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^^^^^I guess a lot of things are plain to those who are strangers to facts and thinking. To talk about illegal alien "residents" is a contradiction in terms, but the irony of that seems lost on you. One obvious way illegal aliens--who are never residents here--could get to vote is by posing as U.S. citizens. Since you're living in Uncle Gilberto's garage, you just put his address on the registration form, swear to your lies on the dotted line, and mail it in. Then when you get to the polling place, you show the neighborhood volunteer behind the table the fake driver's license your cousin Jaime (he knows a guy who works at motor vehicles) fixed you up with, go to the booth, and vote for fellow liar Barack Hussein Obama.

What would give anyone reason to bother investigating a person who did that? And with several million illegal aliens running around California, imagine, after the election, trying to find any who had, let alone prosecute them.
Now I suppose you'll tell us that even if a few people did that, it wouldn't make any difference, because it's just as likely the fraud would vote for Romney as for Appeaser-in-Chief Obama. Right.
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/17/2012 11:29:19 AM
but the irony of that seems lost on you. haven't a clue

And with several million illegal aliens running around California,

These must be non-residents
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/17/2012 1:27:41 PM

...Then when you get to the polling place, you show the neighborhood volunteer behind the table the fake driver's license your cousin Jaime (he knows a guy who works at motor vehicles) fixed you up with, go to the booth, and vote for fellow liar Barack Hussein Obama....

I woudl have guessed you would have been for photo ID's but I guess I was wrong, but thanks for proving that photo ID laws are useless because, as we all know every illegal alien has a buddy that works that the DMV.
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/17/2012 1:46:04 PM
I could just as easily had the person putting down the number on the registration form he mailed in--which case no one would ever have matched the voter to a photo ID. Having to show a driver's license at the polling place is only required for people who have not included that information on the registration form.

In Southern California, there is a steady business in faking documents for the millions of illegal aliens who have sneaked in here.
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/17/2012 2:09:15 PM

The popular vote doesn't matter but generally follows how the college votes. It has been upstaged three times:
1876- R.B. Hayes was elected after losing the popular vote.
1888- B. Harrison was elected after losing the popular vote.
2000-G.W. Bush was elected after losing the popular vote.

It could be argued that Kennedy in 196o as well, since most of the Democratic votes in Alabama were for uncommitted Electors who were specifically pledged to not vote for JFK. Those votes are normally counted as his, but if they are not (and they should not be) Nixon actually had a plurality.

As for Voter ID... I was opposed till I saw the research on the Minnesota Senate Election in 2008. Does not mean I blanket support every voter ID law out there, but I do support the idea in general.
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/17/2012 2:14:08 PM
So there is this "massive plan" by ALL illegals to vote...hmmmm I don't think I have heard anything sillier than that in my life! If that were so, wouldn't "a steady business in faking documents" start to produce ID's for voting? I mean if you think this happens on the level you do(cough paranoid cough), wouldn't that be the case?

I don't know many illegal aliens, if any...we had a few take an apartment in our complex, how they got it I have no idea, since they do a credit check, and you need a bank account with your name on it, to pay the rent. At any rate, soon there were a good number of them living there. It lasted all of 2 months! Someone told the complex about the number of people coming and going, and they were kicked out.

Now what I DID see about them was this, they left early each morning, I guess for whatever work they could get. Here they usually hang out in front of Home Depot for day labor, paid off the books, I suppose. They returned each evening close to 9 PM...

Not much time to focus on elections IMO. You guys seem to think, they have our politics on their mind. I think if you asked them, they wouldn't have a clue who was president. They are far more concerned with dodging the INS, than following the election. Getting any kind of government benefits here in the south, is tough for REAL americans, much less someone who is here illegally.

Then to think they will actually go, where there are police and government officials, such as a polling place, is absurd. They want to fly below the radar, not be front and center ON IT!

Now getting back to that "steady business"...I find it bizarre you would alledge "steady business in faking documents for the millions of illegal aliens"...millions? REALLY? You do realize how big that operation would be? That's not like a gang of drug smugglers who have 10-15 or 20 members...

WOW! You mean things in California law enforcement are that bad, that they don't catch these guys? What good would it do, if you don't have a social security number, you CAN'T have a bank account, or take most jobs since they require a social security number as well. Sooner or later SS admin would send a letter telling them that number was fake! I know that's true...years ago it happened to me. Filling out my W9 form, for withholding I accidentally transposed 2 of the numbers. Within 2 months, SS admin wrote and told my firm that my number didn't match my name...

