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How do you feel about interacial dating?Page 4 of 26    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26)

you shouldn't care if she's florecent green if you are having a good time with that person then go with it,life is too damn short to think that colors matter anymore after all it is 2006,

I feel this way now that I have had all the children I am going to have.
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 6/5/2006 7:53:39 PM
i'm with you when you're right
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 6/5/2006 8:27:41 PM
I feel fine with it. Not an issue. Get love wherever you can. Interacial babies are the most beautiful followed by black babies in my view. Like the message in the movie "Bullworth" If everybody starts doin everybody else there won't be any racism. The younger you are and the more exposure you have to differnt races it becomes less of an issue. I haven't read through all the post here cause that would take till forever but, what are the black women saying? I think Black women have it the hardest in our society and I think they would prefer to date a solid black man.
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 6/5/2006 10:47:23 PM
It is someone's personal choice. It doesn't matter what another thinks. I prefer and only date white women. I have my reasons for that choice but they are MY reasons. If I voiced them I would be called a racist.

I know some white women on dating sites only prefer black men. Whatever. I believe most black men prefer white women. Personally I don't agree or like this but a person is free to make whatever choices and mistakes they like.

It is not really anyone else's business and other's opinions only affect you as much as you allow them to.
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 6/7/2006 11:39:18 AM
I have no issue with that at all. I am totally open to any race. I can find something special in all races and there is nothing wrong with any race. If the person has a kind heart and is open hearted and non-judgemental and is a good person that is what matters.
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 7/24/2006 10:15:01 PM
sorry to go off topic but, Becky B, you should get a friend to contact his dad and use a different name but your phone number and he'll probably call wondering who it is.
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 7/30/2006 2:08:40 AM
Very good post chitownleo. That's one reason why I've preferred to date within my race/ethnicity. You never know how the other people in their life and yours are going to handle it.

But then again, I'm in love with a girl from Central Asia. It's funny, because when I first saw her, I had no idea what nationality she was. First I thought she was Arabic, then Latina, then Italian. But I don't care. If anything it endears me to her even more. She's different. I've never met a girl like her before.

Eh, maybe it's not meant to be. I know she's a Muslim. Maybe her parents won't approve of me. Of course I did meet her mom once, and she was nice to me. But I don't know if she knew about what has gone on between us. I met her sister also.

Maybe that's why she got cold feet.

Hmmm. It's actually something I haven't wanted to think about.

But I would respect her background. It fascinates me in fact. I've read all about her country.

I want her. :(

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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 7/30/2006 6:43:47 AM
It doesn't bother me, but I understand that two people from the same race and culture will probably have certain things that work out smoother than those that don't. If they both speak the same language, understand the same core values, etc, then that just puts them both at ease.

I can only speak from a caucasian woman's perspective and what I've seen happen to my friends and coworkers.

If a white woman dates an Asian guy, his family, if it's very traditional or just recently immigrated, thinks he's dumb. That she will divorce him and take half his stuff because most white people have no values. I have to agree with this, I find that Asians do have stronger marriage values than whites do.

If a white woman dates a Latino man, all the Latino women hate her. She's an outsider.

If a white woman dates an African American, then all the black women hate her and some white people will hate her as well. But that's not the big problem. The problem is African American men have this huge chip on their shoulder about every single thing. If they get cut off on the freeway, it's because they are black. If they get hit by a bolt of lightning, it's because they are black. It gets old to hear someone talk who can't actually take any responsibility ever for anything at all. Or just can't understand that bad days and bad things happen to everyone.
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 7/30/2006 11:41:35 AM
I just don't want a disgusted white girl to be misinformed Stop thinking that because you are white that you are some type of goddess. Remember, when black Egyptian Queens like Hatsepshut and Nitorcris were ruling Dynasties and armies of men in Egypt, you were over in the caves of Europe eating raw meat and beating each other over the head with clubs.

I thought you didn't want to slander white people.

