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Joined: 1/14/2012
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Am I a prudePage 2 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
LOL ThatGirl... He's following you .. j/k. That happens often. I see the same people commenting on the posts I'm on as well.

OP- I don't think you're being a prude. He's inappropriate. As the others are saying, he's only out for sex. Btw, nothing wrong with being a prude. I'm a proud one!
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/25/2012 6:12:33 PM
@ GodsChild750

ya but that guy has been on a mission on here through out the forums arguing with women an laying his "views" out on anybody who doesnt agree with him..
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/25/2012 6:26:36 PM
Thatgirl--oh really... I know a few posters on here that do that. They just go to each thread looking for a fight. I hate when people do that.
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/25/2012 6:29:45 PM

Thatgirl--oh really... I know a few posters on here that do that. They just go to each thread looking for a fight. I hate when people do that.

You haven't been here that long, have you?

Unfortunately, lots of people have axes to grind with opposite gender and the POF forums provide the perfect platform for their diatribes.
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/25/2012 6:31:54 PM
you'll see him in the thread called
Blocked but non-deterred hes talks about having a seperate account on here just so when a woman blocks him he can come back an get the last word in at her

and the thread called teased for liking bbws he really goes in talking about how gross over weight women are an thier this an that an no man likes fat women ect ect ect hes also in older women an younger men thread as well.
Joined: 2/11/2012
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/25/2012 10:56:13 PM
Maybe I'm a prude but it seems like inappropriate behavior to me. If he tries it again get his credit card number first. Tell him up front this is going to be 3.99 per minute.
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/25/2012 11:29:22 PM
No!!! The guy is a frickin creeper. He's jerking off to your every word!
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/25/2012 11:40:08 PM
I think it's so common, yet they do know it's not gonna work, like honking at a woman on the street, making sucking noises, saying "psst"--I believe it's for the benefit of the jerkface doing it--"feels manly", dominating behavior--their only opportunity to chest thump, have any impact. Even if negative attention, it is attention.
These types who seem to wallpaper online sites. I think they never intend or think they can get anywhere so they try for phone sex, or feeling predatory, whereas in person, they don't dare.
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 6:34:30 AM
I am far, far from being a prude but if a guy says those things to me in the first email, chat or phone convo, he is acting inappropriately and it's buh-bye to him. he can go find wank fodder elsewhere.

FFS you're 50 years old. Why are you posting this? Maybe you are a prude and maybe you're not a prude (whatever that means, it's a stupid word, like frigid) but what matters is what you like and are comfortable with and if you're not comfortable with a stranger calling you on the phone and asking creepy personal questions then tell him to f*ck off. What if people on here told you you were indeed a "prude?" Would you then allow strange men to call you at all hours and ask you sexual questions? If he had called me I would have told him my bust size used to be a 38 H and now it's a 36 B but the Beretta in my nightstand drawer is a 22. Small but effective at close range.
Wanna come over?

Awesome answer, lacalli!
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 6:34:58 AM
That guy is only interested in sex, most likely jerk off fantasties while talking to you.
No, you are not a prude. Your question makes sense and you are intelligent enough to ask this question.
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 6:39:42 AM
You might be a prude (grin), but his questions were totally and utterly inappropriate.

If you answered the phone at 10:45, though, that was your mistake. Don't allow anyone to intrude on you.

some of them have the worst 1liners had a guy recently ask do you like 12inches?

An 18 year old (he looked 16 in his profile pic and in the email said he was 19) recently emailed me because he LOVES older women. I politely told him to look elsewhere. He wrote back and said his phallus (not the word he used) was over nine inches long. I told him that was WAY too big and, again, I was not interested. He wrote back and said that in reality, it was smaller than eight inches. I didn't bother to reply this time.

They start young.
Joined: 2/20/2012
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 6:53:08 AM
Ive always enjoyed the way women inherrently know when to circle the wagons.