Sorry, the illegal thing, doesn't seem realistic. I doubt they care enough about our elections to chance it.
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/17/2012 3:33:14 PM
Having lived in all the border states, I have seen much of this first hand.
To those that live in Georgia and Connecticut you have no idea what you're talking about.

Illegals gain citizenship by having a baby born here. Most are looking for that asap. Not all want that- some also just work here and send the money home. @ 10$ an hour they are still making more in a day than all month back home.

They do care who's running things, because it effects things like how hard the police and INS work to catch them.
Many share a SS# and you should believe it's big business to get them, help traffic them north, provide jobs, housing and all other manner of things they need, including bank accounts and such.
All major cities have a barrio and the police and INS know this. If they rounded up all of the people here on expired visas and flat out border jumpers... what would they do with them? Our jails are not big enough to hold them the 90-120 days if they choose to fight extradition. Which is their "right".

In Phoenix it was illegal for the police to ask for documentation when called to a domestic abuse report.
It was discriminatory and profiled people with darker skin. This list goes on and on...
Ever seen a check cashing place with Spanish writing on the sign? Who do you think they set up their business for?

Masonry is a huge attraction for illegals. I have been all over the country and the majority of labor is Mexican. Even people from the former Soviet Union are more predominant than American hodcarriers. This is due to the hard work and our younger folks not wanting to learn a trade or even get off their phones to do a days work.

This is another huge topic- not trying to hijack the thread, but it directly relates to the voter ID laws and those who are not seeing the issue as it stands.

Popular vote is window dressing. It has zero effect on who runs our country. Just another form of lip service, and it was set up that way. People have no idea what is involved in running things, and would likely vote this country into ruin.
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/17/2012 6:27:25 PM
Illegals gain citizenship by having a baby born here.

That in itself won't make them citizens, but it makes the children they have here citizens, and that's bad enough. The basis for that idiocy is a Supreme Court case from the 1890's, on the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment, that I and a lot of people who have looked into this think was wrongly decided. The same justice--Gray--had authored a decision some years earlier in which he called it the other way. He had it right the first time.

The Court compounded the problem in 1982, when it held that states can't deny a child born here a public education because his parents are illegal aliens. It was a golden chance to overrule the 1890's decision, but the majority blandly accepted it as precedent. The total cost of educating these kids is staggering--tens of billions of dollars per year. The rest of us pay it in taxes--partly local property taxes. Even if you're a renter, the owner includes that property tax in the rent you pay.

Popular vote is window dressing. It has zero effect on who runs our country. Just another form of lip service, and it was set up that way.

I wouldn't go that far, but having an electoral college is part of the design of this country as a democratic republic, rather than a pure democracy. You're right that the men who wrote the Constitution strongly distrusted that kind of democracy, because it tends to lead to the "rule of the mob." That's why the Constitution protects property rights so strongly--so that the great unwashed can't just vote themselves a chunk of what someone else earned. After all, stealing is easier than working, especially when it's made legal. So-called liberals don't much like the Constitution, partly because it stands in their way.
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/18/2012 4:31:13 AM
msg 14

if your poor, don't own a car, don't have a bank account, you might not have picture id. i think we all know who these laws are aimed at. not right

Kinda like them laws that require you to show a ID when buying a gun. So what you're saying is that having to show a valid ID when voting, buying booze, smokes, and buying a gun is a form of suppression on poor folks because most poor folks dont have a ID.
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/18/2012 12:58:40 PM

You can hide your head in the sand and pretend it isn't happening, but that would be like someone who lives on a secluded desert island, say Aruba, laughing at people when the describe snow.

I could also be like someone telling you Aruba is secluded and deserted, because last I checked, chances are, islands in which you will find an international airport, are neither secluded or deserted.

Or you could be for a law that will do absolutely nothing to address the issue of illegals voting.

So regardless of how many illegals can vote now, they still will be able to vote if states pass a voter id laws, because they already have id, ergo no reason to pass this law as it clearly does not address the problem, unless you just like to spend money on stuff that clearly will not work.
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/18/2012 1:58:53 PM

As far as illegals always being able to vote, if you are right, then why do we have any laws whatsoever, seeing how according to you, people will always to circumvent any law, so why bother?

I did not say do nothing, I pointed out that voter id laws are not the answer.

I am sure there are other ways to stop this from happening and if it really is a large number then it should dealt with accordingly.

