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Joined: 1/28/2013
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Ive only squirted once in my life, and it was when a guy was fingering me. like he went for so long, and wouldnt stop and then i squirted, and thats the only time it happened.
Joined: 10/20/2012
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Posted: 2/5/2013 3:30:56 PM
Most men cum way too early they try to please themselves in the long run the woman do not really reach the big O if they do do keep that lover
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Posted: 2/5/2013 8:02:30 PM
u squirt after u cum and i keep pounding u
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Posted: 2/5/2013 11:32:55 PM
Not a myth. I am a squirter, but have been since my first sexual experience. So I would not know how to teach anyone. The more intense the orgasm the longer the stream jets out. But who cares if you can or not, as long as you are enjoying your orgasm, why worry?.... And if he is fixated with squirting, tell him he needs to fixate on giving you the best orgasm in your life. You are totally normal lol By the way it is not pee. It is cum. The smell and taste is different. Peeing on someone is a totally different thread lmao.
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Posted: 2/15/2013 2:36:28 PM
I've had three women do that with me. I found that when they sat on me and I got high up towards their g spot that it provided the stimulation to cause them to squirt. One did it about five times, which we both found amazing. They said it was incredibly intense. One woman actually squirted a huge amount from oral sex (but not through intercourse), but I think that was quite unusual!
Joined: 12/10/2012
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Posted: 2/15/2013 3:14:24 PM
no you have to know how to do it or your lover must know how to make you squirt, kurt
Joined: 6/20/2012
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Posted: 2/16/2013 7:01:30 PM
I didn't know I could do it until it happened. I've always been very wet, you have to be super relaxed and a couple of drinks always helps me and one day one of my very special male friends made it happen in less than two minutes. Men had tried before, but he knew what he was doing and did it. You just have to know how. I think anyone can do it.
Joined: 8/29/2012
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Posted: 2/16/2013 7:26:11 PM
No.., It's not an acquired talent..!!!!! liquid that comes from the urethra...during high sexual intensity in some women the "urge to "pee" feeling.., for some it's not controllable..., hence squirting...Seems to be of a fair amount of men...I think in a way ..., because of males ejaculation. In my opinion...I think some men look at it to as "their "squirting" ejaculation"..... ((((((y))))))......?
Joined: 8/27/2012
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Posted: 2/17/2013 7:16:16 AM
I think the woman has to be really relaxed, very turned on, and be with a guy who knows what he's doing. I've only been able to make myself squirt once but guys with a big d**k get the job done in no time! lol
Joined: 3/28/2016
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Posted: 2/9/2017 4:29:04 PM
I'm sorry to tell you are incorrect. I have been with 3 women in my life who squirted so much everything nearby was soaked. The real deal!
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Posted: 2/9/2017 4:46:16 PM
I can confirm that squirting is a real thing.
First, when I was in my younger 20`s ~ a personal friend who was much older than myself complained that his new girlfriend would pee all over him during sex.
We concluded that when she orgasmed, she was losing control of her muscles down there and emptying her bladder.

Fast forward some 12yrs, and a girl I was fingering, came very hard on my fingers and it definitely came from her vagina.
She went crazy and told me "omg I`ve never done that before please do it again!"
So I fingered her in the same way and a minute later she did it again.
I was simply trying for the g-spot with her and I hit it just right. I remembered everything I did and 90% of girls I`ve ever been with since get that same treatment and all react the same way, they squirt either a little like gushing on my hand or flat out spray.

I have had little success getting this squirt reaction through intercourse though.
Maybe I`m just not getting the job done there, lol.
Joined: 6/16/2007
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Posted: 2/9/2017 8:19:17 PM
look up CAT, coital alignment technique
Joined: 4/24/2015
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Posted: 2/11/2017 8:58:48 PM
one of my ex Girl friend I needed an umbrella
Joined: 8/21/2015
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Posted: 2/19/2017 8:13:11 PM
no smell to it usually and no color and cannot be mistaken for urine
Joined: 2/10/2017
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Posted: 3/11/2017 9:06:36 AM
sweetheart you just need a man who knows what he is doing the g spot stimulation will do it
Joined: 6/16/2007
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Posted: 3/11/2017 8:36:51 PM
there isn't different reservoirs of water in your body to source urine, sweat, etc. its all the same water with different ingredients mixed in, plus perhaps the waste product of things you've eaten, that can flavor or scent it.
Joined: 3/12/2010
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Posted: 3/11/2017 9:44:39 PM
I have seen squirting in pornography, never really experienced it in real life. I have known a few women who get really, really wet. I now have two moisture resistant barriers on my mattress. But no squirting. Maybe the next one I meet... (smile)
Joined: 6/11/2015
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Posted: 3/12/2017 1:51:03 PM

no smell to it usually and no color and cannot be mistaken for urine

Not so fast my friend! When analyzing it, there's urea in there. Basically one can literally pee when doing it which isn't so uncommon -- but usually from what I take from what they say, it's the base of urine, urea, but not the waste product (usually).

I have seen squirting in pornography, never really experienced it in real life.

Well, we're not getting any younger, so it's always good to experience something new. Here's what ya do: Take your hand and flip it, showing your palm. Curl in all your fingers except your index & middle -- make those stick out. Now, when getting fancy with a lady in bed, stick those in, like fishing for your keys in couch cushions, and curl your fingers up. You'll know what I mean -- do it in a rhythmic motion and apply pressure. You're hitting a "g spot", and applying pressure for them to squirt. Some gals will say they like it but feel like they have to pee. Yeah, it's kinda like that but it's not a classic taking-a-leak. Make sure you lay out hand-me-down sheets, in case you strike oil a little too much.
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Posted: 3/13/2017 9:41:02 PM
I don't remember.
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Posted: 3/16/2017 6:14:20 PM
People are really arguing if this is real or not?

In porn, most cases it is staged but it does happen. It has to do with the muscles. If a woman as a tight core/center and has a strong orgasm, when she is releasing the pressure, it can come out in a "squirt".
Joined: 1/14/2018
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Posted: 9/20/2018 3:48:21 AM
Some do and some don't.....doesn't mean a thing but I have had those who do tend to climax hard squirt....take your time with foreplay....I mean long time....then tease the hell out of your thigh area....see where this goes...experiment and enjoy!
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