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Believe me 1763 It was tough, if it wasn't for the paycheques in the beginning I would of walked after 2 days it was brutal lol, they paid way above minimum wage and I can see why.
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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 12/31/2011 6:09:14 PM
One of the worst was working in a nursing home. I was about 19 I think, and having to change catheter bags, scrub between the folds of large ladies at bath time, and empty foul smelling chamber pots every day was a real eye opener. Also, I was a casual employee to cover those who were away and once I worked 19 days straight. I lasted about 4 months... got too stressed by never having time off.

As a newly-wed age 23, prior to leaving England for Australia with my new husband, I worked for an employment agency and did whatever. I spent several weeks covering someone in a factory that made shampoo bottles, mascara wands, moisturiser tubs etc. It was mind-numbingly dull and I didn't know whether to be offended or pleased when I 'made the grade' and was offered full time work The upside of the agency was I also got to work as a porter in an eye hospital. I was the first ever female porter, and was allowed to watch the operations!! I loved it.

My daughter is 20 and to fund her uni studies, she works for Telstra answering queries about bills and fixes internet problems. I would rather scrub old ladies I think.....
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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 1/1/2012 2:12:34 PM
The worst job I had was not the worst bec. of the JOB, but the co-workers & no comraderie.
a bunch of nasty, lying mean girls (who were middle aged)- they smoked all the time, taking many many breaks & if it wasn't that, they were guzzling coffee, leaving early, or calling in sick.

anyone who came to work there that seemed normal or nice quit
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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 1/1/2012 9:03:07 PM
toss up between
sorting tomatoes....(yep, I did it too)
and plucking chickens...8 hours a day of plucking the feathers off of freshly killed chickens...
coming in close is working at the Seed Plant during harvest.....I worked on the line sorting corn....and on the days it was raining....the smell of wet corn husks and cobs....ugh......something you will never forget.
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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 1/1/2012 11:09:02 PM
The worst job I ever had was when I was working for a candy shop in the airport. The candy wasn't bad if you weren't educated in how candy was made-otherwise they were cheap and taking advantage of public ignorance and impulse shopping. The shop sold so little candy that they had to also sell things like knicknacks,sweaters, ice cream bars and soda. Basically turning itself into a convenient store and not a candy store. Valentines day fell on a weekend and we were selling chocolate dipped strawberries. By Sunday the strawberries were spoiling, but we were told to keep selling them and just change the paper underneath so the spoiled strawberry liquid would not run everywhere. I felt so bad about lying to the customers because I felt I was making them sick. My manager was skimming off the top of the nights profits,but I was being blamed for it and it was his word against mine.
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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 1/2/2012 1:44:38 PM
Many years ago when people actually used cloth diapers, I drove a diaper laundry truck collecting diapers from houses. Oh Lordy was that disgusting.
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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 1/3/2012 5:32:20 PM
I spent one Sunday afternoon in a plastics factory in June. It was 100 degrees outside and 140 in the factory. I got sick and then got fired.
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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 7/14/2012 3:53:38 PM
I once worked in a warehouse testing and fixing printers.

First, lift the printer off the conveyor belt and unbox it. Lift the printer and place it on the testing station. Connect the printer cables and test the printer. Fix the printer if necessary. Disconnect the cables from the printer, box it, and place it on a different conveyor belt.

The warehouse was very dusty. The warehouse floor was all hard concrete.

Commute was 50 miles each way. Lunch was 30 minutes.
Dress shoes required.

It was my fault. I had never taken a job requiring me to stand in the same spot for 8 hours. Slave!
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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 7/15/2012 5:11:41 AM
making pallets and doing cleaning in a kmart will never do sometthing like that again to stressful?
 Ed Bear
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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 7/15/2012 8:04:49 AM
The absolute worst job I ever did myself was grinding hamburger for Expo'67. Dangerous, smelly, hard work that involved machines designed to destroy mammals like us. Very disillusioning about our food supply, and including a lot of heavy lifting and running to hide things from inspectors. 85 cents an hour.

I'm not counting the summer of '72 - working for a laser lab, supposedly helping with research, which was why I took it for $100 a week; I wanted to learn and get experience. But it was just a scam; the owner put me on the books and then used me as his personal servant, cleaning his house, doing his errands, and the like. I flatly refused to do anything related to child care and he didn't challenge me on it. He'd also have me do chores around the lab and materials warehouse and refuse to give m any safety info; I had to go to the library on my own time (no internet then!) and figure out what I needed to know to stay alive.

Many worst-job stories are from agriculture and child care (low pay, heavy responsibility and stress worse than sumarine warfare), but of all the ones I heard, my friends who got sucked into tree-planting came off the worst.

See, you don't get to be an employee: they make you a contractor, with no benefits, and you have to pay THEM a "camp fee" to cover your living expenses. Bring your own tent, though. Food was buffet-style, put out in the open and you had to get there before it spoiled. Can't eat what they served that day? Tough. Worst of all was the complex system designed to make sure everybody learned everything the hard way, and that was costly. Only people who had survived several seasons and became the pets of their planting contractor ever made anything.

