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Heavy petting in semi-public places, LOLPage 3 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
This only works in adult locations. No kids and no bright lights. Bars and restaurants work the best but an outdoor pool at night or a hot springs are great. There are so many options, your only limited to your own imagination.
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Heavy petting in semi-public places, LOL
Posted: 5/29/2012 7:05:05 PM

OMG! So many naughty ppl on here! I've done some naughty things in the movie theatre, while driving, under the table at dinner....Yes I once did the famous foot thing, LOL

I don't know if I could go full throttle with ppl around, but messing around is very erotic and basically taboo.

I did it on a conference table after hours where my guy worked, that was hotttt
On the beach at night, on top of a building also at night. In the back of my minivan during the day in an empty mall parking lot....(That one was 2 years ago, HA!)

You only get one shot at life and it's good to see you living yours Pety!

I did the beach at midnight at Balmoral Beach in Sydney, overlooking the water at Brooklyn on the Central Coast at midday, in the dark at the cinema, did the parking thing on numerous occasions, in the great outdoors and all sorts of other places, even on the floor in my boss' office when I was younger.
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Heavy petting in semi-public places, LOL
Posted: 5/31/2012 12:22:40 PM
My g/f and I on a balcony with a wooden slat railing. She was standing bent over leaning forward with her legs back as far as she could get yet still reach the railing for support. There was a couple on an adjacent upper balcony getting an eye full and another on yet an even lower balcony that were unaware. My g/f was completely going nuts with excitement which totally erased any inhibition I could have had. Totally awesome stuff.
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Heavy petting in semi-public places, LOL
Posted: 5/31/2012 12:54:31 PM
Ohh yes, many memories from these little interludes...heh heh

Last year, 4th of July weekend, was at a picnic when the guy I was seeing did a drive-by. He had a houseful of family visiting so he couldn't get away to attend the picnic I was attending - but it wasn't far away, maybe 5 miles. He told them he was making a run to the store and came by and "kidnapped" me. Threw a blindfold on me, shoved me in the back of his car and off we went. I was under orders to keep the blindfold on throughout. When he stopped the car we had about 1/2 hour of wild times while a thunderstorm was approaching and people were shooting off fireworks...the wind was howling in the trees, thunder was booming in the distance, the firecrackers and fireworks were echoing from nearby and we were in a deserted park in the woods making our own fireworks! When he dropped me off at the picnic, it started to pour and he yanked off the blindfold and drove away while I stood there in the rain with a big ol' happy grin. Good times.

Another time...back in boyfriend and I had nowhere to go because both of our roommates had "their turns" for the rooms that night. We got in his big old '59 Caddy and drove out to a nearby state park and parked that tank by the lake. Later, we fell asleep in the back seat...
Woke up around 7 the next morning and discovered that we had parked near a popular fishing spot and there were guys fishing all around us, having walked right past the car to see our nekkid snoozing butts on their way to the shoreline.
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Heavy petting in semi-public places, LOL
Posted: 5/31/2012 1:59:24 PM
LOL!!!!! SSC-SAF, I can see I chose well when I became a fan of yours!!!
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Heavy petting in semi-public places, LOL
Posted: 6/1/2012 6:30:37 PM
Many times, and it is surprising how many people are really turned on by it.
1. Asked a woman to bend over and make love on a very public path in a large park close to Perth. Then again in the carpark later. I don't think she had ever done anything like it before - she came many times.
2. Car park - back seat of my car - Burswood Casino. There were a lot of people milling about but nobody noticed. It was excellent too - woman had never done anything like it and loved it also.
3. On the beach on a hot summer's night - oral sex - mighty good.
4. Blow job whilst driving - I found this really mind blowing, but is quite dangerous (maybe this adds to the pleasure - dunno)
5. Many times in a cinema - varying from mutual masturbation under a jacket with people all around to a blow job given to me in a nearly empty cinema when I was young and stupid.
6. Front seat of the car in a woman's driveway - uncomfortable - too old for that now, LOL
7. In a small tent at night with 4 other people. It was very hot - part of that may have been trying to keep quiet as a mouse.
8. Several times in the water at the beach - with people nearby
9. In a club, received a blowjob from a rather drunk woman with several people watching. This was something that I didn't expect to enjoy. Holy Moses - was I wrong!
10. Strangely enough - a mirror will almost serve as being in public. It's quite a turn on to watch yourself lose control.
Life is good!
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Heavy petting in semi-public places, LOL
Posted: 6/2/2012 10:09:10 AM
How about on a boat in the middle of Lake Huron and we kept trying to find a private spot and this other boat kept following us. Finally after I did a couple of loops and they were still following I pulled up beside them and asked them why they were following us all over the Lake? The Great Lakes are huge so there was no excuse!
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Heavy petting in semi-public places, LOL
Posted: 6/2/2012 10:34:05 AM
She was in a sundress with nothing on underneath, I was in shorts (commando, mind you) she was sitting on my lap in a very busy outdoor outlet mall. Whewww...I'd do that again!
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Heavy petting in semi-public places, LOL
Posted: 6/2/2012 10:38:51 AM
Got my gf off at here company Christmas party. We were sitting at the table, it was covered in a long tablecloth. She was wearing a short black skirt. After that night I always sat to her right...I do my best work with my left hand! She could hardly talk for about 10 min! She was usually very vocal and kept her composure VERY well! Ride home and when we got home that night is a whole other story!
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Heavy petting in semi-public places, LOL
Posted: 3/17/2013 9:43:32 PM
if u say u have stories from ur teenage but u not going to tell why bother answering
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Heavy petting in semi-public places, LOL
Posted: 9/22/2018 4:49:44 AM
Dated a nurse for a while...she was geared like that and a couple of times I ate her on the front seat of my truck in the parking lot of the was night time between her shifts and while I was down under there were people coming and going all around us....dark it was but it was a tadd hard to cover those noises she made as she climaxed....almost got found a couple of times....they were always long sessions....something she loved!.....and of course I didn't mind
Heavy petting in semi-public places, LOL
Posted: 9/23/2018 8:18:54 AM
I have a long list of places. One was on the side of the Extraterrestrial Highway on the way to get close to Area 51. There was nothing and nobody around that we could see. I've never experienced quiet like that outside. We took some pictures under the sign as we got onto that long highway to nowhere. She flashed her boobs there. Later on I suggested we take some topless pics of her walking down the highway (2 lane road where you can see for many miles). She started off topless then in her panties then totally nude. Shortly after that her screams of pleasure broke the silence in that area. That was an interesting experience. It was more interesting when we got to close later and ended up on the Area 51 security log but that's another story.

