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Joined: 4/13/2008
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Getting over itPage 2 of 2    (1, 2)
Ah yes, breakups are never easy but, there is another way to occupy your mind instead letting it wonder back to her.

Try to answer the following question “Who are you?”.

At first, you might think “I'm me” but who is that?

Your answer will permit you to look inside yourself and help you find your answer and when you have it, you'll be able to look at your life through different eyes!
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Getting over it
Posted: 11/8/2011 10:45:06 AM
The philoSopher Plato said we all have 2 Horses pulling our Chariots.
It can be difficult just controling our own Physical Plow horse and Spiritual Winged horse, when each have varying motives. I find Carrot Cake works best for mine but some women's ponies just don't want the Calories. It does take Time; but as Kahlil Gibran's Parrot used to say ...

'The Cup of Joy deepened by sorrow
Holds more Juice come tomorrow
Joined: 8/28/2011
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Getting over it
Posted: 11/8/2011 6:51:00 PM
The fact that you're writting absolutely everything about the relationship down is a huge sign that you're not close to moving on. You're self-triggering your emotions by reminding yourself of the relationship. The only true way to move on is to forget! I know it's not something you want to do, but trust me, you need to. You'll always have memories, of course, but to constantly sit and think about it is not going to help you in any way, shape or form.

Occupy your time with one of your favorite hobbies and try to get your mind off of her!
Joined: 9/15/2010
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Getting over it
Posted: 11/8/2011 7:26:27 PM
you can sum it up a thousand ways, but i would ask myself, would it have gone down that way if she truly cared about me? Keep yourself busy. Keep the company of good friends. Eat. Drink(responsibly). and be merry. Better it ended after 16 months than 16 years.

Peace be with you.
Joined: 7/31/2011
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Getting over it
Posted: 11/20/2011 3:38:34 PM
Dude, I feel you...Breaking up is hard
Hang in there
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