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Joined: 3/21/2011
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I just asked the name of his company. That's it.

That would have been off putting for me if you had kept asking. I didn't give out any personal information prior to meeting someone in person. That means, my first name and a phone number for a disposable phone. You can ask all sorts of questions that don't require a person to give out personal information.

Not a problem if the man doesn't want to share his info. He could tell her that. Maybe even tell her that after they meet and he feels comfortable around her, he can disclose more about his personal life but for now, since they are strangers, he prefers to keep private.

He didn't, he blocked her. He could be a schmuck or paranoid because he has been stalked before.

P.S. Why do you hate your mother? It may sound like a personal question but I need to know before we continue our forum relationship.
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Getting dissed while messaging
Posted: 6/4/2012 4:15:09 PM
I'd just chalk it up for an odd one, and move on. World's full of them.
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Getting dissed while messaging
Posted: 6/4/2012 6:50:32 PM
Gonna go with "my gut" on this one....I think the fact he gave you compliment sooooo quickly and used the word gorgeous means he wasn't in the mood to focus on a discussion about business and would like for you to play along and be miss "fun thing".....he wasn't "in the mood" to discuss business...Besides gorgeous is a strong compliment versus "you are an attractive woman"...As to whether he was a fake or not will remain a mystery...but I'd kinda lean towards possible's really just a guessing game with too little information
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Getting dissed while messaging
Posted: 6/4/2012 7:12:47 PM
Awesome. All the POF super sleuths come out of the woodwork to inform everyone of what this guy's "true intentions" were with next to nothing to go on.

It sounds like he was nicer than I would have been. I would have asked her invasive questions in return.
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Getting dissed while messaging
Posted: 6/10/2012 9:52:38 PM
HE WAS FISHING FOR A HOOKUP. WOW! You are naive. were naive. You learned a lesson now.
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Getting dissed while messaging
Posted: 6/11/2012 10:18:28 AM

Asking about his job when he provides his occupation esp if you or your family are or have been in the same business is just showing interest IMO.

He is a liar.


The guy could have very well been looking for a hook-up, but there are other things to consider. I teach, but I don't tell a man where I teach unless I meet him and sometimes, not even then if I don't plan to meet him again. However, I let the name of my school AND my last name slip out in several phone conversations with a man who lived about an hour away. He tried looking me up on the school site and couldn't find me because he didn't have my legal first name. He was quite accusatory and confrontational when he told me that, apparently, I did not teach for the school.

I explained about the first name, but that was a kiss-off for him. I am 100% more vigilant in not letting any personal information slip out again. I had an online teaching friend who offended someone and she called the school trying to get him fired. If I owned a business, I wouldn't tell someone the name--there are too many crazies who would call the establishment. A personal phone number is different.

Also, some of us HATE to text. If someone sends me a lot of texts, I just won't answer--of course, I tell him that I don't text.
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Getting dissed while messaging
Posted: 6/11/2012 2:16:25 PM
First mistake was texting him. Why people do that, we are not teenagers. I know you was not being a gold digger but thats the way you came off and alot of guys will get defensive when somebody keep drilling a specific question.This is why I dont text message because its easy to misunderstand something like someone has previously said. you should of ask more about him.
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Getting dissed while messaging
Posted: 6/11/2012 2:29:13 PM
Msg 25

What do you think he was hiding?


From you

too funny. lol.
A lighthearted attitude is best approach. lol
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