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Please, as long as it's not country or heavy metal.
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Rap Music
Posted: 12/14/2011 5:46:55 AM

Among the people that have music taste as a requirement / dealbreaker, I think the majority of time it is based on broad generalizations. Some of the responses on this thread are examples of this.

That's certainly true. In fact, I would say that's the fundamental basis of this thread. The OP's question, more precisely expressed, would be "Would you discriminate against or stereotype someone on the basis of the music they enjoy?"

The truth is, there are many hardwired stereotypes ingrained in many cultures regarding musical taste. Many are racial or socio-economic in origin. Generally, there is enough accuracy within a given population to these stereotypes to sustain them, but they are still only broad generalizations.

On the flipside though, there are many people who include those stereotypes as part of the subculture and lifestyle associated with the music they like.

Have to admit, I do it myself with country, even though I know there are exceptions. The only girl I've managed to get a date with so far was into country, and she was very far from any stereotypes of a country music fan (she was Trini, for starters, and just as much into Bollywood pop). But I also can't stand country, so in a way it's easier to use the stereotypes as an excuse. That said, country seems to frequently be associated with quadding, 4x4ing, dirtbiking, and hunting, at least on POF, and though this is also in some ways a stereotype, and there may be exceptions, I tend not to get along well with people who are interested in those sorts of activities (except maybe if they feed me venison ).

I would think that anyone, regardless of the music they like would want to be subjected to music blaring at 3 a.m. Big band could be annoying at that hour when you are trying to sleep, yes?

Personally, I love blasting music at 3am (though not in a residential area, where people might be trying to sleep). 30kw sound system, 20kw subs, pair of 12s and a stack of vinyl (or a laptop and Ableton, as the case may be), always sounds like a good time to me. Especially if I'm behind the decks.

(After all, my mum never said the Clash were sh!t, I would have hated her if she did....)

Well, yes, but if someone said that, of course they're either lying, or they simply haven't heard them enough, or loud enough... Luckily for me though, my mom grew up on early punk and metal, so I never had that problem. We went to a Ramones concert together--she's a bigger fan of them than I am.
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