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wow, it must have been pretty bad; she left
hope she is OK
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high school mean girls at middle age
Posted: 1/1/2012 8:51:51 AM
Women are mean to other women because they can be.

I had one of those girls in my life in middle school.
I tried the high road with her. It got me nowhere.
Shortened story - she came up to me one day and said that her brother told her I called her a ****. That's a big deal in middle school but I told her that I didn't and I hadn't. A few days later I noticed no one was getting off at their bus stops - very odd. All of a sudden at our stop she and I got off and so did the rest of the bus. Other people came and met with the crowd that didn't ride that bus. Guys and girls all together.

I'm walking home thinking this is about to turn out really bad. Then the screaming starts behind my back - lots of name calling and eventually she runs up to me grabs me by the hair and starts fighting. The whole crowd circles me so I can't get out. One of the guys say - if you fight her back we are all fighting you too because by then I was hitting her back. I tried to calm down and started jumping out of her way telling her that I didn't call her any names. She continued to fight with me and I finally broke out of the group and ran home with the crowd chasing. By the time I got to my block they stopped.

Another time she came to my door out of nowhere banging on it with a 2x4 daring me to come out. I had a guy friend in the house with me playing guitar and I told him - look I'll fight her if you'll get her to drop the board. He went outside and told her to leave and tossed her brother over a railing on the porch.

Now, 20 or more years pass. I was at a bar with friends. One of my friends heard this girl call me a **** and she said the girl was looking at me. There she was yet again. I continued on and told my friend to ignore her once I saw her face - told her it was some jealous girl that jumped me when we were kids. As we leave the bar she said **** one last time and my friend said "**** her" - ran over to her then they were fighting in the bar parking lot. Afterward we were walking to the car and I told my friend - you don't have to stick up for me - that girl is crazy. She lifted up her shirt and said "That **** bit my tittie". Bruise shaped like teeth on her tit lol

Mean girls don't change - they just get more bitter with time.
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high school mean girls at middle age
Posted: 1/1/2012 10:29:18 AM
If you are taking the high road, why are you reposting stuff on FB? That is definitely not a "high road" or "killing them with kindness" action. It is inflammatory and intended to be so although you see it as letting them expose themselves.

Please do not teach teens to respond in anyway to accusations that are false. Live your life as YOU see fit, and never let others provoke you to respond. The moment you do, you are playing their game.

Here's the thing: when your pattern of behavior proves consistent over time, their meanness will be exposed. You gain nothing by trying to defend yourself in passive-aggressive (or other) ways.

If you don't add to the drama, eventually the people targeting you will look for a target that provides more entertainment--and in the mean time, rational folks will have noted your high class behavior. That's all that matters in the long run, and the short-run is actually pretty meaningless if it doesn't get you to the "long run" you want.
Joined: 9/20/2011
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high school mean girls at middle age
Posted: 1/1/2012 1:43:50 PM
I worked w/ them @ my last job...there's a reason why they r mean...they r miserable...don't sink 2 their level, but don't show vulnerability either...they'll come in 4 the kill
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