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Relationship vibe vs. Hook up vibePage 2 of 2    (1, 2)
The same thing happened to me, I posted on Ask a guy, unaware of the 21 reply limit. Don't get why some people are so anal about reposting questions...
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Relationship vibe vs. Hook up vibe
Posted: 10/3/2011 7:15:18 PM
trying to synthesize a 'vibe' is the wrong approach to what you're doing. you won't be able to generate some force field that causes undesirable men to bow out of your search. what you WILL be able to do is learn what undesirable behavior or demeanor looks like, and filter out those guys yourself. but you still won't be able to get others to do this work for you.

one aspect of the work is 'trying on' people until you find one who fits you. not everyone sees this as drudgery to be undertaken en route to the prize. the other kind of work, which is much less direct, is the internal process in which you increase your knowledge of men and dealing with them by increasing your knowledge of yourself and life and everything - aka the acquisition of wisdom.

i invite you to consider the idea of being in control of your emotions. i think this is the primary place where women who crave the 'relationship' get themselves in trouble, because they bang some guy and fall in love with him in a few months before knowing whether he wants the same things. they're emotionally impatient and do not allow for the slowness of the process, where keeping the emotions in check allows for greater discernment as people unfold, and less heartache if a dealbreaker issue comes up.
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