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I really beleive this to be true anymore, from the dating over the years has brought me it seems to be a fact. Being unavailible most of the time interest the other person even more, man or woman. Have you ever meet a man/woman you really liked in the beginning but they never seem to have their own life? it became about you 99% of the time, which is flattering, but annoying at the same time. You start not to miss that person, and when that happends the butterflies you once felt leave. Plus if you are in a relationship with a person with ADHD its very hard to keep thier interest, if it's a relationship you really want to try and work out youwith them you will have a work at it all the time. But being a mystery really helps, if you as a woman or man find yourself CO-Dependent in a realtionship its time to stay busy in your own life, trust me it helps make a balance in a heathy relationship...
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without warning
Posted: 3/17/2012 3:47:30 PM
lol @ "for no good reason"...

THE REASON, I'm 99.9% sure of... in ANY situation like this.... is because the guy has his head up his butt. He just didn't pay attention to anything but the leaving!! I LAUGH when I hear guys say "Yeah, just one day she up and left... said she wasn't happy... I didn't have a clue"....... Yeah.... cause your head was up your butt!!!

omg... laughing so hard here. Now I can go and read the responses and laugh some more!! Thanks!!
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