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No, There's been a huge assumption ...mostly promoted by YOU that FWB's was
NOT monogamous....

Oh, I see....
Well, I went and did a quick search, found a few threads,( some of which were started before I joined POF...) all of which people are talking about non-monogamous FWB's...


What is up with FWB but still on here looking? -

Multiple FWBs -

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Does "exclusivity" applies in FWB relationship? -

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Seems to me that other people have had the same assumption....

And like I said, it seems to be on POF that some of you are in monogmaous FWB's... That's fine... but it's not necessarily the majority opinion either...
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Friends with Benefits... WHY!?
Posted: 11/4/2011 4:00:08 AM
Its also the case that many of those will actually just be a FB, but people (especially on public forums) have a tendency to want to make what theyre doing sound "nicer"

For it to be an FWB you HAVE to be friends, or at least heading towards forming an actual friendship rather than just "chatting" as a means to having sex

Youre also missing the fact that many relationships end up being non monogamous too, its called cheating. And agreeing to monogamy in an FWB and not being true to that isnt much better than doing so in any other relationship, its still deciet but it also has the added aspect of lying to a friend, which by itself isnt something actual friends tend to do as a rule

So wheeling out other threads doesnt alter anything, you can also find droves of threads by people who were cheated on in their marriage too, does that mean marriages arent monogamous?

Or does it just mean that "some" prople will cheat after claiming to be monogamous?

It seems youre the one making "assumptions" but ones you probably wouldnt equally make about marriage or full blown relationships even though they have an equal predisposition towards being non monogamous

As for ones where the couple AGREE it wont be monogamous, again, that also happens with marriages and FWBs, but if its been mutually agreed then its the arrangement both people wanted, not an indication of how ALL FWBs are in the same way that open marriages also dont define how ALL marriages will be

A flawed conclusion based on selective interpretation isnt as compelling as you seem to think it is
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Friends with Benefits... WHY!?
Posted: 11/4/2011 7:24:18 AM
It fills a need in the vast spectrum of human sexuality. The question isn't why, it's "Why not?" The answer to that is ONLY valid for the individual contemplating the situation.
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Friends with Benefits... WHY!?
Posted: 11/4/2011 7:39:25 AM
I had to laugh at a woman I knew claiming that an FWB in the spaces between actual relationships filled a "void"

Being honest though she did have a very nice "void" and it would have been a crime against nature to have not filled it as often as possible
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Friends with Benefits... WHY!?
Posted: 11/26/2011 3:26:08 PM
"why friends with benefits? Why do people need them? Cause they have sexual appetites that need to be met?"

Oh gee, why do YOU think?

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