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just contrasting his party's platform on things like social programs and immigration with his own father's humble beginnings. What's being parodied is the ironic "turn" in the current hypocrisy.
"hypocrisy"" I do not think that word means what you think it means".... Most Republicans have no problem with immigration they have a problem with illegal immigrants...weird that someone as seemingly intelligent as you can't see the difference...
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Erasable Mitt Romney in 2012
Posted: 9/12/2012 7:09:38 AM
^^^ Most republicans don't seem to have a problem with illegal immigrants when they are picking their lettuce or picking their cotton or plowing their fields or plucking their chickens or cleaning their pools or looking after their children or washing their cars or......and on and on.
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Erasable Mitt Romney in 2012
Posted: 9/12/2012 8:10:25 AM
^^^^ I wouldn't go quite that far. I think it would be more accurate to say that the GOP cares about illegals in a purely NOMINAL way, in that they suspect some of them of undermining what they do care about (opposition to crime that interferes with business, and opposition to having any tax money spent on anyone they don't care about, those sorts of things).

What the Republicans have made thoroughly clear, though, is that they do NOT oppose illegals, or their use by businesses, enough to make the BUSINESSES responsible for who they employ being legal.

The one core thing that is consistent with the GOP, is that they want everything in the country to be adjusted so as to minimize the cost of conducting business for profit. They make claims to various other ideals, but will do nothing at all to promote or support those ideals, unless it specifically both helps business people make higher profits, AND does nothing to HINDER those people from making higher profits. They believe that this strategy will have the natural result that everything will be wonderful for everyone they care about, and that anyone who has a bad time in spite of it, they will be able to discard without the slightest pricking of their consciences.

Now, that's just a general observation, based upon many years of watching and listening to what the party SAYS, and comparing it to what they actually DO. They SAY all sorts of things that sound good. They SAY that they love and respect all who serve in the military, but they will not fund full medical coverage for them, nor will they see to it that they are paid what they are worth (at least not the rank and file), and they have shown that they will send them into battle on a limited budget, scrimping on things like battle armor, in order to address their number one concern, profit margins.

Romney himself actually seems to be a little better than the core party about these things, but in addition to risking the loss of core support every time he says anything off the Tea Party approved agenda, I fear that if he wins election, that the party itself will rule what is or isn't done, and Mitt's nice thoughts will have no effect.
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