Nowadays, in my opinion, a lot of brothers date white women because they are docile and easy to control.

Wow. Maybe the ones that chase after black men are like that.

I have talked to numerous black men and they continuously comment on how easy it is to control and walk over their white women.

Wow, again, you're only talking about the ones that chase after black men.

Brothers like Ahmad Rashad, Denzel Washington, Michael Jordan, Morris Chestnut, Will Smith, Blair Underwood, Kenneth "Babyface"
Edmonds, Samuel L. Jackson, and Chris Rock all married strong black women

Don't most black men in general marry black women?

And, to flip the script, there are numerous white men, in and
out of the spot light, who openly or secretly desire black women over white women. Ted Danson, Robert DeNiro, and David Bowie to
name a few.

Who else?

It was the black woman that taught you how to cook and season your food. It was the black woman that taught you how to raise your children. It was black women who were breast feeding and raising your babies during slavery.

Uh really? My ancestors were still in Europe during that time.

It is because of the black women's strength, elegance, power, love and beauty that I could never date anyone except my black Queen.

Man is this blaxploitation or what? I think this whole letter was forged. Yeah, you like black woman because they are the same race as you, for the same reason I prefer white women. I don't think white women are inherently better than other women.

It is not just the outer beauty that captivates and draws me to them. It is not the fact that they come in all shapes, sizes,
colors and shades that I love them.

Their inner beauty is what I find most appealing about black women.

Their strong spirit, loving and nurturing souls, their integrity,their ability to overcome great obstacles, their willingness to stand for what they believe in, and their determination to succeed and reach their highest potential while enduring great pain and suffering is why I have fallen in love with black women.

There are women like that in all ethnic groups.

I honestly believe that your anger is geared more toward jealousy and envy more so than snotty looks. If this were not so, then why do you continuously go to tanning salons to darken your skin? If you are so proud to be white, then why don't you just be happy with
your pale skin? Why do you continue to inject your lips, hips, and breasts with unnatural and dangerous substances so you can look fuller and more voluptuous?

I think that your anger is really a result of you wanting to have what the black woman has.

This letter is fake. I can't believe I am reading this.

BOTTOM LINE: If I were looking for a docile woman I can walk over and control, I would give you a call. But, unfortunately, I am looking for a Virtuous Woman. Someone that can be a good wife and mother to my children.

So white women are wicked, docile, and are bad moms and wives? You obviously don't watch the news. I suppose black women never cheat on their spouses, mistreat their kids, etc.

Someone who can be my best friend and understands my struggles.

So am I.

I am looking for a soul mate.

So am I.

I am looking for a sister

Hey, if you're into incest...

and; unfortunately, you do not and CANNOT fit the bill. really nailed that fictitious wicked white woman good.

No offense taken, none given.

Uh, yeah right.

Signed, Black Royalty

More like Black Panderer or Black Insecurity.

It's sad that such garbage is marketed to inner city black people.
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 8/15/2006 3:09:01 PM
i'm not a racist person, but by choice i would most likely date someone of the same race..

theres nothing wrong with interracial dating atall as far as i am concerned, each to thier own and all that aint it.

it boils down to the choice of the person really, some like BBW (Big Beautiful Women), some like rakes, some have varying sexual preferances but none of that matters or has anything to do with those who it does not effect.

