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Yep, you totally blew an opportunity to pleasure yourself and her. What did you do? Just lay there like a stiff in your own bed? Good grief Charlie Brown.

Look Charlie, respect is earned not given. Remember that next time a girl volunteers to sleep in your bed, with you, next to her. She's not trying to earn your respect. She wants you to penetrate her sweet little vagina! The two of you can talk about respect or the lack there of at a later time. Don't let this happen again.
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have i been a idiot
Posted: 3/18/2012 9:10:58 PM
'situation is met a girl at work,
I have got to know her quite well over the last couple of years as we work together. Unfortunately her boyfriend died in a terrible car accident about 3 years ago.'

emotional baggage. shes looking for a therapist, your looking for a lover.
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have i been a idiot
Posted: 3/19/2012 1:33:10 AM

Another date three months away....Poor excuse. Just a blow off. Forget it.
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have i been a idiot
Posted: 3/19/2012 1:44:09 AM
The second sentence should have been the red flag.

"situation is met a girl at work" should tell you right there really not to get too personally close to her. I would have given her her own bed and slept separately. I dated a woman with whom I worked together in a past job. We were gf/bf for a little while and then things went sour and suddenly I had to work with a woman whom I could barely be around. Look for people outside the work place and things should be a lot nicer. Even if things don't work out, you don't ever have to see that person again and things won't be awkward.

But now that you're in that kind of situation, the best thing you can hope for is asking her what's wrong and that she'll be communicably receptive to it. Otherwise, sucks to be you.
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have i been a idiot
Posted: 3/19/2012 3:35:48 AM

looking4u40: i have asked her out on another date and she has said yes as soon as she completes her next exam for her masters which is in june.

I understand she drove 40 miles to you...but this time, instead of waiting waiting 3 months for your next date (because 'she is studying for her masters') can drive to her - I am sure she needs to eat and take some breaks...since you aren't having sex or anything you guys can go out to dinner or something for a few hours and then she can go back to studying...and you can have a good number of these type of dates, talking for a few hours, face to face, really getting to know her etc...then in June she can drive and spend the weekend or something at your then it won't seem so weird having her spend the time there and I think, from what I read on here from other women, 3 months is a perfect time to start having sex with someone (for the women that like to have men wait...that is from another thread) to me, you would seem like a winner all around...

(just to clarify...I don't agree with a 3 month window...was just quoting...I don't agree with any as long as there is a clear open line of communication which you clearly don't have yet with this woman)...BEST OF LUCK
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