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Getting to know the person and their personality will tell you alot.. Then as she becomes more comfortable then you can start approaching such subjects.. You can not let sex be your only focus or you will be alone forever though..
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Sexual Compatibility
Posted: 3/9/2012 11:25:23 PM
Sexual compatibility is very important...........part it is only a small part of the equation for a great relationship. imhopinion
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Sexual Compatibility
Posted: 10/16/2018 3:42:32 AM
At some time I thought sexual desires between two were somewhat a myth but I have dated a woman who can't and won't let go sexually and it's been a struggle to say the least and it tends to bring on tension to some extent. I have pretty much given up and am at the point of moving our age it is somewhat important but in saying that the younger crowd makes no bones in jumping around with whom-ever which isn't something I do...not recommended as it brings a ton of
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Sexual Compatibility
Posted: 10/16/2018 10:34:04 AM
Sexual compatibility is super important.
I think I was lucky that when I was with my first, we stayed together for 4 years and we had a good sex life and tried different things .

After that was over after out teen years , women i went out with were usually very reserved. One only liked one position and wasnt good at other ways such as being on top .

Some hated giving oral, some hated this or that, i found lots of women my age were not open at all .

Then i started dating older women and most of them seemed open to much more . Much much more.

I went back to women my age and unfortunately again found boring sex . Until my current relationship.

We knew from the first time we had sex that were were completely compatible. our first time was incredible and every time since has been as well. Not only is the sex incredible, but we get along amazingly well in every other aspect.
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Sexual Compatibility
Posted: 10/17/2018 10:10:13 AM
Very important. You will usually know after the first time to 3rd time doing sexual type stuff or sex. It can vary or change but not by a huge amount usually unless something unusual happens aka medication or mental issues or some terrible event.

Depends what your tastes and needs are, if they are unusual it would be more unlikely to find a match on a generic dating site.
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Sexual Compatibility
Posted: 10/18/2018 11:14:16 AM
compatability makes it better. you can still do the mechanics if you have had a long dry spell, and that satisifies for only a short time. some partners want it rough and rushed, others love long anticipation. its like eating can eat chili given to you by others, but eventually you fall in love with chili itself and want it to your own preferences. when we're teens, we're just glad we're gettin' some chili :)
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Sexual Compatibility
Posted: 10/18/2018 11:33:03 AM
Sexual compatibility? Wow, I'm surprised this is an issue for so many people. I get the impression a lot of people are spoiled and need a pornstar partner.

I mean really? What kind of people are you dating that you have bad sex with? Where do you meet these people, how do you pick 'em?

You really think there are lots of people out there that are bad in bed? How do you think you came into the world?!

Don't misunderstand me, I like lots of hot sex and I don't want just the missionary position.

With all the problems in relationships, this is the one you are worried about? No wonder so much about dating and relationships is screwed!
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