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Tell her you are a vurgin. You might as well tell her you wish she was your mother. Seriously telling her your a virgin sounds so desperate. Sometimes it is better not to say anything at all.
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Tell her I was a virgin?
Posted: 12/15/2011 3:41:32 PM
If you get bigger thrills from creating drama than you do from having a great sex life with the girl you're with, then by all means, start sending vague text messages about how you "need to talk", because you have "something to tell her and you don't know how she'll feel". Then, after a few days of building up the suspense while she imagines all sorts of worst case scenarios in her mind, go to her house, sit down across from her and fidget for about 20 minutes while you perspire and stammer. Then, in your best Blair Witch trembling voice, tell her about your virginal status pre-her. (Bonus points if you can make snot drip out your nose on cue.)

Or, book the two of you on an upcoming "I've got a secret to tell you" episode of Maury Povich. That way she'll get to be on national television while you become eligible for a daytime emmy.

Or, just live your life and quit worrying about stupid stuff like that. If it was important to her, she'd push you for details, but it's most likely she doesn't care.
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