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Get a load of this. Women want you to pay for everything. Then and only then will they consider you as a person who they give there affections to. Advice run from here. Been here done that. If I were you I:d forget about it Go enjoy whats left of your life.

WOW Little bitter are we?????
Over the years and the 2 occasions I have been on here I have gone on more than coffee dates with 12 or so women. Only 1 never offered to pay her own way.

I have a feeling if you had to pay for both coffee's at a coffee meet you would take offence though. Some people are too cheap to live. LOL
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Posted: 4/6/2013 4:05:23 AM
I think only "intimate encounters" makes it quite clear, all the rest you have to play it by ear when the time comes. Find someone who looks interesting, meet with an open mind, if it works it works. If 2 people have very different notions about the relationship they want it will become clear rather quickly.
My lady and I both had "dating" in our profiles (I thought I meant it too Grin) and it started out that way but we were both interested enough to make it exclusive.
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Posted: 4/6/2013 4:55:46 AM
Not wanting any commitment or anything serious . Probably they are married and want to have one nighters . Why else would some one on a dating site say that unless they are here just looking for sex . Recently been seeing allot of profiles that state they are single , with kids . Bet they looking to cheat .
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