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Joined: 1/12/2008
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So what if you were to travel back in time and accidentally "kill" your grandpa before he met your grandma! Maybe you could then start contemplating how the heck you got born from a lineage that doesn't exist as a result of your own doing!

Apparently you want to argue against your own misunderstanding of what I said, so have at it. Lt me know when you actually have a comment about something I actually said before you've filtered it through your misconstrual filter.

What I believe Abelian is pointing out is that the predominating view in physics now is that time is a cardinal dimension equal to the other three dimensions we perceive as "space". Those other three dimensions can be traveled at will both forward AND backward. Time progresses inexorably forward...but it also has two directions.

That's along the right track. To include time as a dimension, one must include it such that it has a sign opposite that of the spatial dimensions in the metric (the general form of what is known as the Pythagorean theorem in Euclidean space). That is, the length of a curve (like the hypotenuse of a triangle) is given by:

ds^2 = -dt^2 + dx^2 + dy^2 + dz^2

(where, c, the speed of light, is set to 1 as is standard). That minus sign makes the geometry non-euclidean and explains why you can't ``turn around in time'' like you can turn around in space (although it doesn't explain why either direction in time would be preferred). The light cone is defined as the surface ds^2 = 0 and all causally connected events lie inside that cone. Time travel in general relativity does not happen with an observer traveling backwards in time. What happens is that the curvature of the spacetime is such that the light cones ``tip over,'' the observer remains inside the light cone travelling forward in time as one would expect, but ends up at a spacetime point in his past.

This only seems weird because time is involved and it doesn't fit with our idea of causality. If we were talking about ordinary euclidean space, there would be nothing unusual about taking a string with a finite length and making a circle out of it so that you would always be walking in the same direction yet you'd start and stop at the same point in space without ever going backward. At this time, it's an open question as to whether time travel is possible in this universe. It also may be possible but we have the wrong idea of what it would imply.
Joined: 4/20/2009
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Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 3/2/2012 1:13:25 AM
I think it is neat, but literally one attempt to go backwards, if it actually worked, could cause someone to erase themselves from existence in an instant. If absolutely any event someone altered in the past due to the trip took hold, such a butterfly effect, such a cause and effect dynamic, could change the way circumstances unfold into the future. Thereby, making it where perhaps you were never born, or born in the same place or even offered a time travel venture or ultamately you did not go in any time machine at that place or date, etc...

You attempt to go back to 1500 BC and poof, you vanish permanantly from existence. Why? Becouse when you landed you left a print in the dirt. A bunch of heathens worshipped it and built pyramids on the location. Later on, that change also altered who you met in the world as well as altering the circumstances of being offered a time travel trip where it never happened. Going back in time would be so risky on just those things alone...

Ok, so how about going into the future? Well, if there is ever some sort of human preservation device then we have basically a time machine into the future. You go in the device, take a nap or blink (freeze instantly into preservation mode) and then find yourself walking out 200 years later...

Neat topic...
Joined: 1/30/2012
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Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 3/2/2012 7:05:05 PM
time travel is possible and has been verified. as you approach the speed of light time starts to slow. Google Eisenstein's twin paradox. if you drop the common misconception that time is a linear dimension,{humans only perceive it that way} it makes more sense that way.
Joined: 9/26/2011
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Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 3/23/2012 4:47:41 PM
Time travel..... The past I am thinking no. The future yes and this has been proven thanks to satellites in the earths orbit keeping track of time slower than here on earth. Then we have the black hole theory. That theory is that you could enter the orbit of a black hole and time relative to you moves at only 1/2 the speed of outside of the black holes orbit. The third is light speed travel and this one states that 1 year at the speed of light is the same as 10 earth years. I think I am correct in all of this but feel free to correct me as you see fit.
Joined: 1/20/2009
Msg: 113
Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 3/23/2012 8:40:15 PM
" ... Time Travel-Is it possible? ... "

No. Which leads to the Next Big Question: Is it possible to get a really great-tasting crust (a/k/a 'bark') on BBQ if fat dripping onto the coals makes the flames flare up too high? Enquiring minds want to know ...
Joined: 2/4/2012
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Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 3/28/2012 8:08:06 AM
Well physically speaking travelling forward in time (from a personal point of view) is easy, you simply need to travel at relativistic speeds or be under the influence of an extreme gravitational field to experience this to any noticeable degree. Technically we do experience relativistic effects in our day to lives, but the extent of these are only detectable by some of the most sensitive equipment in the world (they have been detected however... they're just near enough irrelevant). Anyway, if you are under these effects you simply experience less time.

