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Joined: 8/15/2011
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like totally man
shyt's going down
and I would frown
but my coffee tastes too damn good
I'm kinda thinking maybe I should
stock up on coffee
and beans
Joined: 8/15/2011
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 9/23/2011 6:37:09 AM
Economically speaking
homosexual is the way to go
all those rich people
no kids
I guess now they are getting
artificially inseminated
but whatever

The only thing wrong
with trying to get a man
is they are all a bunch of whores
or already married to women

You could go get the widow
but never measure up to his wife
you can take the cute playboys
but they will keep something on the side

Talented folks
is what I crave
I know that art
will take me through my days

Economically speaking
artists aren't rich
but if you waller in the muck
for just long enough
I think
the dirt becomes a part of the norm
and it's an easily attainable storm
of emotion

I have this notion
that there really is
for everyone
some people cannot fathom the mathematics behind the equation
but it makes sense
to me
I"mm going to stop writing poetry
on your thread
because I can't
finish this poem

Joined: 11/1/2010
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 10/2/2011 3:06:16 AM
lol, no one can hold a candle to you birdman,
you make me laugh,
you make me cheer,
you make me want to be a better human being.

why are you wasting yourself on an obscure dating site?
your poems need to find a home, a small enchiridion perhaps,
or many small collections, little roman-flueves,
topical tomes constantly flowing forth from your prodigious archives,

i say get a setting,
a fictional local pub,
supposedly penning there all these hysterical takes
on life,
each book one topic.

i swear you'd sell a kajillion-million-billion-trillion of 'em,
you'd be rich,
have every woman from England,
both Irelands
Scotland pining after you
you'd never have to worry 'bout a date again
it would take off like WHERE'S Waldo?
It'd be Where's the Birdman?
morphing into pub tours
people searching for the elusive
amazing poet,
a win-win for one and all,
the pub owners
the public.
What fun. Do it Bird, fly out of this cage and into the huge world.

BUT::::::::::::::; not forever, this flat waveless sea would be unbearable without you!
Joined: 11/1/2010
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 10/2/2011 8:29:50 AM
ah yes, booze here flows all around
but nothing beats jamesons
to that i am bound
or whoopsy-do fun
with Bailey's Irish cream
or a wee drop of Mist,
or Guinness will be
used now and then,
never too much
my genetic code's that
of the provervbial Irish Lush
me brothers and sisters
are all reeling drunks
me aunts, uncles, cousins
love shooting up junk
yeah me clan's a mess
everyone is addicted
but i'm telling ya true
i've never been a sick kid
nope never been strung out
on toilets bent, retching
i eschew all that excess
it really ain't fetching
especially at my age
you can't meet your doom
as a pathetic old hag
passed out in a bar room
and no, quite sadly
i have to admit,
i never watch sports
it all gives me fits
all that sweat, all that brawn
all that noise, crowds a'roar
oh no, i find it
a terrible bore
i'd rather be biking
or at the sea shore
in nice parks i'm hiking
and there's plenty more
things much more fun surely
than watching men hurl
their fists in the air crowing
I'm King of The World


jaysus, mary and joseph i hate to rhyme,
my poor aging brain is completely fried
but good luck to auld Ireland in the next round
those poor feckless goombahs should never have tried
to beat the best of the toughest and true
the stout-hearted Irish surely will rule
win all the trophies, bring home the gold
the green white and orange the world will behold
Joined: 3/13/2008
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 10/6/2011 2:23:10 PM
T'was once a fair poet went by Bird on the Wire
t'was said of the elfin Bird, he writes sonnets for hire
so I asked him when he'd finished
if I could pay him off in Guiness
and ever since we have been sitting in the pub down in the shire

Yo bird, long time. Cheers, mate!
Joined: 6/11/2010
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 11/1/2011 8:21:52 AM
dipping feathers of thy angels wing
the ink of abrasion, confusion. partisan
alas. not a creature was stirring
not even a jack o' lantern
botorius pigeon wobbles a melody
of ionic appraisal,a symphony
for toni the pterodactyl
your sing must stitch
as my locked fists spread
arms a quarry
your wing, shall twitch
Joined: 11/7/2011
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 11/18/2011 8:11:53 PM
sorry your mad
but I like your name
sorry your love died
can you go on
Joined: 11/7/2011
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 11/20/2011 8:33:00 PM
marriage doesn't work
he yells, she screams, the dog cowers, the cat dies
when are men happy, when they are with other men
be it sports, military, bars, prison
it all ends the same
so don't feel cheated
we weren't meant to be together
I am sad to say
I am happiest alone
good day
Joined: 3/18/2008
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 12/1/2011 6:02:40 AM
I'm a woman
that's for sure
but your words, bird,
we've hear them before....

You want beauty,
no brains and bust
don't care who we are
all you do is lust...

You're a bottomless pit
a hole in a well
you're like humpty dumpty
so helpless when you fell....

