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Tell me about it. Not to toot my own horn,but I think im doing ok for someone my age,but it never feels good enough for women these days. I have a good job,my own house,dont do drugs,dont drink much at all,no kids and no baggage. But whatever.
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Becoming extremely discouraged!
Posted: 8/19/2012 10:41:57 PM

OMG, I have the same experience... I am sooo tired of these games men play. I meet with somebody, have a great time and they say they had a great time too and we need to get together again, and then I either didn't hear from them again, or just like you they txt or call once or twice and then silence.... I am questioning if it's maybe because I didn't get all chummy and slept with them. Seriously. What is the problem? And yes I would love to ask these guys WHY too, but I don't want to look desperate or being seen as a stalker, so I try to put my mind to ease by telling myself "that's there loss". And FYI it's not only this site.

Wow, ms Angel2stormy I just read your profile. You are here complaining about how the guys flake on you ... wanna know why ? Because you think you are so hot you are attempting to attract guys 20 years younger than you. You come on as being cool, and then they meet you to find you are actually like their mother !

Yes, your profile age range goes down to 28. Here is a quote from your own profile: "I love younger guys because there easy going and fun, and there not afraid of trying something new or unexpected." For younger guys, this is an invitation for sex. They meet you and don't get the sex they expect so they disappear. This is rocket science ?

Here is a clue, try dating men your own age. In fact, I am age appropriate for you and a Gemini which would be a great match for you. Problem? The guys you've been "trying" to date are 10-20 years younger than me. In fact, you are 48 and your age range goes 48-28. Try this: set your age range from 53 to 46 and guess what? Yep, these are the guys who really want to meet you and will treat you with respect and not like a sex object.

Figure out the issue yet ?
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Becoming extremely discouraged!
Posted: 8/19/2012 11:15:45 PM
I think to ask about whether sex has taken place is a pertinent question and some guys are only out after the conquest and if it is given too early, they lose interest. If a girl holds out too long, he will also move on.However this is a free dating site and because of the large membership it is known for its sleazes, players and liars. You take your chances but dont expect anything and you wont be disappointed. Very very few meet anyone worthwhile that leads to any sort of lasting relationship. It happens but not nearly as much as is hyped by the site owners.
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Becoming extremely discouraged!
Posted: 8/20/2012 10:02:12 AM
At least women GET dates on this site. It appears almost impossible as a man, unless I were to pick from the random women who message me that look like Jabba the Hut... Hell, I'd rather date Jabba the Hut then some of them... or the women who just say, "Hey" or "I like your eyes" or whatever... at least I take time to write creative, personalized messages.
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