Another time was on the side of the road in Hawaii. I was standing behind her while looking at the ocean. I lifted her short skirt up enough to gain access then slowly went at it for a few minutes as cars drove by behind us.

The car was the place to do it most of the time when I was in my late teens/early 20s. The girls I was dating could get some great positions. One of my favorites was the backseat of my girlfriend's Mom's '76 Monte Carlo. All of my cars have had tinted windows so that gave enough privacy to do it while parked on the side of the road. Especially at night. There were a number of times getting caught by the police while parked in rest areas. We referred to the officers as Mr Hollywood because they were walk up to the car with the spot light on behind them. Most of the time we were kind of able to be dressed by the time they got to the car. I remember one time the officer said "Ma'am. Do you want to be with him?". They always told us to find a better place. I'd be worried about ending up on the news if I did that now. Teens can get away with it.
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Heavy petting in semi-public places, LOL
Posted: 9/23/2018 9:22:19 AM
Tried the beach at night it was gorgeous but very hard and I ate some sand by accident lol.
Can't wait for summer, there is this shallow natural rock pool and its so nice at night. None of the usual hazards of swimming at beaches.
We played hide and seek at night in this semi-bushland near the beach but he couldn't find me and went too far. Idea was he was to find and chase me and submit me. Anyway ended up going at it on a table in the bushland.
Done it in a car multiple times, kinda cramped.
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Heavy petting in semi-public places, LOL
Posted: 10/14/2018 2:09:18 PM
Interesting topic, and some good stories already.

Back about 5 years ago, I met a woman through one of the more shall we say “adventurous” sites. She was already in a relationship, a bit “submissive” on her part. He wanted her to get it on with other men, in public places, record it, and show him the video. We were sitting in the front seat of her truck, in a public parking lot, bright daylight, many people walking by. Her cell phone was propped up on the dash, recording everything. I was trying to walk a fine line between having the most fun possible while not being arrested. A very interesting afternoon, to say the least.

On another occasion, I met a woman (initial meeting) from Ok*Cupid. We met on a weekday evening at a little French bistro. She was rather attractive, around my age, highly educated, a great conversationalist. After the meal, she shifts topics, tells me she never has sex on the first date, but we can “fool around” if I want. Anything short of intercourse. Naturally, I’m all in, and ask the great universal question, “My place or yours?” But no, that’s not how she plays the game. We can make out, fool around, but only in my car, in the parking lot right there.

By this time, it is around 10 p.m., on a weeknight, and the parking lot is clearing out. So I move my truck to the back of the parking lot, where it is quite dark, and we proceed to play games for a good 2 hours or so. I had just purchased, maybe a month before, a brand new Silverado crew cab, a very nice truck, very well equipped. Cloth seats, though, not leather. The next day I realize that the front seat of my brand new $35k truck smells like … Well, you get the picture.

So I take the truck over to a car detailing operation not far from where I work. I tell the young man in charge, “I have a problem, I need to show you.” I walk him over to the truck, open the door, and say “Smell that”. He sticks his head in the truck, takes a deep whiff, gets an incredulous look on his face, and then cracks up laughing. After he gets over his bout of laughing, he says, “Not to worry. We have a steam cleaner for just such occurrences!”
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