Is that what you are saying, or are you saying that just in respect to voter ID laws, because of some perceived in justice that would be done?

No, I am saying that they serve no purpose to fight the problems that have been brought forth, thus it has to reason to exist.

The only injustice that is done is to those that have the RIGHT to vote, yet there are those who don't, and still vote.

and then there are the 50% or so that could vote but don't.

So again, pass laws and rules that stem peoples ability to vote that shouldn't, tighten voter reregistration laws, crack down on things that will actually make a difference.

What astounds me is those who are against having to produce ID in order to vote keep saying that it is such a small number as to not affect any outcomes........................ so why then are you all against the rule of law?

Because people are reasonable and do not want to live in a nanny state.
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/19/2012 8:46:40 AM
To me there is nothing wrong with asking for identification before voting. If you are trying to vote and have no I.D the most likely you have something to hide
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/19/2012 11:08:23 AM

What astounds me is those who are against having to produce ID in order to vote keep saying that it is such a small number as to not affect any outcomes........................ so why then are you all against the rule of law?

^^^What 'astounds' me is how glibly conservatives want to win even if it's through unfair practices.

No one wants people other than those who are legitimately entitled to vote. Since there is not an overwhelming problem with voter impersonation fraud....proven over and over again. The impact of having all these 'requirements' as a method to confront a problem that barely exists matters, and suggests that the legitmacy of this vote will be in question where ever these impediments are allowed to stand.

For all the 'smaller government' blathering of the right...having all these administrative state /municipal level governement restrictions and impediments is galling and suggests that 'more government' is okay when it's about having tedious proceses to thwart turn out---to takeaway the opportunity to vote from those who have voted all their lives, just to ensure a win.

Have a look at some of theses so-called 'fraudsters' who are being disenfranchised...recognize your grandmother, neighbor, friend, colleague in any of these people???

Is this fair? Both sides need to address these injustices; not just the Democrats. You know, it does matter how the 'win' happens. I don't understand how some people can keep going on with this.

Kids have a sense of fair play....ask them if this is fair...especially as it relates to the line up of the people some of you could care less about below...

Think Getting “Free” ID Is Easy? Think Again!
Proponents of government-issued photo ID laws say it’s simple to get “free” identification to exercise our most fundamental right. During an interview, Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, who signed into law voter ID requirements for Tennessee, stated he has hesitations with the new law because it will make it "unnecessarily hard" for some people in his state to vote.

"Given human nature, people tend not to address things until the last minute sometimes," Haslam said."I'm concerned about that last minute, when seniors say, 'I really want to vote, I want to vote at the polling place, I don't want to vote absentee. Oh, I need to get a photo ID! ... and I'm concerned about the waiting time [at driver's licensing stations]."

We've heard about people across the country struggling to obtain IDs in states with new government-issued photo ID requirements. Below you will find the stories we've collected from a diverse group of hardworking Americans.

If you live in a state that requires government-issued ID to vote and have questions about what is needed to get a free ID, check out our Voter ID Toolkits.


Angela Hiss

Notre Dame University student
Angela Hiss was barred from voting in Indiana because her Illinois driver's license was not accepted as proof of identification. Thousands of students like Angela will have difficulty voting in the next election because of repressive voter ID laws. Read more

Nuns from St. Mary's Convent

In 2008, twelve nuns from St. Mary's Convent were prevented from casting ballots because they did not have government-issued photo ID.
This was the first election voters were required to present ID after Indiana passed its stringent voter ID law. requiring voters to present valid government-issued photo ID at the polls in order to cast a ballot. Read more

Edward and Mary Weidenbener

Edward and Mary are a married couple in their late 80s, living in Indiana. They went to vote in the presidential primary in May 2012, unaware that Indiana had passed a new law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls.
Because they did not have the required ID, and were not informed in time to obtain such ID, they were given provisional ballots. Unfortunately, those provisional ballots were never counted, because the Weidenbeners were never informed that they had to follow up with the county election board to submit identification after they voted. Read more


Wiola Lee

Wiola Lee, 59, was born in rural Georgia and moved to Philadelphia in her early youth to live with her grandmother. Ms. Lee worked for the Philadelphia Public Schools, including special needs children. She has voted for well over 30 years and has been civically active, volunteering as a poll worker in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With the new voter ID laws, Ms. Lee is trying to access her birth certificate which she will need in order to obtain a photo ID, but the state of Georgia has no record of her birth.
Without a photo ID, Ms. Lee will not be able to vote. Read more

