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 vlad dracul
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on the uk forum a meeting of forumites is also being discussed. this is what the forum moderator posted.

its on page 4

Not to be a party pooper but how exactly would you host an event like this within the event rules?
Keep in mind, as a key rule, you as a host can not collect monies to pay for expenses - in other words - you can't rent a room and then charge people a fee to take part.

Perhaps before going any further you can review the rules and then get back and clarify how and if this event would be postable on POF.

Maybe you could just host the event at a venue, and in the event thread allow users themselves to make arrangments between themselves for rooms - keeping yourself as the host out of the financial bits.
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Big POF Forumite conference
Posted: 5/23/2012 11:45:31 AM
vlad...good point!

However, I wonder if POF would have a problem with other events held, that charge a door fee? I routinely get invites where a meet up, has a fee to enter.

Further if an event was held at a hotel, said hotel could provide a meeting room at "no cost", in order to get the traffic of the number of hotel rooms booked to get the event. Further many of these larger establishments, routinely provide coupons and discounts for meals and activities.

This would favor places like Vegas, Hawaii, others that have a large tourist traffic and accomodations to handle large numbers, but who's business has fallen on hard times, due to the economy.

There is usually more than one way to skin the animal!
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Big POF Forumite conference
Posted: 5/23/2012 12:18:32 PM
Hahaha^^ I see what's goin on here! ;) First, make the bid w/ promises of athletes, castles and Vodka.... then, Re-write the bid as a gut-law-abidin chump to snag all the goodgirls. Impressive! Sneaky...but clever lol ;D

and um6 'skin the animal'?-upping the ante from throwin stones? jus sounds ?? (and from someone whose posts I so enjoy) Guess all the ladies should put on their lepoard tights?

Hawaii or Van fine for me :)
Sounds like Oy wants to host us baaaaaad in Atlanta at the driving club. I can see it now "Buckhead invaded by tiger fish" hahaha
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Big POF Forumite conference
Posted: 5/23/2012 1:41:44 PM
"and um6 'skin the animal'?"

Well the cat was sitting here when I was writing that and I thought he might get upset or take offense!

"Sounds like Oy wants to host us baaaaaad in Atlanta at the driving club."

While Hotlanta has it's charms, and certainly Buckhead would have it's charms(we would see many new threads on old guys chasing hot youngins!), if I were to offer a southern choice it would be NOLA!!

NOLA, has 24/7 open bars, casinos, some of the best restaurants and food in the country, and a fab jazz scene!

Remember, it's known as "the city that care forgot"!!

But I'm good to go, where ever we decide!
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Big POF Forumite conference
Posted: 5/23/2012 2:57:51 PM

Is it feasable? To organize a "meet" central to North America where POF forumites have a chance to meet face to face? It would have to be user-organized/financed, and the potential for fisticuffs and sexual harrassment would be gi-normous, but has anything similar been tried before?

Your asking for WWW3.
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