The victims were told to buy new equipment - bags, boots, etc. - but there were always more than enough people giving up after a few days that you found out you could have bought the stuff for next to nothing! You got 10 to 15 cents per tree, depending on the situation, but your work was randomly checked by a "checker" for density and depth, and if any of the inspected patches missed any marks you got no pay for the whole day. If you DID get paid, you had to plant hundreds of trees just to break even for the camp fee. And your taxes were taken out of the gross amount, and you then had to pay taxes on the camp fee. 10% of the trees were assumed to die after planting, so you were docked that much without any checking at all. These things were not explained, so everyone lost money on their first week or so. As added incentive, workers were told they'd get $1000 if they lasted the whole summer. Of course, ALL the first-year workers were fired a week before that deadline, so they never got it, and of course there was no employment insurance for contractors.

Washing facilities were marginal and you and the trees were drenched in assorted agricultural poisons. You breathed and ate them, and they soaked into your skins. Along with the bugs - ticks, chiggers, mites, mosquitos, everything.

Meanwhile, you knew that the people cutting the trees down were highly-paid unionized workers. Many of the veterans were willing to lie to prospects out of spite (I went through it, so why should I spare anyone the pain?) or recruitment bonuses, and wrote glowing reports of what an uplifting and prosperous way of saving the world it was in the student papers. Just because you got screwed doesn't mean you should help others get screwed.

OF ALL the crappy jobs I've done or seen done, I am angry only at myself for doing them. I would NEVER criticize any kid today for refusing to be abused and cheated like I saw people being treated! In fact, I regularly tell people not to take certain kinds of work because it will harm or kill them or cost them money in the end. And now employers expect young people to work as "interns" for no pay, and the schools support the practise by demanding proof of unpaid labour as a requirement for admission or graduation.

When a country like Canada is importing foreign workers for agriculture, oil work, meat-packing and even stripping, you KNOW the jobs can't support people who have to live in Canadian cities and towns, and pay Canadian prices and taxes.

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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 7/15/2012 9:48:19 AM
When i was 19/20 in 1980 working in a Fish shop, finning haddock, chopping heads off of cod, gutting chickens and chopping up rabbits. On thursday mornings going around delivering fruit&veg and delivering sacks of potatoes.
It only lasted for 7 weeks as i left for another job.LoL
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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 7/15/2012 6:25:50 PM
Summer jobs as a teenager.Working in a tiny cement patio stone plant,everything but the mixing was done by hand,stack several hundred every day.Unloading trailer flatbeds of 88 lb cement bags.
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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 7/16/2012 8:13:17 AM
When I was a kid I used to work on my sister and brother-in-law's farm during the summer vacation. I guess I was about 14 years old and I had to mow a field that hadn't been used in a long time with what's called a Brush Hogg.

I was driving a large Massey Ferguson tractor, known for their bright red color. The rear wheels were as tallr or taller than I was. The weeds in this field were as thick as my arm and they were so tall that I could barely see over them when standing up on the tractor.

The weeds were also infested with sweat bees. The pollen from the weeds was so thick that you can no longer tell that the tractor was red, it was completely yellow from the pollen.

Because of the sweat bees and the pollen, I could not mow with a continuous pattern. I had to take a deep breath, drive a tractor into the weeds, mow as much as I could, then veer off to get away from the bees in the pollen.

Thank goodness, that was the only field we had like that. I hated that day.
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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 7/16/2012 1:37:50 PM
Worst job? Well the most disgusting job was when I had to clean out the trucks that brought the dead animal parts back to the meat processing factory. That was gross. I was only 17 at the time and my parents sometimes would drop me off and pick me up. They wouldn't even come into the parking lot, they would just park on the side of the road and wait for me to walk to the car. So yeah, it smelled bad.

In terms of worst job overall though, it would have to be when I was in insurance. Enough said.
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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 7/16/2012 2:49:02 PM
NCOIC of the Drug Urinalysis Test Station, U.S. Army, 1973.

I can't really talk about it.......

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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 7/16/2012 2:53:05 PM

NCOIC of the Drug Urinalysis Test Station, U.S. Army, 1973.

I can't really talk about it.......


LOL.I guess you had to verify...
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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 7/16/2012 3:22:08 PM
I worked at the animal shelter here in salem. I worked for minimum wage at the minumum hours. I had no problem with working with the animals there, I even took one home. It was the people that was bad. They had no respect for anyone that didnt bow down to them. I was threatened on multiple occations by one employee for just doing my job. I had started with a relationship with a girl that worked there that apparently didnt care for no one but her self. one day, I called my boss before I adopted out an animal to a worker there( like Iam suppost to do) well his buddy who was standing there decided to go tell this worker I was "spreading rumors" about him. When my boss got back, she fired me for a peice of poop being left in the dog cage. They were eight eight week old pups. So yeah, they poop alot. later I found out my ex and that worker told my boss they didnt like me so she should fire me. My ex had sex twice in the back room, was caught, and is STILL working there. That worker who threatened me is lazy as hell and guess what...he also still works there! nice people eh?
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Worst Job You Ever Had...
Posted: 7/16/2012 5:03:06 PM
My worst job should have been one of the best jobs I've ever had. It was building a new golf course near my hometown the year I was 19. A short drive to work,not too hard of work,and a lot of scantily clad young ladies working as well. Unfortunately the foreman we got through an unemployment program decided he didn't like me and proceeded to ride me as much as possible. And this was a guy who took his job as "supervisor" very seriously. His favorite trick was to sit in his truck in a corner of the field and watch everyone work through binoculars. if he didn't think you were working hard enough,he'd go give you hell. Just the men of course,;he'd never bother the women. He finally got his comeuppance when one of the girls whose father was a shareholder told her father what was going on. He still gave me a hard time,but after that he was raking rocks just like everybody else.
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