Barbara Decoursey

Ms. Decoursey, 79 takes voting seriously. She has been voting in every election since Harry S. Truman ran for president, served as an election judge, and has made sure her children and grandchildren are registered and vote. She was born by midwife in North Carolina and has no birth certificate which is needed to get a photo ID in Pennsylvania.
Read more

Bea Bookler

Bea Bookler has voted in every election since 1940 but now 72 years later she may not be able to cast what she believes might be her last vote. At 93 years old, Ms. Bookler lives at an assisted living facility in Chester County, no longer posseses photo ID
and does not have her birth certificate to obtain ID. Read More

Devra Mirel ("Asher") Schor

Mr. Schor is a 22 year-old transgender man (female to male) registered voter in Pennsylvania who was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
He works as a paralegal for a public interest law firm that provides civil rights assistance to Pennsylvania prisoners. Mr. Schor expects to formally change his name and gender identity after the transitioning process is further along, which will not be before the November election. Although he has two forms of photo ID acceptable under the new voter photo ID law - a current passport and driver's license - in both he looks like a woman and is identified as "female," but looks and presents like a man. Mr. Schor has a very real and legitimate concern that poll workers will refuse to allow him to vote on election day in November when the person in his ID photos looks so different from the person who comes to vote. Read more

Dorothy Barksdale

Dorothy Barksdale was born at home by a midwife in rural Halifax County, Virginia in 1926. She and her niece have tried unsuccessfully for three years to obtain a birth certificate from the State of Virginia and was recently told that they have no record of her birth.
Dorothy's niece called into 1-866-OUR-VOTE after learning about the new photo ID requirement in order to vote, looking for assistance on how to get an ID. Ms. Barkdale started working as a poll worker in Philadelphia shortly after the passage of the Voting Rights Act and now may not be able to vote in November. Read more

Gloria Cuttino

Gloria who is 61 was born in Summerville, South Carolina and moved to Philadelphia at a young age. Ms. Cuttino's mother died when she was sixteen, leaving Ms. Cuttino alone to care for her three younger brothers and sisters. Ms. Cuttino raised four children of her own, one of whom is a Philadelphia police officer. Prior to the photo ID law going into affect she has been trying to get her birth certificate from South Carolina and has told her they have no birth record.
Through the help of a pro bono lawyer, she learned that the only way to now get a "delayed" birth certificate is to seek census and other records, which will cost approximately $100, and as well as hire an attorney in South Carolina to petition the court. Ms. Cuttino will not be able to vote in November.

Find more at:

edited throughout
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/19/2012 12:14:32 PM
No one wants people other than those who are legitimately entitled to vote.

Really? I believe that is exactly what a lot of leftists want. They would like to re-elect an un-American, Marxist liar as President so he can finish the job of "fundamentally transforming" this country into an unrecognizable, illegitimate, uncivil place. And as they proved in 2000, they are perfectly willing to use fraud in critical states to get their way. They fancy themselves as morally superior to conservatives, and they follow Lenin's idea that when the ends are noble, achieving them justifies using deception.

For all the 'smaller government' blathering of the right...having all these administrative state /municipal level governement restrictions and impediments is galling and suggests that 'more government' is okay when it's about having tedious proceses to thwart turn out

As a conservative I favor a U.S. government with limited powers--the only kind of U.S. government the Constitution authorizes. If preventing leftist crooks from subverting that system requires some changes in state laws, that's fine with me. There is no contradiction in that--state governments have inherent authority to make laws and policy, but the U.S. government has no powers but the ones the Constitution grants its three branches.

Your description of state voter ID laws as galling, tedious impediments does not ring true. Is it placing a galling, tedious impediment on a person to require him to identify himself to get a library card, or take a flight, or rent a car, or open a checking account, or to do any number of other things that are much less consequential than voting?

recognize your grandmother, neighbor, friend, colleague in any of these people???

No, actually, I do not. But I *do* see your cut-and-paste cites several people from Indiana. I suppose you know the U.S. Supreme Court upheld that state's voter ID law a few years ago. If so, what's your point in citing these people, other than to say you disagree with the Court's decision? If that's all it is, then just say so, rather than trying to imply illegality where there is none.

and suggests that the legitmacy of this vote will be in question where ever these impediments are allowed to stand.

