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Many men have grown soft and will make excuses not to date any woman. Knowing upfront that you're in the military tells me that you may get deployed to another country at any time and I'll simply have to suck it up and deal with it. I think it would be exciting and fun to be with a woman in the military because from my dealings, most of them are highly motivated individuals. They do their training, go to school, work a job and maintain a house. It's unbelievable if a man is blessed enough to have one.
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Girls in the Military
Posted: 11/27/2011 4:17:15 PM
I would date a member of the military as I am not only a Veteran, but also a military brat. My dad was a WWII, Korean war, and Vietnam veteran. I know what it is like as the one at home as well as the one deployed.

I know the military lady who I date will not be able to be home all the time, but that doesn't mean we could not have a relationship. I know what it feels not to have support from home and not get mail while deployed. I also know how important it is to get that support and mail. The military member is defending and supporting our Nation. The spouse and family should support them. The military places that support so high that the mail has the same priority as meals and ammunition. People need to realize and understand how important that support is, especially if they are in relationship with a member of our military.

To me, a relationship is not about "me, me, me". It's about how well both people in the relationship places the other before self. The moment one or the other fails to place the other person first, the relationship fails.

Date a military girl? Faster than Infantry calls in Artillery!
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