freedom of choice..let it spread!
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 8/16/2006 5:36:39 PM
I'm an asian male and I've never dated outside of by race. It just ended up that way...not by design. Interesting fact though, I have a lot of caucasian women friends. It creeps into my head every once in while that i'm a good friend they can turn to. Romantically speaking, not a chance in hell-they're just not attracted to me. Is that a race thing..I don't think so. But I'd be a liar if i said I didn't think about it every once in a while.
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 8/18/2006 3:03:17 AM
I grew up in a family where that just wasn't done. Some of my relatives were openly racist while others just thought the line should be drawn at actually dating a black man. I remember how ugly that sounded to me, even as a child. I have dated several "non-white" men (most of them black) and I don't give 2 squirts of pi$$ what anyone says or thinks about it. I appreciate a man for who he is and not what he looks like or where he comes from. As for my family, I didn't even entertain any arguments. (These days they've either evolved or given up trying to convince me.) I simply said that their attitude disgusted me and left it at that. My ex husband has a white mother and black father. Our 13 year old daughter is adored by my family and I have taught her to be proud of who she is. People are amazed because of her complexion, hair, etc. when they find out she is not solely causcasion. But I am still open about it (and so is she) without making it an issue. By that, I mean we don't just run up and tell people that at random but it's never hidden or avoided. And she knows I don't care who she dates when she is older. (Not ready for her to date anytime soon! I have tried to teach her about respect and never to be with someone that doesn't show her that. If he treats her well and they are in love, I'm all for it. Hell, I don't even care if she turns out to be gay. Well, except we'd have to figure out how to get me some grandbabies!!

Bottom line: Regardless of race, people are people...some good, some bad and the majority fall somewhere in between.
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 8/18/2006 7:13:44 AM
Being a white man I have had a few relationships with black women. People are just people the way I look at it. I really dont give a flying f**k if anyone else approves or not. If its a friend and they dont approve then they wasnt a friend to begin with. The point in any relationship is to be true to yourself and be happy. Colors doesnt matter.

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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 10/21/2006 1:42:55 PM
I have no problem at all with it all. We're all the human race & you can't help who you're attracted to...
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 10/28/2006 9:56:49 PM
When you move from a progressive city like toronto/vancouver , to a real small town where lot of people havent even seen non whites , it just hits you , how good you had it there .Sometimes "interacial" dating is the only option and not a choice .

Anyway when people ask funny questions like " Do you like white people" , and you lived a good part of life in toronto , it suddenly dawns on you thats theres a Canada that most of viscible minorites may have not witness , let alone thought that existed( if they lived in bigger cities)...... you just wanna leave ASAP.... race jokes are no longer jokes to you when you hear them hear... coz race is still a issue...In Canada the relation is pretty simple , if its a poor region , its more than likely racist and intendly so . just my conclusion offcourse...
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 10/29/2006 2:13:34 PM
Well, first of all I would have to arbitrarily determine which "race" she is. Her mothers? Mine? Which of mine?

She's an individual. If she choses to date or marry someone they will be an individual and so long as they pass my shotgun test, they'll do fine.
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 10/29/2006 2:26:00 PM
Damn straight,I women period;I don't care what race she is.Love don't lie,cheat,deny,leave you hangin,or hurt.It stand up what it belive and if I want to date out side my race I'll be damn to let someone crush it.Like Masked_Hero saidIf other peoples or family members don't like it...Oh well they'll be aight.You best belive I'ma be talk'n to then the whole time at the family cookout just piss them off....But I'm fixin my own damn plate.
 Frank from POF
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 10/31/2006 10:37:47 PM
I love Black women Because most of them are extremely sexy and I've had my best experiences with them
 Frank from POF
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 10/31/2006 10:40:46 PM
Date your own race or date another race, Who really cares ?
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 11/8/2006 11:58:05 PM
Now, let me toss and example your way:

I know QUITE a few white teenage girls who "prefer" black men. Now, given that I live in a county that's composed of 44 percent blacks to 43 percent whites, this seems inevitable. But my problem is this: most of these girls are going on the assumption that black guys are inherently stronger and more protective of their women than white guys. In their scope, white men are just bumbling, weak and insecure. And to further enrage you, many of these girls have BLATANTLY said they prefer black over white for****size alone. Now, to me, that's stupendously dumb. For one, the difference, on average, between black and white men is a half an inch; even this is hotly contested. And secondly, I say, women you don't have the right to discriminate against an ENTIRE RACE on the basis of a physical attribute.

