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What is dating outside of one's "league"? What is a level? You guys are funny. I just have my requirements and whether those requirements are above or below my "league", I personally couldn't GAF.

Oh, I highly disagree. You do GAF. You may give less of a fvck than a girl next to you, but that doesn't mean you don't GAF.

A "league" is just a broad category of where they fall into in terms of dating-value attraction to the general public. Looks & status isn't 100% random at all.

For instance, you would be out of a guy's "league" if he was 5'0", 210lbs, dressed like sh!t, and had only something to be embarrassed about as far as his education & job was concerned making poverty-level at age 48. You're out of his league. In this case, it wouldn't take a majority of the random masses to say you could do better -- it would basically be 100% (besides the one voter who just wanted to be funny).

The concept of what league one's in gets hazy & weird when you measure it too finely. On a broad spectrum, it's common sense. What makes the dating-value attraction? Basically looks & status. Just because one doesn't care as much as many others about one or the other, doesn't mean they don't care about "leagues". If they didn't, then there's be just as much chance that they'd be ga-ga about an completely hideous looking person who lives in their parent's basement as they would with a sharp, awesome looking person with a great job.
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Dating Out of Your League
Posted: 4/12/2013 7:19:37 AM
I was just thinking that the way an individual rates someone doesn't really exist. .someone's "8" or "10" can be another person's 5 or below. It all depends on a variety of factors, such as preferences for a person's education level, ethnicity, whether they are established in a career, etc.
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