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I'll just pass it through my kidneys... first.
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Does the trickle-down theory really work?
Posted: 4/9/2012 2:59:24 AM
bigeassie has it exactly correct.
Every smart businessman knows he must reinvest part of his profit back into his business or else he wont have a business very long. Taxes is how society reinvests back into itself.

How can we have the greatest society in the world if we don't have healthy people ?
How can we have the strongest economy in the world if we don't have educated people ?

If there is one single place that can be described as the focal point of all that's wrong with American society, that place is Wall Street.
The banks, the investment houses, the brokers, the fund managers, all of them are screwing this country and the citizens.

Hang them ! Hang them all !
They've bought the country, the government, and the courts.
Hang them before the buy up all the rope !
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Does the trickle-down theory really work?
Posted: 4/9/2012 6:10:57 AM
A huge part of the current economic plight has been financiers being allowed to extract value from the economy, rather than adding value. All perfectly legal. But it's like mortgaging your house, then the banker comes in and takes out nails, and then removes a few pieces of lumber... eventually when the house collapses ... you are still stuck with the mortgage.

Perhaps if such phantom wealth extractions were not allowed, or taxed so heavily that they would be redundant... trickle down economics might have a better reality.

However, greed rules.
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Does the trickle-down theory really work?
Posted: 4/9/2012 8:26:45 AM
It was a Will Roger's joke that Reagan pulled on us and Bush thereafter. Will Rogers, said during the Great Depression , "money was all appropriated for the top in hopes that it would trickle down to the needy."
Trickle down was never meant to actually work in the way it was sold. It's real intent was to "starve the beast", to run up huge deficits to kill off social programs. It worked the way Reagan and his people then and since planned it to work.

The charts show the difference between theory and reality of what happened since Reagan's crusade.
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Does the trickle-down theory really work?
Posted: 4/9/2012 11:54:00 AM
the Trickle down economic , has worked, for about 1 % of the population
as for the rest of the people, it has left us with national debts that can never be paid
personal debt that can never be repaid,the wholesale destruction of our industrial base
wars for profit, the of true capitalism, the of innovation
and a totally crazy, global system, that can not be sustained

for example , at the grocery store blueberries are on sale, they are from Europe!
think about the cost involved in getting those blueberries to market, energy, transportation, and so on.....

I worked in a factory, we made parts for GM, like all other American factories we worked on the 'just on time system'
in theory, it might work, but in reality.... half the time, because of downtime, and a whole bunch of other reasons, the product was not of the best quality,but it looked great on paper
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