These girls are just as narrow-minded, if not grossly moreso, than the white guys who are principally interested in white girls. You CANNOT prefer one race over the other for a physical attribute, non-existent and mythical as it may be. If a guy or girl genuinely loves and cares for someone of a different race, I encourage them to be happy together, and I can honestly say I am pro-interracial dating, but only for the right reasons. "I love him for his gangsta style and huge**** are not acceptable. Do not try to justify this. Do not argue this. This is not a valid viewpoint to have.

I'm SICK of having to hear stupid white teenage girls go around, trumpeting their relationships with black dudes merely because of a stereotype, that black men are in some way better than white men. It's a damnable, egregious lie, and the inherent hypocrisy in the entire thing makes me want to vomit. These chicks tout their love and acceptance of interracial relationships, but for all the wrong reasons, and they end up getting hurt by that oh-so-perfect thug, black boyfriend, and who do they run to for consolation? Their whitebread friends. Something's massively wrong here when the type of racism I've mentioned above (one race going for another based on something entirely speculative and sickeningly stereotypical) goes on, unpunished and even encouraged, but people who say "whites and blacks shouldn't date" is come down upon with the fury of God. IT'S THE EXACT SAME CONCEPT.

Love knows no race, but lust apparently does. Sick and dysfunctional. That's really all it is.
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 11/8/2006 11:59:53 PM
i have seen this topic on pof to the point of being annoying, until it finally dawned on me that this is STILL an issue, which i had thought evolution had taken care quite a while ago. i am in my 50's. my grandparents escaped religious and ethnic persecution for being jewish. my grandfather escaped from siberia (russia) via south africa to nyc in the early 1900's.

my grandfather and his daughter (my mom) always advocated equality. my dad taught chemistry at college level. he was invited to the knights of columbus (even italians weren't invited), he helped dig the first shovelling of the verazzano bridge and he "integrated" our catholic, european descent, working class neighborhood with various ethnic collegues and their families by inviting them over and encouraging the children to play together with the neighbor's children. years later, a young irish boy came and thanked my mother for showing the kids the way, despite their parents prejudices.

my dad even rescued a friend from a black panther alleged crime (it didn't happen, he was framed and let go immediately). but oddly to me, i couldn't attend his celebration rescue party because i was not african american! nonetheless, several of my women friends chose to sit outside the party with me for a while as they felt bad about the situation.

after my dad's death, my mom's picture was plastered across the daily news--anti redlining with friends from the newman club (a catholic club). redlining was the practice of banks to take money from the poorer neighborhoods and invest this money in mortagages for the richer neighborhoods (typically "white"). my mom was in her 70's at the time.

i was told that although dating a "jewish" boy might be easier for me (given the world at THAT time), i could date anyone i wanted--in particular irish, italian and african american young men (who comprised most of my brooklyn neighborhood at that time, attended my school or were my parents' friends/collegues). i was also told that catholics and baptists believed that Christ was the messiah and up until that time, he had the most G-d in him, but that the Jews believed another messiah was coming. they left it to me to decide which religion i wished to practice and as a result i have incorporated bits of all religions, as well as all cultures. i do not distinguish race as much as i do culture. my african american friends were not as dark skinned as my jamaican or haitian friends. of course, there is ethnic disparity amongst african americans and africans--not to mention the diversity of cultures and religions from that continent as well.

my adopted children are african american and south american. however, living with a mexican family in foster care, they did not know they were half african american until i told them and exposed them to the culture. so, here is where you must take care. children raised in neighborhoods that are not diverse and not integrated have a really hard time of it. unlike myself who can "pass" for another religion or even culture, unless you are very light skinned, you can be deemed not white in a white neighborhood and i have found that african americans and south americans raised traditionally within their own cultures, will almost fight about what my children "are".

