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Joined: 1/22/2006
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Gwen, in msg 172 you write that a man only asks a woman if she has had sex partners of other races for ONE reason only.
In my mind a woman who has been with men of different races implies that she is adventurous, and therefore might be a more interesting and desirable woman to be with.

I just don't buy into this--especially if a guy asks this in the second email! He is assuming a LOT, including that the woman (in this case, me) finds him attractive.

Would you ask a woman this before even meeting her?

Sorry, I agree with Gwen on this. A WHITE man doesn't ask this question to find out if she's adventurous.

If he wants to know if she's a deviant sex goddess, he'll ask if she likes leather, roleplaying, spanking, biting, anal, hair-pulling, threesomes, bi-sexualism, voyeurism, erotica, etc. etc.


I'd rather not bring Hitler into this. Otherwise I'd be hitting on some huge points that you probably wouldn't like such as the staged attack on his own parliament building to blame the communists and to get the public to be feared. It was how he became dictator. My point?

Well, my point is, we're living in a similar situation. That's all I'll say.

Don't lead the forum off topic.

And you missed my point. It doesn't matter if what you say is true or not: violent words presage violent behavior.
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Racist Remark - How would you respond?
Posted: 9/13/2011 7:56:03 AM
Only a complete clod would ask a woman about her sexual history before even meeting her.
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Racist Remark - How would you respond?
Posted: 9/14/2011 8:22:35 AM
Msg 191 - I agree. It WAS a stupid move on his part.
I spent years on CL messaging women, trying to get dates. I had no "forum angels" to guide me, so I learned by trial and error. Now I know that when communications begin, the contact is extremely tenuous, and the slightest error on my part means that the woman will disappear.
At the same time, I also know that women get many more messages than men, and I have to do something right away to make myself stand apart from all the other men. In my case, I use humor, charm, and off-the -wall remarks. I figure that I have nothing to lose, on CL a cute woman would get 300 messages the first day!!
I still send out stupid remarks on POF, I might mention her cleavage, or her eyes or hair. Sometimes it is seen as cute, and she responds in a favorable way. Usually I get no response.
Joined: 8/11/2011
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Racist Remark - How would you respond?
Posted: 9/14/2011 9:16:45 AM

A man once asked me in his second email if I had ever had sex with a black man. After I blistered his derriere for asking something so stupid, he didn't contact me again.
Did you answer him? If you have then why not answer? If not why not answer? Trying to figure out why this is offensive..did you ask him why he asked? Maybe he has relatives that are Black and was trying to figure out if you were prejudiced...
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Racist Remark - How would you respond?
Posted: 9/14/2011 9:23:25 AM
Because had she really been upset she would have let him have it instead of coming on here posting and getting everyone all in a dither. I've been asked no end of idiotic questions by men and I haven't posted a single one on the forums.
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