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There is a modern problem we in the technology world have to deal with regularly, which bears on this.

That is, lots of even our current technology as used in our every day lives, is now out of date. For lots of it, the original schematics and service manuals have all been turned into mulch somewhere. Every day, someone stumbles across an older tool or bit of electronics, that literally has been lost to time. When we are called upon to repair some of these things, we find that we actually have to entirely re-invent tools and processes that our own society knew well, just a generation back.

But because what we used to do was so common, and so obvious, we never bothered to write detailed descriptions of how to do it anywhere.

Extend that to the distant past, and you have the makings of this kind of modern mystery. We might look upon these grand constructions and wonder how in the world the engineers and designers could possibly have refrained from bragging in bold print somewhere about how they managed it, but quite possibly to them at the time, it was really no big deal. Perhaps to them, it was akin to asking someone today, to pay the tremendous cost, to chisel into a monument, how to cook an egg, sunny side up.
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megalithic construction
Posted: 3/26/2012 5:44:14 AM
In 2012 it is difficult for us to understand our capabilities, especially physically due to no more than 5% of the population never having too. I know hand tools, and crane/pulley systems dont fit in most worlds due to just about everything is done electrically today.

Simple fusion welding, and blacksmith developed very good tools. With Ferrous Elements(Contains Iron), in 1200+ degree fire pits, and the accelorant being oxygen, such as steel. And the Non Ferrous Elements( No Iron) being made anywear from about 400 degrees, such as Bronze. I dont know more than 2 people myself having the mental, and physical capablities, to forge such tools by hand.

As for the crane /pulley systems, between makinds ability to understand weights, and messures they utilized large animals such as Elephants, to work there systems. The things people seem to be looking for, from the unknown is actually in them, but its in theory to most and not application.
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