So you assert. I don't think it suggests any such thing. In any case, that is not a valid reason to the deny the majority of the people in the states that have these laws the right to make them.
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/19/2012 1:04:11 PM
This is why it's never productive to try having a coherent discussion with Leftists / Progressives / Socialists / Communists, etc ... esp. acolytes of the Church of Barack Jong-il Obama ... Just. Defeat. Them.

1. The Guru is always right. The Guru, his church, and his teachings are always right, and above criticism, and beyond reproach.

2. You are always wrong. Cult members are also told that they are in no way qualified to judge the Guru or his church. Should you disagree with the leader or his cult about anything, see Cult Rule Number One. Having negative emotions about the cult or its leader is a “defect” that needs to be fixed.

3. No Exit. There is simply no proper or honorable way to leave the cult. Period. To leave is to fail, to die, to be defeated by evil. To leave is to invite divine retribution (which, considering they wanted God removed from their platform, is a contradiction both in term and in fact).

4. No Graduates. No one ever learns as much as the Guru knows; no one ever rises to the level of the Guru’s wisdom, so no one ever finishes his or her training, and nobody ever graduates.

5. Cult-speak. The cult has its own language (a/k/a 'Newspeak'). The cult invents new terminology or euphemisms for many things. The cult may also redefine many common words to mean something quite different. Cult-speak is also called “bombastic redefinition of the familiar”, or “loading the language” (say 'Hope and Change').

6. Group-think, Suppression of Dissent, and Enforced Conformity in Thinking. The cult has standard answers for almost everything, and members are expected to parrot those answers (say 'MSLSD' or 'CNN'). Willfulness or independence or skeptical thinking is seen as bad. Members accept the leader’s reality as their own.

7. Irrationality. The beliefs of the cult are irrational, illogical, or superstitious, and fly in the face of evidence to the contrary.

8. Suspension of disbelief. The cult member is supposed to take on a childish naïveté, and simply believe whatever he is told, no matter how unlikely, unrealistic, irrational, illogical, or outrageous it may be - and they do ...

9. Denigration of competing sects, cults, religions, groups, or organizations. This is commonplace, and hardly needs any explanation.

10. Personal attacks on critics. Anyone who criticizes the Guru, the cult, or its dogma is attacked on a personal level (say 'Keith Olbermann', 'Rachel Madcow', or 'Ed Schultz').
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/19/2012 2:15:04 PM
Gee, that was a fun list...why don't we put a little twist on it!

1. "The guru is always right." Now normally I would say the same about the mittster...alas since he doesn't hold a position for more than 24 hours, without some modification. We can't tell if he is right OR wrong!

2. "You are always wrong." In some cases, that's true, in others not so much. Cutting spending is a GOOD thing, the problem is HOW you cut it. Instead of acting like petulant school children, sit down and negoiate, bizarre concept I know, but how government works!

3. "No Exit." That could be said more appropriately of the republican party. As we have seen, staunch republicans who have for YEARS done the right thing and worked out legislation, have been targeted by the tea party. Or the big one, a non-elected republican Grover Norquist, runs the political agenda for the party.

4. "No Graduates." Well I have no defense for this one. Since his mittness seems to never act smart, we can't compare apples to strawberries! As for independent thought, I think democrats think far more independently than the lock step republicans. How can you "learn", if you can't dare to challenge Grover baby?

5. "Cult Speak." Not sure what al that meant. Is it anything like 47% of americans don't pay taxes, and live off the government? Or we will tell you which deductions we will eliminate AFTER you elect us!

6. "Group think, Supression of Dissent and enforced conformity in thinking" Really? I don't see anybody on here forcing you guys NOT to post or speak your mind. "conformity in thinking"...hmmmm, is that anything like voter supression or conformity of religious beliefs?

7. "Irrationaity" That whole sentence that followed, is that anything like religious beliefs, to those who DON'T believe in the exact same thing? Or the belief that cutting taxes for the rich, will automatically result in business expansion, like it did under Bush, in either of his tax cuts?

8. "Suspenson of disbelief" hmmmm, "childish naivete`" isn't that the same as what republicans do when they choose to follow romney without ANY facts being uttered?

9. "Denigration of blah blah" Denigration? REALLY? When all you guys spend all day on here calling any democrat with liberal leanings, a marxist, socialist, communist and a whole slew of names I won't bother to post?

10. "Personal attacks on critics" Oh is this like your god Rush? Or O'Reilly or Hannity or any of the other demigods on faux news? Is that anything like "O Blame O" or "howdy doody" or any of the other wonderful names I've seen on here? Not to mention the attacks on when you guys stop doing this, I'm sure we will have less name calling on the left.