The nice example is the one of travelling to the nearest other star which is 4 light years away. If you were travelling at say 99% of the speed of light (probably more to make the numbers work, I'm just giving an example), an observer staying here on earth would still observe you to take roughly 4 years to get there... then another 4 years to get back if you did return. However, for the one travelling to the star only a few weeks would have appeared to go by. It's not an illusion either, the ship, the people on board and anything else all physically only experience a few weeks while for everyone else observing 4 years have passed. The distance you observed yourself to have travelled will also have shrunk, but that's just to conserve the speed of light in your own point of view.

Anyway, time travel forward, easy in theory. In practice it's just beyond us technologically, but I guess the point is it doesn't require anything exotic or unknown... as for how you would actually go that fast, who knows. As for backward time-travel, it's an obvious favourite for theorists and sci-fi, but nothing solid has really come out if it.
Joined: 11/6/2011
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Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 3/28/2012 10:11:29 PM
I love time travel stories! Try reading Dean Koontz's "Lightening" or "Doomsday Book" and Michael Crichton's "Timeline." Best stories ever!
Joined: 3/28/2012
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Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 4/4/2012 6:52:19 PM
i want to go back in time to change the day my wife died,there fore i would,nt be having this ever quantam jumping or parallal universe i think is possible...when you see or hear something for a second and think thats happen before ,i think could be two times or universes bumping into each otheri,also if we travel say around the world in 12hours surely we are therefore 12 hours into the future as time is based on how long it take earth to orbit the sun?
Joined: 3/27/2012
Msg: 117
Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 4/5/2012 9:37:37 PM
in terms of time and how its always moving forward, i 'd say you cant go back in time.

still working on the mechanics of being able to go forward in time...or not..right now i'm saying no in the sense that time cant be forced to speed up..just cant find an elegant way to say it at the moment..and if you did go forward you couldnt go back to the point you began if my model is correct..and right now i think it is..
Joined: 3/20/2012
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Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 4/7/2012 1:01:18 AM
time travel isnt possible sorry (in the sense of reversing it). This isn't science fiction either. It is possible though, as proven, to experience an enviroment slowing down or speeding up in time depending on your physical status, especially with velocity and acceleration. This obviously leads you to a form of time travel. If you left to space really fast made a big circle and came back in, you would be somewhat younger than the material around you. People who were younger than you would be older literally. But, keep in mind relativity plays here so many things depend on your perspective. But to reverse time, you would have to reverse all gravity, all entropy, all light... everything. It's not only impossible to do on a practicle level, but also on a physical level.
Joined: 3/20/2012
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Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 4/9/2012 3:07:49 PM
"What is fuelling it? Does it need fuelling? Does it run backwards or forwards or both? Does time really exist or is it just a human perspective?"

- Well some scientists argue that in entropy it takes energy to move energy, and since time is a dimension that involves the movement of things, it may consume fuel. If time was constant, everything in the universe would be synchronised. If it didn't exist, nothing could move, because time is literally motion. The difference in the aspect of time between 2 different particles, is the ultimate difference in velocity after injecting the same amount of energy to both of them and in the same envormental conditions. The difference is very small, but real and proven. To actually give time a negative value, simply slows the velocity down, which you could get away with calling it time reversal, even though nothing is actually reversing in the common point of view. This is what space-time is all about in relativity. There is no such thing as 'Reversing time'. If there were, then the 4 basic forces of the universe would have to be reversed. And if it did, you would reverse. And if that happened, you wouldnt be able to percieve it happening, and you would be brought back to a time before you even had the thought of reversing time itself, and continue going back in time until all of the forces in the universe were restored in the right direction, and yet, after that, everything would get messed up because of physical statistic violations such as CP symmetry. bleh

edit: In simpler terms, time or the direction of it is the forces of the universe and the direction they go, including gravity, electromagnetism, weak and strong nuclear forces, and finally the form of spacetime itself.
Joined: 4/10/2012
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Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 4/13/2012 6:50:56 AM
thx for links, in masters of the far east, they travelled in the now, 500 mls with 15 mins, and conversed with scientific parties that had walked to there destination, at one time they were shown in pictures moving on a wall
children playing in the schoolyard, they realised it was a scene from their own past, they were also shown a child of about 12 feeding people with loaves and fishes on the mount of olives, so it is possible for everything is recorded : )
Joined: 2/2/2011
Msg: 121
Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 4/14/2012 11:20:44 AM
If we found out there were other dimensions, then perhaps found out that one such dimension is further back in time, yet parallel to ours, we could travel to it and be back in time. Now, say that there were differences between the arrival time shift, and there somehow happened to be zero time shift on the return. You could end up back in time, yet in your own dimension, given that the nature of time doesn't automatically erase you out of existence backwards.
Joined: 2/24/2012
Msg: 122
Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 4/22/2012 11:24:38 AM
I don't think it is possible, physically

You can't be in two places at once.

