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It seems to me that when we use the words "soul mate" it is just another way of describing our ideal mate but on a deeper emotional and even spiritual level. Unfortunately, these words fall into the same realm of abstraction as the word "God" and "Love"- no one really knows what they mean with absolute certainty. We think we know but not even the most wise in our respective spiritual traditions can conceptualize these words in ways that can truly make a tangible difference in our heart and mind. Should anyone ask us what they mean, we find ourselves -in various ways and degrees- with a believe in them that was passed on to us from our parents and our respective religion. But no matter which one we believe in, they remain insufficient in addressing the most pressing concerns of our existence i.e., of learning what it means to be human. I would argue that words like sincerity, honesty, undivided attention, thoughtfulness, and CARING are far more important than Soul Mate, God, and Love. Mainly because the former are far more straightforward and therefore cannot be so misconstrued. But more importantly, being sincere, for instance, has no meaning unless we make the conscious decision to ACT upon it. The very act of doing so can bring us closer to our humanity and the divine within ourselves.
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Soul Mates defined at this time in our lives?
Posted: 1/4/2014 9:59:25 AM
In it's purest and most literal sense, it's a beautiful idea.
Unfortunately, the term has been so over-used, mis-used, used as an agenda-hider,etc that I steer away from any guy who uses the term because I think it's hype he's using to try and pull the wool over my eyes.
Cindy O
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Soul Mates defined at this time in our lives?
Posted: 1/4/2014 10:20:49 AM
I will take "great" mate.
There is no such thing as a SOUL mate.
Romantic term people seem to like and there's nothing biblical about it, at least in the King James version..
You can read about how to be a good mate in the bible, but it never mentions one person meant for someone nor a soul mate.

I have had a dog I have felt a deep connection with in my gut and a child.
Not the same as with a mate.It's a different connection.

I don't see a man/woman relationship as that complex.
You love/trust and desire them and they you or don't.
It will last longer if you have SEPARATE bathrooms! You can bet on that.
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Soul Mates defined at this time in our lives?
Posted: 1/6/2014 7:21:50 AM

SOUL MATES ... is a new age fantasy.
Partner , Friend , Lover trinity is what you really want.

Funny, new age is the Partner , Friend , Lover trinity stuff.

Soulmates was described by Plato in his Symposium, where he has a story about soul mates.

Whatever want to believe about soul mates, you got the old age and new age thinking reversed.
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Soul Mates defined at this time in our lives?
Posted: 1/6/2014 9:04:21 AM
^^^ I view soul mates as a concept, a person with whom one has a feeling of a natural affinity for. And that is the standard definition. Someone with whom you feel you have the strongest bond with than any other person you have ever met.

As a concept, it doesn't fall under fantasy / scientific reality, it's a description of how one feels. Some people might describe soul mates in a way that makes it more of a fantasy, but they aren't using the term as it is defined.

Homeopath medicine has never gone away, some of it has become the basis of modern prescription meds, some of it is purely bogus. So I don't think of that as either new or old age.
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Soul Mates defined at this time in our lives?
Posted: 1/6/2014 1:40:06 PM
^^^ crystals, I would have to google it and research, as the only thing I know about crystals is some people think they have some sort of power. It seems all new age to me, but just my impression. BTW, new age as in late 1970s, not sure about how new age crystals are today.

The whole lets be lovers and not get too seriously attached as in living together is definitely new age, as in the 2000s. Historically people needed to couple up for survival. Now not at all really.

and you may feel you have a soul mate ... until 3 years later and poof ... what happened .... I guess they weren't and it now looks like it was all a fantasy created by pheromones and dopamine and the desire for it to be true.

Could be, but until it's all over, how is anyone able to predict that a relationship will eventually fail?

But that sort of relationship failing wouldn't concern me that much, I could just look for someone else. By my definition of soul mate being one that one has a close affinity with, there are many potential soul mates. But I wouldn't look for a soul mate, I would look for someone I had fun with in bed as well as out of bed. That is good enough for me to date them for a while.

I am just puzzled why some people get upset by the term?
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Soul Mates defined at this time in our lives?
Posted: 1/6/2014 3:39:31 PM

Dr. Gray says…..its four types of being physical, emotional, mental and spiritual…….
And since he also said that people find their mates when they aren't looking, that means there is hope for all of us..

^^^^^ And why is that ? Pray tell…...

For your soul mate or s/o…..that would be a plus with that kind of similar resumé …… and…….
.that said too in the same breath, that said, other person, is let to be free too…
As being in their own individually style…. to grow,learn prosper, within themselves etc…… & to love admire, and respect …. if you don't interfere with that,.then he or she can be as good as its gets……. and that….is soul…. baby…..

But……. for some of the real soul mates back in the day, imo Sam & David…aka "I'm a Soul Man." or The Young Rascals" where some of the true….soul guys……"Have Mercy on Me"……. ^^^^^
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Soul Mates defined at this time in our lives?
Posted: 1/6/2014 8:57:32 PM
How convenient it would be to meet someone in the same zip code, right? Well, then I wonder, what are the odds of my soul mate even living in the same state?

I think a soul mate would be the ying to my yang. I've been married 3x. I only thought the 3rd was close to being my soul mate and here I am, single again.

Short answer...a soul mate would be someone that loved me with all my flaws. But you know what? I bet there are soul mates that have gotten divorced and the sad thing is, these people will probably never meet another 'soul mate' again.

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