If you felt disrespected, say so. No need to question yourself.
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 6:57:16 AM
While im not looking for the average relationship thing...I dont talk about what she looks like or wants unless SHE intitiates the conversation....a gentlemans what I am first and its the only way to be!
Joined: 12/1/2011
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 7:08:55 AM
No you are not a prude, he was looking for sex only. We have to be careful cause I really believe there are some sex offenders on this POF
Joined: 1/14/2012
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 7:16:50 AM
ThatGirl- Wow, he has some serious issues.
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 8:35:22 AM
Pssssst. Here's a secret for ya OP. If you don't like what someone is talking to you about, tell them to phuck off and quit talking to them.

Now, wasn't that easy peasy??????
Joined: 2/20/2012
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 9:26:47 AM
Can we be candid? after all we're all adults here. What man or woman for that matter isnt on some level looking for sex? Now how we go about achieving that goal may be crass, respectful or any other word you choose to attach.

He may have ONLY been looking for sex, if so he played his card.....why frett, move on. He may also be looking for a real live relationship in which sex has no inhibitions. Its far to easy to say sex is ALL he wanted.
Joined: 6/5/2011
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 9:47:01 AM
As Landra said - if what this guy said made you uncomfortable - for whatever reasons - then it's no good .

I'm far from being a prude, but he's being boorish, inappropriate , and speaking way out of context - no matter what his age .

A good example of why I don't hand out my phone number , until I've met someone in person, and gotten a basic feel of who they are. Calling you late at night ? Oh I SO would have had fun with that ! ;

... " How 'bout you tell me how long your penis is ?"

..... " that's ALL !!??? ( no matter WHAT his answer) "

.... " nope - you've wasted my time, I'm used to way bigger - geez, get lost ! "

Your gut feelings are there for a reason - listen to 'em ! Good luck !
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 9:58:16 AM
@godschild750 YES he does have some issues..course it's life he anit the only guy who has issues either his just seems to more then some others.


They start young.

hell i mean to tell you it's like they jump out the womb already ready to party drink smoke ect ect an get nasty these young guys are something eles! some of them have me thinking wait a min now dam where did you learn this from who's younger whos older? why am i feeling like a 16yr old girl agian LOL...
Joined: 6/21/2009
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 10:21:25 AM

What I want to know is am I too prudish and making a mountain out of a mole hill. Please someone give me some advice.

You may or may not be a prude. Refusing to talk dirty to someone you don't know just 'cause they're horny doesn't make you a prude. (via text, e-mail or talking on the phone) In my experience those guys are definitely looking for sex, but very often don't even want to meet. They just want you to talk dirty to them, they take care of their own business, then you don't hear from them again until they're ready to "play" on the phone or computer again.

As one other posted said...charge for it. There are people who make good money doing that. I see no reason to put them out of work by handing it out for free. Block also works great on this type of person, but if you aren't willing to "play" when it's convenient for them it usually takes care of itself.

To the young guy on here who says there are loads of women his age trying to get him to talk dirty... You might be surprised to hear this, but there are some "ladies" on here who aren't what they seem. Don't send anyone any $ regardless of their sob story & don't be surprised to hear they're actually men or working girls.
Joined: 8/13/2011
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 10:31:44 AM
You are nothing but an object to get sex from. Nothing more. He's very inappropriate, & making it obvious he's after sex only w/no strings attached. I hate predators like this guy. I have run into his kind so many times. Calling you at that time of night is extremely inconsiderate, I would have screamed at him for waking me up & hung up on him. You were way to nice to speak to him after he interupted your sleep, he was probably satisfying himself during your conversation. Don't talk to this guy anymore. Advise him to go pay for the sex he's trying to get for free from you, he can pay a rock bottom price & get a bl*w job in the alley.
Joined: 7/15/2011
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 11:23:54 AM
I spoke with a man for the first time on the phone and just after hello he asked what kind of panties I wear.......End of conversation!
Joined: 4/10/2008
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 12:19:46 PM
OP: sounds just like a guy I talked to once.
same questions.. are not a prude.
I never would talk to him again.
Joined: 2/15/2012
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 12:38:22 PM
I dont think so lady. Im starting to think these free forum are loaded with perverts. Its seem like the majority of these men dont know how to hold a conversation without trying to make it sexual. Its annoying that they would even think that you want ot have that type of discussion with a perfect stranger.
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Am I a prude
Posted: 2/26/2012 12:47:53 PM
What were your answers - the specific answers - to his questions?
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