If it was 2012 and you "went back" to 1012's not just you alone. It is all the things that you touched and touched you in 2012 that would have to be magically erased for you to be in the stream of things in 1012 that you touched and touched you, etc.

If you stood in one spot in 2012 and a "time machine" somehow put everything in reverse by 1,000 years, except for you, of course.... and the sun and moon and everything else went into reverse rotation, the whole universe in an instant, not in 1,000 years.....there "you" are in 2012 and there "you" are in 1012 at the same spot?
Joined: 11/20/2009
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Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 4/26/2012 12:07:23 PM

Eternity. The time since sex was finished and she gets up and goes home.

Merely an eon.

Eternity. The time since sex was finished and he says as she gets up and goes home, "I'll call you".
Joined: 11/20/2009
Msg: 124
Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 4/26/2012 12:58:08 PM
After reading the book "One" some years ago, I realized how fascinating and mind boggling the idea of backward time-travel would be. It doesn't seem likely that any given universe could have simultaneous forward and backward motion of time, but more likely that each manipulation would result in a new time line/alternate universe (dimension), or an existing timeline assuming a coeval reference point to the original.

I don't know, had studies still been bound by classical physics, that we would necessarily have discovered some isotropic property to time, as opposed to the anisotropic dependence to space* we've come to know of space-time. But if there was a way to isolate the properties of time, assuming we could harness the necessities (as msg # 2 suggests: "time travel" machine would require absolutely astronomical amounts of energy and exotic physics'), then perhaps we'd find that it was capable of isotropic iteration.

* It solves the problem of different concepts of time in quantum field theory and general relativity by treating the quantum concept as the more fundamental so that space and time are not equivalent (anisotropic).
Joined: 4/26/2012
Msg: 125
Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 4/30/2012 11:51:29 PM
I had, at one point, contemplated, on a many occasions, the idea of time travel. The whole basic idea of paradox issue conflicts with the idea of time travel itself. Although this is a very amateur understanding of the basic concepts of time travel, the idea that time travel itself is appealing to the majority populace in some way or another, in negative or positive ways.
For example, say I wanted to travel back to the time of the Civil War, at the Battle of Gettysburg from June 31st, to July 3rd. Now, I want to help the Southern Confederacy win this war, reasons not to be explained. I would have immediately gone up to Robert E. Lee and had told him, in the eye, that Pickett's charge would fail, and that he needed to move south towards Washington, D.C., and choose a field best fit for his army.
Now, the first conflict comes up, if dressed in civilian clothes of our time period (of course that will never happen, hopefully, because scientists would want to ensure that your presence would inflict minimal damage to the overall future of the battle itself), we will create awkward suspicion, unneeded suspicion, and indellibly, a massive butterfly effect, and so on and so on.
Second, Robert E. Lee was a masterful tactician, and I do believe, as I say so myself, that the past victories between 1861 and 1863 have definitely gotten to his head (minus the Battle of Antietem, in which his army routed, not destroyed, from the battlefield, heavy casualties on both sides). The idea that, despite the weakness of underprepared troops, his confidence in the men he had been fighting alongside with for almost two years now, was at an all time high. Pickett, a romantic and very capable infantry officer, had no doubt of success. Naturally, the very fact that a youngster/civilian telling a supremely capable veteran officer of the Army of Virginia, would seem untasteful, if not offensive and insulting to the officer, and to the army as a whole.
Third, if he was likely enough to listen to reason, he would have attacked on the RIGHT flank of the Union army, around both Little and Big Round Top hills. With this, the Army of the Potomac, under the command of General George Meade, a slow, purposeful, and very hesitant commander and veteran, would have routed with his army to Washington, or up north, farthest away from the Rebel Army.
With this in mind, if the attack succeeded on the right flank, the Union army in full route, and Washington clearly open to attack, Lincoln would have been forced to sign a peace treaty, most possibly a resignation, which would then place Jefferson Davis as president, and the whole idea of a Confederacy, a ruling of states over the central government (unlike now where we have a ruling of the Central Government over the States), and slavery would definitely have taken longer to abolish. If anything, the colored races would be fighting for civil rights NOW, under a flag of rebellion, rather than peaceful protest under Martin Luther King, Jr.
The future would be changed, and a series of butterfly effects would happen, social statures, religion, politics, World War I, World War II, Panama Canal, Korea, The UN, Vietnam, the First Gulf War, The Second Gulf War and the War on Terrorism, oil necessity, ECONOMY, and political party changes and outlooks. We would most likely have two or more Civil Wars against what would seem an oppressive and tyrannical government, when in truth it fought for the people, and each state individually.
The whole idea that time travel could exist, would alter the history of man, and as a very famous quote "He who controls time, controls the destiny of man, and can forever change history in the making." Sadly, if this kind of technology fell into the wrong hands, we would be woefully in a world of S***.
Joined: 4/12/2008
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Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 5/9/2012 8:00:47 PM

