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Water dowsing pseudoscience or real science?Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
Total pseudoscience. There is no real science at all involved. It no more real than reading tea leaves. Of course you will have people that swear it works.
Water dowsing pseudoscience or real science?
Posted: 9/9/2012 1:43:49 AM
What people aren't aware of about old-school water dowsing is that the point of holding sticks or wires in your hands a certain way is just to make them very sensitive to a very simple natural and "physics" oriented effect that is very faint but otherwise observable whenever there is water present underground if you have the right "device" to detect these effects.

Unless I've been lied to, of course. But what I want to see is if anyone here has the presense of mind, and willingness, to initiate the responsible act of trying to find out what this might be, and come back to this thread and tell everyone.
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Water dowsing pseudoscience or real science?
Posted: 9/9/2012 8:06:01 AM
You will note that the sticks you hold when water dowsing will only move when they are being held with your hands - because, despite all claims to the contrary, it is your hands that are moving them. Its like a ouija board, it only moves when people move it and subconsciously you might think an outside force is doing it but the only force at play is the people themselves.

If the dousing rods are loosely held in something other than your hands, like thin tubes for example, they won't do anything.

The guy probably located the pipe with the metal detector by a locator wire in the plastic pipe, or maybe a steel fitting or something. After locating it he could have made a scuff mark in the ground and pretended to find the same spot with the dowsing rods.
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