so we've traced their heritage to their grandparents with the help of their birth mom. they are 3/8 african american, 1/8 british, 2/8 spanish and 2/8 south american indigenous. then to boot they have a russian jewish adoptive mom and an adoptive dad from scotland. to make matters more complicated, they have east indian names given to them by their birth parents who practiced a non traditional religion.

we have a lot of ethnic humor in our family and our adopted godmother is korean by the way. but when we go outside, we are careful not to make ethnic jokes and the kids find it amusing when they tell their teachers about their parents. on the other hand, however, my son has been hit the hardest by role models on tv and has like a cameleon tried to be a mexican and lately tatooed CRIPS insignia all over himself. he did not take to the african american churches i exposed him to, because all religions make him wary. i warned him, however, that if he didn't cover up his CRIPS tatoos (exposing me and his sisters to danger from gangs), i was going to tatoo the rapping rabbi on my forehead and make him wish he wasn't walking with me. he grinned and has a long way to go to figure it all out. but he does cover up when he visits us. he gets in a lot of trouble, but he knows where home is and all my friends of all different backgrounds continue to remind him who he is. he is himself and he's all good, trying to figure out this big bad world. he's just a little bit ahead of his time and too young for mariah and nicole!

so, in summary. date whoever the heck you want to date. but careful about the opposites attract. know your cultures and make friends first, because that is needed for the children, whether they are yours or someone else's. don't be naive. understand the economics and political aspects of race and instiutionalized racism (verus prejudice). if you marry and have kids, protect them and find an integrated community which typically is a more educated community. that is not to say all educated communities are not racist. but most non-racist communities are educated.

each group, in particular the jews and african americans are afraid of being "watered down". but sorry folks, the world is going all shades of brown--or so the census projections tell us. dating different races is not about sex, it's about friendship and community and love and evolution.

and by the way, i've said this before. but "whiteness" came from our ancestors migration out of africa into colder climates where they had to cover up all their skin, due to the cold and bitter winds. since vitamin D must be absorbed from the sun's rays (or at least back then it did), over time skin lightened so that more rays would penetrate and more vitamin D would be absorbed in the northern climates. that simple folks and from this comes discrimination, slavery, et al. just an aspect allowing people to be marked and distinguished-- human evil or as they say the "human condition".

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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 11/9/2006 8:49:53 AM
with the exception of those of us raised inter-ethnically and in integrated cities, i see and read a lot of racist remarks/posts from canadians who are living in solely european "white" areas (just like the americans) or who have bi-racial children and are struggling with the attitudes of their white neighbors. there was a canadian post very recently from a distraught mom having to deal with the ostracism of being a parent of a bi-racial child in her white community. so not sure where this assumption comes from that canada is w/o racism or has less than the usa. although, culturally americans tend to speak out and not refrain from saying what they are thinking (both the good and the bad).

i will say that i've heard a lot of "white" people (in general, w/o respect to country) who reside in mostly white communities, say they are not prejudiced against the one or two african americans or jews (also white) who happen to live there--until the rest of us move in and threaten their pre-established culture!

while in britain with my ex, i've also been exposed to a lot of racism against people from india who were integrating the white bread british culture and competing in the workforce. no different! still, it's kind of shocking and upsetting because in daily life until very recently, i've pretty much forgotten about it. however, reading these posts and having moved to the shore, i did put my child in a private school with a better ethnic and racial mix because of the disparity i observed and heard about in my local public school where the teens come from such different economic backgrounds that they rarely mix socially. my child would fall in neither of the two distinct groupings. she is however, now aware of the differences amongst whites, be it their ethnic roots and culture and/or their religion. i believe she is at least intellectually prepared to deal with all this as she gets older and know she has choices about where she choses to live and which battles she wished to take on.
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 11/10/2006 5:28:21 PM
Actually, I've yet to lose a girl to a black guy, or any guy other than white, strangely. As I said, I have nothing against a white girl being deeply in love with a black guy, but I do have a problem with the girl basing HER relationship entirely on hearsay. You seem educated enough to know that you can't base a relationship simply off your need to get back at a white dude who did you wrong or whatever by banging a black guy. First of all, that's just childish, and secondly, a girl who does this is acting just as immature as the guy she previously dated.

