doing this with her there? It amazes me how people want to spend time with someone and it is done looking at Face Book updates , etc? How fun. NOT.
Joined: 8/1/2008
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/23/2011 5:30:43 AM
Get an RSA secure ID generator or perhaps buy a fingerprint secure lap top.

This issue is not going to go away anytime soon. And, just wait until you hit the joint bank account discussion.

It's good to keep boundaries, but if she asks to use the laptop open it for her and let her use it. After all, you are a team. Same cannot be said for the bank account.
Joined: 3/21/2011
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/23/2011 5:38:46 AM
I had a b/f once that had these sort of issues.
I went to the store and when i came back.. I came up behind him to kiss his neck.... He Quick turned around with this 'look' on his face and closed the box or webpage he was on.

Ive only done this ONCE to a b/f. As my sister and i were chatting and she was saying bad things about him.. :P.. (they were true)

To me.. the intense need for privacy is awkward and strange. I would NEVER ask a man for his password, But if i can never walk up behind him without seeing that' omg look' again, then i shouldnt be in a relationship with him at all
Joined: 3/13/2008
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/23/2011 7:46:17 AM
Maybe you could tell her what you told us? She may just be watching your hands because that's what's moving. Or you may be right and she's trying to see if she can get your password. If the latter is true, then you've got a problem.

Why don't you just come out and tell her. "When I'm logging onto my computer, I notice you watching me and I feel like you're trying to see what my password it. Will you do me a favor and not stand there and watch? I'll feel more relaxed." Something along those lines. You can even make a joke of it. "Will you go stand over there while I log into my computer? Okay, I'm done. You can come back now."
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Joined: 6/30/2010
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/23/2011 7:50:57 AM
hey, all i can say is the p___y must really be worth it to ya if you're willing to put up with that.
well, have fun playing your hide the baloney/hide the password game. whatever.
Joined: 6/14/2011
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/23/2011 11:46:03 AM
My OP , Spend more time with your girlfriend and stay off the computer when you guys are together . Too many relationships break up because of lack of communication . Enjoy each others company ..
Joined: 5/28/2011
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/23/2011 12:39:32 PM
Eyes are drawn to motion and activity. if your fingers are moving chances are it will draw her attention. If you are of the IT culture chances are you type pretty quickly, so what is the probability that she or any one else can figure a password from a second's worth of keystrokes?
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/23/2011 8:37:04 PM
If your gf is really that thick skull, that she is insensitive to your privacy, that's no problem at all................
If I were you I'll ask her to please kindly get me a pack of budwieser in 7 eleven or have her read aloud the Joy Of sex book while I am typing my password or whatever I am doing privately on my computer...

By the way, shouldn't you be busy with her ,instead of your computer?????
It's not that I am nosey.
Joined: 6/21/2010
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/23/2011 8:43:45 PM
You're best bet is to talk to this lady. Pure trust issues on this one. If it were me she's not getting my password period.
Joined: 2/11/2008
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/23/2011 8:49:12 PM
Okay, so far you know she lies about trying to get your password and she is trying to get your password. So what else would she do and lie about? That's how I would feel about it.
Joined: 7/8/2008
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/23/2011 9:22:09 PM
why don't you just come out and tell her " When I 'm logging onto my computer I notice you watching me and I feel like you 're trying to see what my password is.

I'll bet my last $1 that she will not admit it.... it is natural in human beings that no one admit that they are spying,cheating,stealing,lying
murdering ect.ect...

arwen that was a classy acts approach and very effective on some people but not all people. That is a weak approach on others... she maybe embarrass head down or turn the table on him...

Once a 2 friend from church visit me and all my personal paperworks are on my formal dining table , this woman stand up from the couch in the living room and stand near the table unashamely,I gave her a killer look and ask her what is she looking for ? she said if I can spare her a few stamps, I told her that she knows that she can buy stamps at the post office or grocery store...
Joined: 7/18/2009
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/24/2011 10:18:37 PM
Stay off the computer !!! Give her alot of "LOVE"..
Get romantic in the jacuzzi or lounge out in the sun with a mojito..
Guests should never be neglected...!! Light the grill, cook something
together, or watch a movie. No reading the paper, paying bills, checking you stocks...
Joined: 6/21/2011
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/24/2011 11:29:35 PM

Whenever she is at my place, and I go to my computer to log on, I catch her looking at the keyboard as if to try to read my password. She started this a couple months ago.

I tend to do that.
But I like to read.
I read the front of peoples mail. I don't realize I do this. I just like to read things. I tend to make the words into dirty limericks or puns. It might be from the STD institute of America. But in my head I am trying to come up with everything funny STD can stand for. Small Tit Department. Super Tampon Delivery. Ed McMahon telling you that you won 2 million herpes in the publishers STD clearinghouse sweepstakes.

My eyes (and those of most everyone else) are attracted to movement.
So I will look at fingers and try to guess what they are typing.
Just like a game.
Like a mental crossword puzzle or sudoku.
I really couldn't care less what they type.
It's just a puzzle I want to solve and mental exercising for entertainment.

Because if I am standing around doing nothing except staring at where you keep the mail, or you getting on the computer/typing, I'm going to give myself something to do.
I don't like being left to stand around someones house and stare at things.

Maybe she's doing that. Maybe not.
I don't know.
Neither will you unless you ask her about it. So come back and read this then go ask her about it....
Or stop getting on the computer when she's around, try entertaining her instead.
Joined: 3/10/2009
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/25/2011 2:25:40 AM
choice one, allow her to sit on your lap while you type and do menial computer 'work'
choice two, random number generator from secondary remote device that updates at midnite based off of alpha numeric historical progression parameters out to 13 characters......
the last girl got the crypto response
the new girl gets to sit on my lap anytime she wants
Joined: 6/11/2010
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/25/2011 1:50:39 PM
You could just take her purse, empty out all of its contents, and go through and study every single thing. And when she asks you to stop, just tell her it was an accident and that you weren't doing it on purpose.
Joined: 6/21/2011
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/25/2011 4:07:03 PM
lol! or he could say stop it.
Joined: 5/29/2011
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/25/2011 6:18:35 PM
"Least desirable solution: keep pepper spray beside your keyboard, and spritz her when she hovers. That DOES work, but defeats the purpose of dating, usually."...........hilarious but would ruin a date quick lol.
Joined: 1/25/2009
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/25/2011 6:23:57 PM
I AGREE with Franksteeen..........if you know she's gonna be there either be logged on to where you need to go and use online.............or don't logg on at all...

When I have company I try to give them my attention and not be on the computer...maybe she is doing that to get you off the computer!!
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Joined: 12/30/2008
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 6/25/2011 6:26:07 PM
well.. that is unfortunate.. but what are you doing on the computer when she is there???maybe your just not into seriously .. you know what the problem is ..fix it or let her go .. ..sounds like you don't have a very trusting relationship and your not willing to discuss with her .. but rather post on here for everyone to respond when it is her you should be having this conversationwith.. personally i would punt your ass out the .. good luck
Joined: 5/10/2011
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Starting to tick me off...
Posted: 7/2/2011 10:17:33 AM
I have read all the reply's and the one about setting up a guest account is just stupid.
Every one has a right to there privacy, this is your computer and she has no reason to know your password. If she is trying to find out what it is there are one of two reasons I can think of,, first she dose not trust you and if that is the case then you have to ask your self if that is a good foundation for a relationship?
Second is she trying to get financial information that may coast you later?
I know it sounds harsh but it is a possibility..
Take a stand and ask her to back off when your typing it.
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