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There is always the free school lunch program, food stamps, head start programs, big brother big sister and various other programs that the unplanned children utilize. I believe those are all tax payer funded as well. Then there is Medical Transportation, MHMR, etc. that help with these children who are born with poor health (some of it due to inadequate nutrition of the pregnant mom because of poverty).
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Defunding Planned Parenthood-A Painful Betrayal
Posted: 3/21/2012 3:13:38 PM
Where on earth does the notion come from, that as long as a lot of people think a federal program is wonderful--even if they can show it's effective--that's the end of the story? How about that little question of proper authority--you know, the rule of law a free country absolutely must respect if it wants to stay free?

Congress doesn't get to pass laws authorizing whatever most people happen to like at the time. It has to have some constitutional power for every law it makes. Those powers are limited and specified--unlike state governments, the federal government has no general authority.

If enough Americans want badly enough for the federal government to do something it's not authorized to do, they can amend the Constitution to give it the necessary power. When we cut corners in this process, we are putting our personal liberties in danger.
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Defunding Planned Parenthood-A Painful Betrayal
Posted: 3/21/2012 4:54:50 PM
To those enthralled with free BC:
If your daughter were to squat out a baby she couldn't afford to care for, then shame on you.
Shame on you for not properly raising your daughter to begin with.
Shame on you and your daughter for demanding government handouts.
Shame on you for not stepping in to raise the child to the age of 18 on your own dime.

Advocating irresponsibility and non-accountability is un-American.

Excuses like EX's that he's just an old, fat white man living in a backwards state like Tenntucky are NO excuses.

Also, in the same vein as the perpetual a-hole who favors every social giveaway program with his argument of what might happen to society without that program ...
... What would be the cost of YOU (not the government) buying YOUR daughter's BC versus the cost to society for any children that she cannot afford and that YOU refuse to raise?
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Defunding Planned Parenthood-A Painful Betrayal
Posted: 3/21/2012 5:25:31 PM's telling when someone comes here into the threads and says things like...

what if your daughter were to squat out a baby she couldn't afford
..and thinks they actually like children and young adults...somehow there is a disconnect that's appalling...and an abismal choice of words.

And if these same misguided people thing that we democrats wish to place people on the perpetual dole... I guess it does show they don't listen well...but, for those that truly need assistance I think we democrats feel they should be lent a helping hand to return to their feet...somehow, somewhere, acts of kindness are rewarded in more than full.

And to those that think taxpayer funds go to providing abortions...well, they do go to providing abortions in cases of rape and incest...or to save the life of the mother...but, the evangelical feel these aren't good enough excuses for an exception...still in all other cases using taxpayer funds for abortions is illegal-even though that's been said time and again-the uber right wingers believe the drivel they've been fed.

And yes, it is a statistic that birth control saves over 400% the cost of cost of BC vs the total number of children never concieved....and in that equation the cost of caring for the few children that are not cared for by their bio mother and father is not present...if one added the additional financial burden of caring for unwanted children...birthcontrol is a vast savings over the alternative.

And as I know it Planned Parenthood provides birth control, men and women's reproductive healthcare, and some cancer screenings...and abortions at 3% opf their total parctice....they provide adoption services, and fertility care...they truly help women have children when they are ready to have children....hence the name "Planned" Parenthood.
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Defunding Planned Parenthood-A Painful Betrayal
Posted: 3/21/2012 7:46:43 PM
We pay the premium ... the insurance company has the money ... why can't women get what they pay for? No one is asking anyone to pay for birth control who doesn't want it.

If the "theocratic employer doesn't want their employee to use birth control, then they need to take that to the pulpit and keep it off the workroom floor. They need to approach the people in their church instead of the workroom floor.

It's not our fault if their believers are not sucking it up and laying off the birth control without it being forbidden for all.

If I send my child to summer camp along with diabetic children, should the whole camp be denied ice cream just because the diabetic children aren't supposed to be consuming it? Or should we just let the non-diabetic children have their ice cream and find an alternative for those who aren't supposed to have it.

Why not let the ladies have their birth control for those who religiously qualify. Then for those who are not supposed to use it perhaps use that part of their premium money instead for counseling "religiously impaired" women on how to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
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