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A lot of men these days grew up in single parent families, or with multiple step-parents. They've seen first hand what having a parade of men marching through a child's life can do, and do not want to be just another guy in the procession. They/we are more hesitant to initiate sexual relationships with single mothers, before we are sure of what kind of situation we are entering. It's possible to have interest in someone, and reservations at the same time. You could initiate the sex, and it may make him cross the line in his head. Though it may just make things more complicated for him, and you. I he's just someone to have fun with, then bringing the kids into the picture is ruining his fun. If you are seriously interested in him, you may have to be patient.

Excellent point - fits me to a T considering most of the women my age these days are single parents or seems like most.

And this has what to do with it?? REALLY?? I can tell you that my being a single Mom has never once interfered with a man wanting to get intimate with me in any way.
I will say that I don't introduce any man into my child's life unless I feel that it is developing into a serious relationship but I think you are WAY off with that BS posted up there.

Then you're finding the Atypical men and not a man worthy of being around your children in the end. A true gentleman WOULD take the children into consideration rather than just himself and his need for physical pleasure.
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