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To be in a relationship and withholding sex to get what you want sounds like who ever is holding out just turned into a prostitute..... If you can't ask for something or talk to each other and try and pull a stunt like this then you deserve what ever bad things that happen.
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witholding sex
Posted: 12/20/2009 12:48:09 PM
Certainly, in a good working marriage you need to be sensitive to the moods and feelings of your partner. I mean really, if she is feverish and aching and throwing up, you don't approach her with a hard on, you come to her with hot chicken soup. Partners in a marriage should care for each, meet each others need and desires to the best of their ability. That's what the contract is all about. Of course it is never perfect. Couples have fights and disagreements. Usually neither one is in the mood then.
Your response is exactly what i would have written, with this added .... If the only time a man is approaching his partner with any kind of affection or interest is when he wants to have sex, then he will soon find she is feeling a bit like a piece of meat with a hole in it for his c0ck. That happened to me in my marriage and after he started not giving any affection unless he wanted sex i very quickly lost any desire to have sex with him and when we did have sex i literally wished he would hurry up and get it over with... The complete opposite of that is in my current relationship (of 3 years) and previous (of 7 years). I never once lost my sexual appetite for them unless we were having an argument because they both realised the importance of non sexual intimacy as well as sexual ans of showing that you love your partner at other times, not just when you are horny....
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