And you're right, I am on the warpath. But my rampage is not targeted at blacks, hispanics, asians, etc. It's targeted at stupid white girls who don't know the meaning of a substantial relationship. Now, this may just be due to my living in an especially bad area for meeting decent women (Durham, NC; if you know anyone from here, ask them. They'll tend to agree). It seems like there are just a lot of skanks, rednecks, ghetto girls, and so forth around here, but when you go 8 miles west to Chapel Hill, it all changes. The girls are all educated, pleasant to talk to, don't enjoy 4-wheeling and drinking with their hick boyfriends for hours on end, and so on. And when you go east to Raleigh, Cary or Apex, the same is true for many girls. There's something about Durham that's just very unsettling. If you lived here, you'd know. Maybe you do know; living in the south is not conducive to meeting someone with whom you can relate very easily. I guess I was just born in the completely wrong place, as I just can't get into this southern mindset. Nor do I want to.
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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 11/11/2006 11:39:42 AM
djdothat, in response to this question: "Serenity, yes, the issue is very much still alive and it's not just with blacks and whites. Respectfully, given your age and how far this matter goes back; how far do you feel we've come with this issue?"

i have lived in san jose, CA for the past ten years and although there were the "same old" struggles between the traditional groups (also with many efforts to connect, particularly around the children), i did see a great deal of hope amongst the increasingly larger group of bi-racial (brown) children whose parents were open to each other. in that area, i broadened my ethnic awareness to many of the vietnamese issues (severe post trauma amongst the many boat people), the historic "train ride" pitting the people from india against the people from pakistan, the different tribal loyalties of arranged marriages (i thought i'd fix up a palestinian man with my pakistani neighbor because they were both moslem, but that was insufficient so the dad explained it all to me!), the economic struggles amongst the newly arrived mexican families who do not speak the language, etc. etc.

but the fact was, the children were "mixing" despite their parents histories and sometimes hostilities or fearfulness. i've seen it amongst the nyc jewish people and it's happening throughout all ethnic groups. another young moslem friend of mine just integrated her family and it so much reminded me of the jewish struggle with losing their "people". there is also a struggle here between being african american and african.

my traditionally african american woman friend whose grandchildren now are partially caucasian, partially asian and partially european (different siblings) told me how a child was lost in the mall and while everyone was panicking looking for an african american mom, to her amusement a white lady came running up and the child raced into her arms crying "mommy". my friend says the adjustment is slow when it comes to others, but she doesn't even see it in her own grandchildren any more. they call this a "paradigm shift".

where i live now there's a lot of white intellectual commitment to unity, but if that were the case, why is the area mostly white (it is changing, but slowly)? fortunately, i found the subgroups for my daughter who really does identify with being ethnically mixed, so that she is comfortable in a private school and loves living in nature. plus, we are not that far from her friends who love to visit the beach, etc. and they pretty much run the gamut of color and ethnicity.

as for things changing, i guess i 've been insulated. i see rampant racism and ignorance on plenty of fish. just initiated a thread on illegal immigration searching for "solutions" and legal information and instead i was "shocked" reading some of the posts, although it appears to be taking a turn while the egos tire out. the racist generalizations were overwhelming, so in that sense, the meaness in the human spirit or perhaps the ignorance continues to play itself out amongst groupings and between groupings. the groupings slowly change. over time, race will be less of an issue and as the middle class gets smaller "income" and "class" will dominate, i think.

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How do you feel about interacial dating?
Posted: 11/11/2006 11:58:18 AM
BstKptScrt, i am very confused. you talk about being open to all cultures and that God loves everyone (i agree), but your profile says ebony seeking ivory. isn't that exclusive? what am i not getting?
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