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Joined: 5/8/2010
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A Gold Wing is a Honda and never to be mistaken for a Harley.
Call me a demanding picky pof'er but I could never date a man
that didnt at least know the difference.

Thats like confusing Turkish coffee with iced tea.

(chuckle) of course you're right. I remembered that a Gold Wing was a bike but I didn't remember it was a Honda. Since I used to ride Hondas, I guess the name must have stuck in my mind.

No harm done datewise either. I'd trade a Harley for a Honda or a Kawasaki yesterday. As far as I'm concerned, you're a wonderful POFer, I don't have to worry about you borrowing my Kawasaki (if I still had it.) :-)

I highly prefer Turkish coffee over tea and could never confuse one with the other :-P
Joined: 3/11/2012
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The Demanding Customer
Posted: 5/17/2012 3:48:33 PM
Yes I hate customers like that. It just wastes time in line, especially if sprinkles or whatever are on the counter free to pick up and use. I don't mind if its that complicated as long as their are nice about it. Its usually the person's attitude that gets under my skin more so then the order. I'm always nice to people in restaurants, and retail environments since Ive worked there and know how bad it can be. But some people are just ***holes no matter where they are from or what the situation is.

One bad customer example: I worked for a home improvement store. Had two ladies that would come in weekly. Always bought the marked down plants that were on sale, ya know the scraggly looking ones/ half dead. And they would bring them back a few weeks later to the return desk demanding their money back. Only reason they got away with it was because they always complained to the general manager who let it slide. All the other managers in the store including regional ones, hated those two ladies. When I saw them I would avoid them like the plague because they were always rude, always loud, always asked for a manager, interrupted you and yelled if they didn't get their way. Basically they had a scam going because they would get store credit on a gift card. Even our Manager that was in charge of theft and fraud had files on them. According to her, they had gift cards worth over $3 grand due to returning bad plants that they bought as bad plants. Eventually corporate put a stop to it, and I loved the scene when they came in and even the General Manager had to say No and also made them return the gift cards. Glad to see that scammers get what they deserve.
Joined: 12/26/2011
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The Demanding Customer
Posted: 5/18/2012 7:16:05 AM

OP, perhaps you should have been more demanding in choosing a wife that was less demanding thus that would've saved you the headache of all the supposed drama & tantrums she threw at you for not getting what she demanded[

I can't speak for the authour of this but my guess would be that it's the wordplay involved in repeating the word "demanding" that might make it a bit funny. The use of the word "supposed" kind of makes it seem less funny and more of a dig but that's just fine. The funny thing is, this comment is a bullseye - I had so many opportunities to walk away but didn't. I like this quote because it reminds me that there is a balance between being true to yourself and your needs and being a Demanding Customer.

The person you're looking for in a date has to be compatible with you on an ongoing basis. You don't just swallow what's there; you have to find enough of what interests you mutually in life. It really isn't about cooking up drama by being too picky; it's about knowing what you want and not putting up with a simple solution, not just taking anybody that comes along

Compatible on an ongoing basis...would you be kind enough to share your secret with us? Such knowledge will not only make me rich, it will probably make me the King of the World! The fact that you seem to be able to do this with a keyboard is even more astounding. Nothing I've written should suggest that I think people shouldn't have standards or express their needs and wants when searching for a date. I use the word date to distinguish between those searching for a mate. The internet can help us find dates quite easily but it isn't possible to find a mate, without going out on dates. Lots of folks seem to think they can order up a Prince Charming or the female equivalent, and never have to leave their house. Maybe they can, who am I to say different? That certainly ain't my style though.
I think it's important to know yourself and your own needs enough to narrow and focus your search efforts but there comes a point where the Law of Diminishing Returns comes into effect. I don't know about you people but I most certainly have fallen in love with women I might never have expected to get involved with. In fact, every major relationship I've had was with someone that wasn't my idea of a perfect match. I don't even understand how a long list of demands has anything to do with love or relationships - I guess I just see people and the world around me in a very different way.
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