The trouble you guys seem to have, is the adoption of the same tactics that have stood republicans in good stead the past 25 years...our problem has been to NOT do this, to accept defeat well, and then rally round the new president, even if he were not of our party. You guys, not so much the very DAY Obama was inaugerated MacConnell said he had to be a one term president, without seeing a single thing he did, because he hadn't done anything invented "swift boating" we didn' guys did Watergate we didn' guys did Iran/Contra we didn't...

Wake up and smell the coffee boys, we won't be bullied's as simple as that!
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/19/2012 2:27:00 PM
^ ^ ^

Wow. Didn't have to wait long at all for this to be proven correct. Thankyewberrymush.
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/19/2012 3:18:37 PM
I think what these states should do, is form rallies. That seems to be the most reasonable option, considering Republicans pulled a fast one to surpress the votes particularly targeting minorities and blacks.

48 days until the election.

Work on gettin them IDs, folks!
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/21/2012 12:20:54 PM
No exit Grover Norquist runs the republican party? You mean like the same as George Soros running the democratic party?
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/21/2012 1:11:18 PM
"You mean like the same as George Soros running the democratic party?

Ahhhhh, a poor faux news accolade, here to spread the mantra....

Soros didn't have all the democratic members of congress sign a pledge about not raising taxes, at the risk of losing your seat in congress at the hands of the tea party.

Soros may have given a few bucks to the dems, nothing at all like the Kochs or Adelson. Either of them beat him by a country mile...Adelson said he would donate $100 million to defeat Obama, the Koch's have already spent over $100 million between state races and the presidency.

Nice try though....
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/24/2012 1:29:40 PM
It is very VERY simple to get an id. Anyone can go to the DMV and request a state issued id..the fact that voter fraud of ANY kind is happening needs to be addressed. This will also keep multiple voters at bay..
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/27/2012 10:06:17 AM

...the fact that voter fraud of ANY kind is happening needs to be addressed.


So I would imagine that conservatives are outraged that Strategic Allied Consulting is now working for the GOP, considering their history of voter fraud.

GOP Quietly Hires Firm Tied to Voter Fraud Scandal for Work in Battleground States
Lee Fang on September 26, 2012 - 10:17 PM ET

The Palm Beach Post report last night that a Florida Republican Party contractor turned in at least 106 “questionable” registration firms, with “similar signatures” and wrong addresses, doesn’t seem like a national news story. But it has unwoven a somewhat concealed effort by Republicans in several states to deploy a firm with an ugly history of allegedly destroying Democratic voter registration forms and other acts of fraud.

The contractor in Florida is called Strategic Allied Consulting, a business entity created a few months ago and registered online by a former Arizona Republican Party director named Nathan Sproul.

Sproul, a consultant based in Tempe, is infamous for accusations that his firms have committed fraud by tampering with Democratic voter registration forms and suppressing votes. Sproul was hired by the Romney campaign for a period of five months that began last November and ended in March. But now there’s evidence that the payments continued, only to a different name.

As Greg Flynn of BlueNC pointed out earlier this month, Strategic Allied Consulting recently put up a proxy to hide the fact that its website was registered by Sproul; but not before Flynn took a screen shot. Flynn notes that the firm has been aggressively hiring in Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida. He flagged two large payments to the firm from GOP committees in Florida and North Carolina.

Read more at:
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/27/2012 10:36:24 AM
Funny I had no idea that Nova Scotia was full of racist voter suppression. They should be overthrown.

You will be required to show ID to get your name on the List of Electors (if you aren’t already on it). Even if you have your Voter Information Card in hand, it’s always a good idea to bring your proper and current ID to the polling station so there won’t be any confusion or delay.
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/27/2012 10:50:22 AM
If I'm not mistaken, don't you have to pay to acquire one of these IDs? If so, screw that this is America. No one should have to pay a fee in order to vote.

Its pretty stupid of the Republicans to say they want less Government. Wouldn't any sort of agency that charges a fee for a Voter ID be a government agency. In addition, they don't mind pissing tax dollars away to fund the Pentagon. Last I checked the Pentagon was a government agency. No?
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 9/27/2012 11:08:22 AM

Funny I had no idea that Nova Scotia was full of racist voter suppression. They should be overthrown.

You are correct on the part where you stated you had no idea, because if you did you would have seen this:

Please click here for Proper ID information

Which would show that you really have no idea what you are talking about.
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