Oh, getting carried away
with what I wanted to say
and that is, my dear man,
you know I'm a fan....

Of your words and your banter
and your natural canter
as you write with such glee
and upmost honesty....

What most men would say
if they could write your way
a quite funny version of sarcastic and gay :)
now you go and have yourself a really nice day!

Joined: 3/13/2008
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 1/10/2012 1:34:08 PM
Brilliant stuff, Bird. Forgot how much I missed your writes.

Joined: 6/14/2010
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 1/21/2012 10:47:11 PM

Mr Bird.

Welcome back.

Joined: 3/18/2008
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 2/11/2012 3:26:13 PM
thank you dear bird
for the humour of your word
i laugh with glee
reading your poetry
you're satire at its best
writing in your pants and vest
you know i jest
and yet
it's part of the internet
hiding our identity
think it adds
to your sarcastic security
or absurdity...

Joined: 3/18/2008
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 2/25/2012 4:04:48 PM
wow - an itch to scratch
written so perfectly
and genuinely...

and this one above
so true dear bird
and they wonder why we think they're absurd
when we all know it's the written word
that leads us down a blind alley indeed
peering and peaking, no need for speed...

it's the written word we read with anticipation
suspended animation
holds our fascination....

it's the written word
in all our reading
that draws our energy so
and leaves us free
the mind at ease
the heart drawn in
with compassion....

so keep on writing
with all you've got to give
for it's all in the writing
the words with which we live

and those empty profiles
void of our beloved words
honestly, friend,
they're for the birds!

Joined: 2/11/2012
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 3/2/2012 3:13:52 PM
lol wonderfully enjoyable
Joined: 2/11/2012
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 3/2/2012 3:15:39 PM
holey crap your poems are fantastic! a bit of a Roald Dahl for adults
Joined: 3/18/2008
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 4/4/2012 5:23:36 AM
oh bird
you're still so
wonderful absurd
laughter overflowing
caught on every word
a smile keeps escaping
you're ingeniously amazing
not like the rest of the herd

especially loved question and answer and living in a rat race xo
Joined: 3/18/2008
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 7/16/2012 11:57:18 AM
that'll be ms. to you
or d, my dear friend....

been a long time comin'
been wonderin' when
the rain in your land
will stop on command
or just give you a break
from the ever-present lake
for i've heard it's disaster
from my beloved daughter
who lives south in exeter
and sharing your weather....

she says the rain, dear bird,
well it's totally absurd
been flooding the streets
been flooding the land
you cry, my dear man,
for while it's raining buckets there
it's been the driest summer here
so dry the fires are disaster this year....

yes, we're all out of whack
and the environmental crack
is starting to show
now who's to say
how it will play
but for now let's pray
for balance this day
or i fear armageddon
is not far away

Joined: 3/13/2008
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 7/24/2012 3:08:59 PM
with short little lines a few words long
he pens a painting most often quite long
his poems long and narrow though his vision wide
with little to hide and much to deride

a small little sparrow flitting wire to wire
seeming never to pause yet never to tire
t'were it ink from a pen on a parchment quite long
many pints of black would be long gone

all the best to you, birdy!
Joined: 7/27/2012
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 8/1/2012 8:10:11 AM
now thats deep, it made me open my eyes, an it realy touched me in a way, that i wont forget, i think this peom is art an i think it should be posted somewhere where everyone can see it, like off of this web site. an that is importante, dont ever stop writing, keep up tha good work, cuz u got people like me out here listing an watching, an i love to read peoms, i am also a writer, so these are the kind of things that inspires me to go hard with my music that i love so much
Joined: 6/14/2010
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Partisan poems
Posted: 9/30/2012 2:51:29 PM
^^^ Nice One ^^^
Joined: 3/18/2008
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Partisan poems
Posted: 10/14/2012 1:53:52 PM

ahh, my fine feathered friend
love what i just read
of course, dear bird,
the woman was honest
and just perfectly said!

Joined: 9/28/2012
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Partisan poems
Posted: 10/30/2012 3:10:25 PM
You have a lot of funny poems, i must say. :D
Joined: 12/22/2009
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 11/4/2012 6:32:04 PM
that's funny, thanks for making me giggle
Joined: 11/7/2011
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 12/24/2012 10:52:18 PM
what does a man want in a woman
and then to be left alone
don't talk
Joined: 3/18/2008
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Partisan Poems
Posted: 1/12/2013 4:30:40 AM
^^ awww, bird....still so absurd
with such an amazing gift of the word
your reflections and keen perception
leaves much for the imagination
to step into your world
and the state of the girl
you met, perhaps last night,
then proceeded in flight
the way all good birds do
when the meeting is through
to return to the page
and write like a sage
with your infamous cheek
that never is meek
but i know you my dear
and you really are sweet

happiest of new years to you! xo
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