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I am prepping for to be self sufficient for a few months but not for years. I can't afford to do that and even if I could what's the point? If we're stupid enough to do that maybe I'll welcome the change and move on. This song says it all

The video has a point but free market is the best for those use to the current system but I don't think it will be smart to go back to it. Those who think global warming and environment distruction aren't real are delusional.
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Is this really the best we can do?
Posted: 4/25/2012 7:49:42 PM
forsaken thinks we are on the wrong track,.

that's already over EVERYONES heads, apparently.

well have to take some time to absorb that if it's not obviously obvious, like, what has to happen for us to realize it?

''Those who think global warming and environment destruction aren't real are delusional. ''

I can't see how we are NOT a burden on the earth, but the proposed solutions just line some peoples pockets.

we all have to cut back drastically.
the drunken sailor spending of the resources isn't making anyone happy anyway.

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Is this really the best we can do?
Posted: 4/25/2012 8:32:30 PM
Actually your right about spending like a drunken sailor the consumption per person is up almost double from 50 years ago. The product being turned out is of poor quality to make for more consumption.
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Is this really the best we can do?
Posted: 4/25/2012 8:33:17 PM
Civilization has always been predicated on growth. Mythologies were invented to keep people from aborting their children or comitting suicide because greed needs all the workers and consumers it can get.

You want to do something in the here and now in the US to productively confront our mounting dilemnas? Tell your Congressional Representatives you want to go back to the progressive tax rates of Eisenhower and Clinton, tell them you think our country was also better off when corporations paid 30% of our tax burnden instead of the 6% they do now. Tell them you'd rather invest in education than continuously expanding the wealth gap. Tell them you don't want for profit prisons. Tell them you demanfd healthcare as good as any other developed nation. Tell them you want inclusion, not exclusion. Tell them you want America back.

The greatest terrorist is the purveyor of deceitful rhetoric that ferments willful ignorance.
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Is this really the best we can do?
Posted: 5/16/2012 10:41:27 AM
if anything market capitalism is a rationing mechanism when there is in fact free markets. Free markets is the classic notion simply don't exist. Governments control 90% of the oil, healthcare and education for most part have had the heavy hand of government for many yrs, its costs are always increasing faster then inflation. In both these cases the user of the service is very often not the payer.

One of the most free markets in recent yrs have been computers. Look at the results. My first desktop cost 6000 in 1993. My most recent laptop cost 900 and was 1000x faster.

Today in North Dakota the state passed Alaska as the largest producer of energy. Because most of this was done on private land, it took less then half the time to develop and deliver natural gas at prices that are 1/5 of those in countries where natural gas is controlled by government, and the providers are paying taxes while making a profit.

The point is free markets do work, we simply don't allow it in our quasi welfare nanny state.
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Is this really the best we can do?
Posted: 5/17/2012 12:29:00 AM
i must say forsaken knows what he is talking about / if anyone is arguing his points they are part of the problem! but on a day to day life / we are not just destroying the planet / we are destroying ourselves /
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Is this really the best we can do?
Posted: 5/17/2012 11:02:49 AM

The message you are replying to:
Posted By: aries_328 on 4/19/2012 1011 PM
Subject: Is this really the best we can do?
Message: ^^^^Have you noticed that the retail industry has pretty much already gone this route. They only hire the min requirements to fulfill tasks that can't easily be automated.

I never thought I would miss sales people but I do.... Sometimes I want to be talked to about different options and lead in a certain direction and all that stuff that it use to drive me crazy about before and would avoid stores with commission sales. But it kind of sucks now. Ever not been able to find something in the grocery store lately? You have to walk around for 5 minutes or longer until you even see an employee on the floor and sometimes there just are none. I went and looked at a car at 'carmax' a while ago with a friend. Always dreaded going to car lots because the sales pressure was very high and it was just annoying. Going to carmax the world felt wrong. Saw a car... asked how much... "Price is on the window." No really, what about this much $... "No, price is as marked." It just isn’t the same...

the resource society would be minimum necessary for operation. It is happening now. It really kind of sucks and is impersonal.

That could be resolved by adding a computer that contains all the items and it's location. Many times I ask for such information, and the person have no idea if they carry the item, or where it could be if they do so.

Someone mention above your post about eliminating cashier, and that being easy. I have come across the follow however, in which the computer was very much a problem. I got an avocado and look for an avocado in the list so I could weight in the scale, there were more than one type of avocado, I had no idea which type avocado I had in my hands, so I chose the first one. The follow week I notice I had chosen the wrong type of avocado, but the computer obviously did not know. I went to a forum and talk about my experience and how if I wanted I could just chose all my items as a weight item and chose the cheapest weighting item in the supermarket, and I got a response that many places nearby had eliminated their self checkout for this exact reason. So having just self checkouts as right now, could lead to a problem, being intentionally done by a costumer or not.
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