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if A God is all knowing and everything~anything created would belong with "the essence that is that God" imo> Would the omniscient being knowingly amputate aspects of its being? would not any and all creation be exactly as it was intended??

Could there be a "hell" ? Could a place exist without the presence of the omniscient being: if indeed the being is all knowing and is in every aspect and part of all creation. Is this really a possibility?Or could it be the result of centuries of reading a particular doctrine in the fog of misrepresentation and dogma? Such as many Abrahamic religions; though I do not proscribe to the belief that only Abrahamic religions foist misrepresentations and dogma. (I tend to be a bit more familiar with their doctrine and dogma)

A God in my belief is not corrupt. Not labeling or separating good or evil but encompassing all aspects of humanity. Many of us have been told or find A God Good.. But for me my God is not corrupt.. My God is whole in integrity. In addition, many of us also find events or people evil. I don't believe a pure being finds evil...So in my belief, evil is a human manifestation and aberration created from a desire to understand and label our world while separating ourselves from divinity or our relationship with divinity/ Such labeling and consequential separation can be used and IMO is used to promote societal structure and control.
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Posted: 3/6/2012 7:54:10 PM

"If God is omniscient, then it means that he knows every single thing that happens in the universe, both now and infinitely into the future. God knows everything that will happen to you. Therefore, the instant you were created, God knows whether you are going to heaven or hell. To create someone knowing that that person will be damned to hell for eternity is the epitome of evil. "

The conclusion arrived at in the above statement is a great example of a 'logical fallacy'. The fallacy is perpetrated via the proof by assertion method; in which the author "asserts" it to be highly evil(or epitome of) for God to create someone who ( god himself) knows will end up being damned for eternity, as though he (the author himself) knows the standard for what the epitome of evil consists of, enough so to ascribe it to a supernatural omniscient being, whose nature; he (the author) has no way of ever knowing or experiencing first hand as a mortal individual.

When reading and interpreting such statements is important for the reader to carefully analyze how conclusions are being derived; thus it would be very important to understand the rules of logic so as to avoid being victimized or duped by logical trickery. Although at first glance, the captioned statement might seem cohesive and elegant but it really isn't. It is specifically designed to convince those impressionable and to re-inforce the beliefs of the those bearing likeminded biases or pre-suppositions.
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