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Posted: 10/1/2011 12:14:46 PM

when someone you love puts those kind of photos on a website when you thought that she had taken them for your eyes only

That's clearly NOT the case here!
Joined: 9/15/2011
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Porn websites
Posted: 10/1/2011 1:16:07 PM
I definetly agree with you ! I would love it if the Woman I was with enjoyed it as much as I did. Then I would not have to hide it from her .I love sex with her more ,But the act of seeing others intimate in the privacy of my own room and ladies masteurbating is such a turn on to me It would be nice to have a woman who feels the same.
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Porn websites
Posted: 10/2/2011 9:07:57 AM
Abe .... always sooo respect your wisdom but you asked

We change-- life changes, our goals can change, but many a naked picture has ruined a woman's chance in the business world.

How many examples do you have?

Several Miss Americas come to mind.... When women in the public eye vamp out the pattern is often destructive.... but not always.... even Madonna has toned it down now that she has a child to consider
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Porn websites
Posted: 10/2/2011 10:11:08 PM
I've had at least 3 girlfriends who wanted to watch porn with me, so I don't have a problem with it. What I would have a problem with would be a woman who cheated on me behind my back and without my consent. That would definitely be a trust issue with me.
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Porn websites
Posted: 10/3/2011 5:01:35 PM
Dang, Miss Sharon, I guess I am too old to message you :( You a real cutie.

Porn is damaging to relationships, but seeing people having sex and nudity heightens things. I guess the goal is balance and agreeing on what you see and do as a couple so no one is jealous, or in quilt from relgion. is good, LOL
Joined: 5/21/2011
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Porn websites
Posted: 2/17/2012 10:49:03 AM
I'm a Geopria Peach fan.... I dated a stripper once and i've dated the quiet librarian type too. In my experience the quiet ones usually rocked my world more. but just sayin.
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Porn websites
Posted: 2/18/2012 4:04:47 AM
Guys are going to be split on this, personally i wouldn't have a problem even if you did videos or cams or whatever. The only point i would have a problem is if you were in actual porn films having sex with other guys all the time.

So i guess that just my opinion as a younger guy, I wouldn't mind as long as i was the only one who got to touch you while we were in a relationship, if you're just showing off who cares?
Joined: 8/28/2009
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Porn websites
Posted: 2/18/2012 5:27:25 AM
In his eyes, regardless when he found out, upfront or after dating a while, won't take you serious for a meaningful relationship, even if he says so, being your an admitted attention whore on a porn/social site. Perhaps finding a guy on that site & into the same such lifestyle would better suit you.
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Porn websites
Posted: 2/19/2012 3:01:24 PM
Wouldn't bother me a bit. Love to see the sites you are enjoying it could give some clues as to what you might like. But fantasies are not always best in reality so it might not. But interesting discussion
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Porn websites
Posted: 3/31/2012 7:23:14 PM
you have a child and you do this?
now im starting to question my mother and what she secretly does.
i just hope the little kid doesn't ever find out.
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Porn websites
Posted: 6/15/2012 1:33:39 PM

But I am very worried about being judged by some one who doesn't participate in anything like that. Or jealousy issues for sure.

Take your time when you meet someone and just get to know them. There are a lot of open minded people out there. With everything I've spelled out on my profile several women have expressed an interest. Now if I could find someone a little closer.
 want to travel
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Porn websites
Posted: 6/15/2012 2:38:05 PM
well OP
you should be honest
I think more men, would find it a turn on then not, so find someone who is ok with, it, and you
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Porn websites
Posted: 6/15/2012 6:17:27 PM
ms is a rare bird, pity not mre like u.
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Porn websites
Posted: 6/15/2012 6:18:52 PM
v secure ones will welcome it, v insecure ones will have probs, inse3cure types need to improve ver eq n ver not ready 4 a rel,gl.
Joined: 6/8/2012
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Porn websites
Posted: 6/15/2012 7:26:05 PM
I think you need a man who will wear you out, then you'll have no energy left to post on your porn site.

Call me :)
Joined: 5/28/2012
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Porn websites
Posted: 6/15/2012 8:44:19 PM
I wouldn't have a problem with it. If its just you having fun on camera, no big deal. If you were doing other men on camera, then it wouldn't work, but if its just you having fun on camera, have at it. What's the worst that can happen? You get worked up, and I'd have to satisfy you. Oh no! Anything but hot sex! ;-)
Joined: 5/21/2011
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Porn websites
Posted: 6/15/2012 9:38:32 PM
I think you hit the nail right on the head Miss Sharon, I found that most women who dress provocatively or put on a show there's usually not much to them behind closed doors, and most of them have freud issues, But the quiet, reserved, stable types, are always a lady in public, but rock your world behind closed doors, and usually don't jump partner to partner, and It is your choice who you disclose this information with. Thanks for your insight.
Joined: 4/6/2012
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Porn websites
Posted: 6/15/2012 10:28:02 PM
We may be on the same site. Lol. I have pics & vids of me alone & in action I used to cam alone or w a guy but don't. Anymore. Since im w a guy now I don't see other guys so my vids are from last year to 3 yrs ago. Im seeing a guy and he likes the thought of other guys watching me and getting excited. Tho he doesn't really like the old vids w other yguys too much. Before I. Was ready to have a relationship I was mostly with real.young guys from the site. I've just stopped seeing them recently. I have no regrets. Most of the guys I met there were nice. But the lack of women on that site is like 10 to 1. So lots of horny guys. Too. Ad. They've nice guys.I had some of the best sex of my life.
Joined: 4/13/2010
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Porn websites
Posted: 6/15/2012 10:29:57 PM
This is a brain teaser here because IMO you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. BEING HONEST is the first thing you should do because displaying yourself like that would irk your man if they found out about it from another source (I think they had a Real World episode just like scenario, no lie). Even if you are the things you say you are, he might get a different impression that you're two different people and that's just going to put you in a hole. When you should tell them is as soon as possible.

Personally I would not get with someone who does what you're doing. I just feel really uncomfortable knowing my woman does this, and usually I let a lot of things slide, but this is a deal breaker for me.
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Porn websites
Posted: 6/16/2012 3:48:07 PM
Just a quick question.......Do you really want to try and read his mind and hopefully present yourself as what you think he is looking for? If the answer is yes, then do you want to spend the rest of your time together hoping he doesn't find out something he won't like?

This is yourself and if he likes you the way you are there will be a lot of fun in his future. If he doesn't, it's better to find out early before you get too many emotions involved.
Joined: 3/6/2009
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Porn websites
Posted: 6/19/2012 12:36:37 AM
Why is it that people are posting comments on a conversation that actually happened over six
months ago.Who would you be talking to?Yourself.Doesn't it seem a little wierd to you?
Joined: 4/8/2012
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Porn websites
Posted: 8/24/2013 8:42:15 AM
Keep it hush hush till you know a guy well enough to know he likes you for you & not just your kinks. Can ease him into it with text & video playtime using your phone nowadays. Guys are into more than they care to admit & don't share it with their SO for fear of being judged. But if you push his boundaries a little further each time he'll be receptive to most things.
Joined: 5/8/2013
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Porn websites
Posted: 8/24/2013 12:32:23 PM
I always thought porn was just regular sex with a camera and crew watching. Oh well................
Joined: 8/17/2013
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Porn websites
Posted: 8/25/2013 9:05:05 PM
I see nothing wrong with a guy or a woman who is dating, in a relationship or even married looking at porn as long as they not obsessive with it and as long as they don't allow it to interfere with who they are with.
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