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The post right above yours (a very short post at that) explains that she is still active in this thread.

And if you used a bit of logical reasoning, you would notice that the post saying that she is still around was posted AFTER my first post. I am not going to wade through pages of posts to scour out every detail!

Nowhere did the OP...nor myself...suggest breaking all contact with the human race.

Prithee, where did I insist that you had left the human race?

I think I've made that pretty clear. So has the OP. Never said I'd choose to be alone and swear off all human contact or a relationship. Never said I wasn't happy. What I said is that being surrounded by or next to people who create undo drama and conflict doesn't appeal to me. I'm not interested in it and it would serve more to undermine contentment and happiness rather than contribute.

I wasn't addressing you until you addressed me, and though I do not intend to hurt your feelings, I didn't read your posts because I wasn't interested in what you had to say, nor did I return to read them after you addressed me: I was posting in context to what the OP said in her original post. Let me quote:

go on the forums periodically to check out the drama of he said/she said/he did this/she said that and I just retreat back into my shell like a turtle (with a little smirk) and am as happy as a clam just being alone with me.

There is no mention there of being "alone" with other people, but herself and her cats/fish. In fact, there is no mention of even venturing forth in "real" life but only on POF forums--the biggest drama hot spot online.

I have been on POF for a LONG time--after seeing that the OP's profile was no longer in existence, there was no reason for me to suspect that she had resurrected herself.

As for the scorn, let me define "smirk" for you:
smirk (smûrk)
intr.v. smirked, smirk·ing, smirks
To smile in an affected, often offensively self-satisfied manner.
An affected, often offensively self-satisfied smile.
Joined: 1/22/2006
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I've finally realized the way to happiness is to detach from everyone.
Posted: 9/30/2011 4:12:06 PM

My future life experiences and goals haven't changed. I just don't need the drama of shallow relationships anymore to deter me from what I intend to accomplish with or without their approval. I'm done with the people that have tried to hold me back, criticize me and put me down. I have a few good, good friends in my life that I consider family and know me inside and out when I have to 'retreat' or when I need to 'get out' for the day..I can only hope all of us have a few friends like that..but at least I know their heart, and their heart is good, pure and not evil with a hidden agenda like most people are programmed.

Why didn't you say that in the first post? :)

Be well.
Joined: 10/28/2011
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I've finally realized the way to happiness is to detach from everyone.
Posted: 10/31/2011 9:31:10 PM
it's not all it seems, I retreated years ago, and I regret it. I felt rejected by others, and decided that was what was meant for me, so I gave up, I retreated to the solitude that is my own space. I go to work and I come home, I stopped seeking others for friendship or relationships. I also see others stuggling with relationships, and am glad to not be a part of that. But at the same time wonder if it isn't better than the loneliness(sp?) of retreat. Now I'd like to get back out there and try again, just not sure how.

Have you ever seen the movie "the wall"(pink floyd)? I watch it and can relate. The main character spent his life building a wall between himself and the outside world, and once finished is now trapped alone inside it.

Be careful about retreating, is isn't that great
Joined: 6/5/2011
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I've finally realized the way to happiness is to detach from everyone.
Posted: 11/1/2011 8:36:16 AM
I hear where you're coming from. Though I know for myself, I wouldn't want to detach from everyone , as I get alot of nourishment from some people - in all different forms. And my cats are wonderful company too - but there are some things they don't provide ...

That said , I just spoke with a friend yesterday , who was in tears over her husband of 17yrs (with two kids), who has been having an affair with their mutual long time "friend" - who is also married with kids. So two families are going through all kinds of hell and drama , due the the selfishness of two people.

Oh - how relieved I felt to have such a relatively emotionally uncluttered life.

But then ... I think of the times I was deeply in love , with all the passion and joy , and I understand why many of us here seek to recreate that very thing.

Bottom line - no one ever said there were guarantees to finding trouble-free happiness , or that it would be easy if we do find it ! I'm willing to take the risk !

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