If one were to time travel, what would happen to the space that once were filled, how about to the space one would arrive in?
Joined: 11/20/2009
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Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 5/9/2012 8:07:40 PM
The goal would be to isolate time so that the change was only in time traveled and not in distance traveled, ie. exactly the same space.

But with accelerations, orbits, etc. that wouldn't be an easy thing to do. Easier going forward.
Joined: 4/28/2012
Msg: 128
Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 5/21/2012 12:38:03 AM
well i dont think well ever b able to time travel.. but if u could travel at near light speed and had the abilaty to fole spacetime..wouldnt that b traveling faster than light ? and if so wouldnt u travel throught time.. to any pornt.. but of we could time wouldnt b able to chang a whole lot...coust both time lines have to be so alike that u would go back in time in both time lines...
Joined: 12/8/2011
Msg: 129
Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 6/3/2012 5:53:00 AM
Time Travel-Is it possible?

If time travel was possible we would already know about it.

Q What do we want?

A Time Travel!

Q When do we want it?

A It's irrelevant.
Joined: 3/6/2012
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Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 6/7/2012 11:55:18 AM
Since everything exists in the Transcendent, all that is, was and will be, my thought is when we meditate we do indeed make time travel possible. But most probably, it is not fitting our preconceived notion of what one would expect.

If you mean physically, then what about the theory of with mere observation of something, we change it. (the observer effect) If we did go back and interact in a moment, the ripple effect would have consequences on the present and the future as well.
Joined: 11/28/2011
Msg: 131
Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 6/15/2012 7:42:42 AM
Absolutey, most quantum physics theories, plank, Bohr, string, particle, etc agree with the measurable constant that the universe has and expanded from the point of "The Big Bang" the only real debate is whether the rate is in a constant and/ or exponential. Most of these theories can be reconciled with the ides of the multiverse, or any interuption of quantum mechanics (depending on the theory you follow) can effect a nearby or intersect universe, but most also agree that time is NOT linear and therefore paradox is essentially impossible and any paradoxal event already happened because all time is happening all at once, it is just our perception that makes it seem linear. Wow, can you say "run on sentence?)
Joined: 3/30/2012
Msg: 132
Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 6/16/2012 4:10:14 AM
Yes, it is....however we have not yet conclusively isolated the mechanism to do on the hadron collider pretty conclusively has substantiated the existence of parallel dimensions and overlapping time. In so much, as we accept time as a particle, the first state of thermodynamic basically subsists from the idea that matter/particle cannot be created nor destroyed....all time exists on some parallel plane of existence....whether or not we will ever have the wherewithal to access it is entirely another matter all together. Somewhere in the universe exists a younger version of ourselves, an older version, and perhaps ultimate alternative versions.

I quote my favorite astrophysicist and pontificator, Sheldon Cooper...."the string theory is not hokum!"
Joined: 3/27/2012
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Time Travel-Is it possible?
Posted: 6/23/2012 8:47:49 PM
First of all...time just isn't what we're used to thinking it is. So discussions of this type can't be productive until we start thinking of what time is properly.

Because, second of all, as a clue to how time is thought of incorrectly...time travel into the future is not only possible, but it happens all the time - a refrigerator is a time machine. You put a slice of bologna on your counter top, and another into the refrigerator...and a few days later the slice on the counter top has aged a few days, while the one in the fridge has traveled forward through time, and would notice that his brother has aged while he has not. Just like the difference between traveling light speed and being stationary.
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