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I wanted to goto a nude beach with my wife (now ex) while we were in Maui years ago. It was more of the thrill for me than the nudist experience. She worn revealing clothes once in awhile when we went out and got into discreetly flashing me. I think a lot of that was for my benefit. At least in the beginning. Anyway, I found there was a nude beach on the island and had to ask quite a few times to get her to go. Eventually she said yes. She started off laying on her stomach with her bikini untied. She later turned over with it off. Arousing in the beginning. It was kind of no big deal after awhile but still a fun experience. As for me, I wanted us to go so my shorts came off when we got there.
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Nude beaches- thoughts and experiences
Posted: 7/1/2018 11:56:43 PM
If I had to go to a nude beach nude, I'd go all out for awkwardness. I'd go there with a blow-up doll half-clothed, pretending it was my significant other, always fighting. "Take ALL your damn clothes off, Betsy! Oh, don't give me that OH face non-stop! You certainly had no problem taking your clothes off with my cousin Robby in the shed out back! Don't make me grab a pin and pop you!"
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