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I used to be nice to religious people.

Let me tell you how it goes down.

I was nice to a religious girl I worked with but told her I did not believe. We were the only women in the office - it was late at night and the only other person there was on the floor often dealing with shipments. Many times she would go on and on about god and how he helped her that day. For xmas we were all trading gifts. She got me a religious book I think called atheism debunked. I got her bath and body stuff.

I worked at another place with an older woman as my boss. Two weeks into the job she invites everyone to her church for a get together. I decline and she comes to me and says why? I told her the truth I don't visit churches because I don't believe in a god. Every other day she was inviting me to her church from them on saying that if only I saw them worship I would change my mind. The only reason I didn't go complain above her was because she had 10 children and worked two jobs - I thought other than her religion she was a great person. She also had a disabled child and commuted from Chicago to Indy for the job.

At that same job one woman took to thinking I didn't like her but on a deeper level than it was. I didn't like her because she kept coming into my cubicle bothering me when I was trying to work talking to me about her personal life. One day one of her angels got broken on her desk - she actually accused me of doing it because I wasn't religious. Everyone else thought maybe the cleaning lady dropped it and put it back broken but not her - no it was me the evil non-believer that had to be that cruel. (ps I never touched her angels)

I have had so many arguments with my family about religion it's unbelievable. They all believe and I don't. My mother still thinks that I do but won't admit it - in her words "it's my friends that gave me these thoughts and the people I hang out with". Half right, I hang out with them BECAUSE we share these thoughts.

This xmas we had the largest argument we have ever had and I had to leave after I refused to talk anymore about it. It started because those Westboro Baptist people were on a documentary we were watching (the ones that picket at soldier funerals) and I said - that's how your religion looks to me - because all the religious people were chastizing the actions of these other religious people that were a little too religious for them. I hurt their feelings and we were all screaming in minutes. I finally said - I was wrong - I was rude to say that even though it was my true thought. That's about when I stopped talking. Sure, they ranted for another 1/2 hour or more before I left but I spent my time playing with one of the dogs.

I don't think I'll type about my Jehovas Witness stalking stories or the priest that won't leave me alone and even says - You don't have to believe in god to come to church - just come.

I am becoming an angry atheist because I'm tired of religion being shoved down my throat whenever I turn around. I don't believe in religion for reasons that I'm more than glad to tell anyone that asks since they seem to offer their insight to me constantly. I find solace in other non-believers, they understand it. That's why I love Penn and Teller - two guys that don't hold back on the bullshit. I honestly believe that religious people are living a delusion and I find it no mystery that the god they worship is usually the one that their parents introduced to them. At one point I believed in the easter bunny too but at least Santa was a real guy - all hail xmas :D
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Posted: 2/7/2012 11:19:41 AM
[ does that mean that ALL the people who were alifve before God existed are in hell?
(above in quotes)

JP: for one thing I do not believe in eternal hellfire but I do believe in God.
to ask that to a person who believes in God makes no sense. There were no people before God existed because God always existed.
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Posted: 12/28/2014 3:05:42 PM
Simply put, atheism is the default position if you are NOT exposed to claims during your formative years. You're not born with a belief in gods, ghosts, goblins, Nessie, leprechauns, Harry Potter, or Spiderman. Someone, or you even if you're JK Rowling or Stan Lee, invented these creatures based on wishful thinking or distorting the reality of the world, usually for financial/power gain.

Sane people, which has nothing to do with intelligence, work on a sliding scale: the more evidence they have for a claim's validity, the more likely they will accept it is true.

Religion is the opposite, because it asks for faith to substitute for evidence, and even revels in choosing to remain ignorant. Essentially, it says the more faith you have, the less evidence you need. That's true, but not intelligent or advisable. Con men love religious people because they believe easier.

Now this normally isn't a concern of atheists. If you want to be a sucker and screw up your life by letting your priest, pastor, astrologer, palm reader, minister, tarot card reader, or whatever other flim-flam artist control your decisions, that's not my problem. Unless you're someone I personally care about, and then I will either be able to persuade you to see reason or distance myself so your ignorant decisions affect me less.

In the public arena, however, that's another story. It truly scares me to hear a president has taken advice from his wife's astrologer, or is depending on magic to repair the damage done by greedy humans to our economy, or claim that some deity chose him to lead our country. On an everyday basis, it annoys me that my property taxes subsidize your houses of fantasy, or that there's a special parking spot reserved for professional liars - clergy - at a public building. Even more so when a war happens over whose imaginary friend is better, as many do. Or murders are committed in the name of imaginary friends.

Now please don't bother quoting verses at me from you favorite religious book. I probably know it better than you, I know you can support or condemn almost anything via cherry-picking or creative interpretation, and I don't care. Studying multiple religions is what made me an atheist (and I think Markus needs to give us our own category, as many "non-religious" people I meet just don't attend church regularly.)

And stop assuming I celebrate your holiday. I hate the holidays because it's hard to do regular shopping, groceries, etc. I don't buy gifts, but I get stuck in lines of stupid people at the PO who only mail stuff once a year, and thus come utterly unprepared, taking up lots of time when I need to simply pick up a package!
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Posted: 12/29/2014 2:48:47 AM
Wondering what it takes to bump religion thread?
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Posted: 12/29/2014 8:56:59 AM
Wondering what it takes to bump religion thread?

Hummm....Lets see politics, money, sex, & " Prime Time Sunday Football," etc might trump religion on a good day.....^^^^
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