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I do not own a Hardly Ableson.

Enough, mate. Stop bagging Harleys.
They are great for artificial reefs, and the antiquated underpowered air-cooled V-twins make excellent mid-size boat anchors.
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Motorcylces and dating
Posted: 8/8/2012 10:53:08 AM
I won't date a guy who has a motorcycle if I know about it. Therefore, I won't meet anyone online who says he has one. First of all, I won't get on one but also I wouldn't want to fall for someone more likely to be killed riding one. I do wonder about the many, many men here who have photos of themselves sitting on motorcycles in stores. What's up with that? They have one, they want one, they think it's cool or sit on one or they think we will think it's cool?

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Motorcylces and dating
Posted: 8/8/2012 12:11:13 PM
Definitely different strokes...
I've never wanted to own, drive, or ride on a motorcycle, and I'm not that impressed with those who do, especially if they expect me to be, but I do understand why they like their bikes.
As for the "never living, just existing" because I don't have the urge to go ga-ga over a man who drives one, or want one myself is just BS. I have plenty of thrill in my life, as I'm sure do others whose daily dose of excitement does not require a two-wheeled motorized potential death trap (not necessarily because of their driving, but the driving of others). In my own line of work I ride - a four-legged variety - that could kill me any day and I spent years learning how to be safe around them as well as how to train them, so the mention of safety (as one poster did) is at least a big plus.
A man who at least is aware of dangers, has learned to handle his bike correctly, and takes a concern for the safety of others will impress. Not just because he owns one.

I agree with MsGirlyMuscle, though, that this is a dating site, and multiple pictures of his bike can be a put off. Is that really supposed to attract women?
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Motorcylces and dating
Posted: 8/8/2012 12:52:50 PM

this is a dating site, and multiple pictures of his bike can be a put off. Is that really supposed to attract women?

I guess it's a like some of the women's profiles I see where they have one picture of themselves followed by several pictures of their house or where they've gone on vacation.

I have never posted a picture of myself on my bike simply because I don't think it should matter to anyone. I did list motorcycles in my interests. I wouldn't want to know someone that has a negative opinion of those that ride. Of course, I'm also not actively dating from this site anyway...
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Motorcylces and dating
Posted: 8/8/2012 1:33:34 PM

Others in the thread were all like icky tattoed scraggly bikers.

I will admit it is not super safe. Training and equipment seriously help. Ride like the cage driver does not see you and expect them to do the stupidest things.

That's how we should all drive anything we drive whether an 18 wheeler or a Harley. (How many do so? Statistics posted in this thread indicate that 70 some% of all accidents involving motorcycles are caused by drivers in pedestrian vehicles. I believe that.)

How many kids get hit by cars on bicycles feet from their driveway?

My son (at age 8) was hit by a Ford F350 pickup leaving school. He was in the cross-walk. Dead at the scene/revived/closed head injury/coma/other less traumatic injuries. And all he was doing was going home. These things do indeed happen!

Some people merely exist. A waste of space and pixels.

Others would rather accept some risk in order to really feel alive as opposed to just existing.

My son died from complications following an ATV accident. He was in full gear and was an experienced rider/racer. He avoided a crash, which would have probably killed another rider and took a telephone pole to the right side of this body. 6 months later, he died. Tragic as it is? I'm sooooo thankful he lived large. He truly lived and truly enjoyed the 23 years he was on this planet. It eases my agony knowing that he lived as he wished.

~OT~ Everyone has their own thing(s) in life. I love to ride and wish I were geographically closer to all of my riding friends. I miss the benefit rides. It's nice to be involved in a group that supports Make a Wish, Toys For Tots, and some way, we got into Locks of Love. Which is odd now that I think of it ~ all those "greasy" bikers growing their hair long to donate it to cancer victims. (I do SO hate stereo-typing people. I don't personally know one "greasy" biker and I know a load of bikers.) To each their own ~ I'm just happy to be doing what I enjoy. Whether that be riding or reading or sitting in a hammock. Life is just too damn short to be worried about dying. JMO
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Motorcylces and dating
Posted: 8/8/2012 1:43:14 PM
To each their own, Paderic.
And it's true, I'm sure, that women do similar things. A picture of something special is great, no doubt, but multiple pictures?
*sigh* I suppose, though, those things that are important to someone, those things they are excited by, they do want to share - informing others that it is a big part of their life. And in some ways, that is very good to know.
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Motorcylces and dating
Posted: 8/8/2012 2:20:30 PM
Have always loved riding on a motorcycle. It doesn't necessarily have to be a Harley, but the wind in my hair helps me forget all my worries. Swimming with sharks would be interesting, as well, since I love swimming. Not sure the sharks would be something cool to face, though.
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Motorcylces and dating
Posted: 8/8/2012 7:47:59 PM
I definitely would not ever date a man who has a Harley or any kind of motorbike or motorcycle. I like more traditional men. Bikers are not my thing. But if these fellows like to ride bikes, have at it. But I'll never date them. Or go for a ride. Motorcycles and the men who ride them are a libido killer for me. The same goes for muscle men/workout fanatics. I like plain and simple fellows who walk, ride a bicycle or own a car. Most women I know would never date a biker.
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Motorcylces and dating
Posted: 8/8/2012 8:08:43 PM

Most women I know would never date a biker.

That's ok. IMHO most women are not good enough.


In 2009 27 million people in the US operated motorcycles, and 7.3 million of them were women.
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Motorcylces and dating
Posted: 8/9/2012 9:55:55 AM
1)Unfortunately, people drive their vehicles the same way they run their lives. Those who look down the road, look for hazards while they are still literally down the road in the future, plan for what path to take (or alteration of speed, etc) to avoid the their lives the same way. Those who think only present tense, moving from problem to problem and merely reacting rather than "proacting", are also the type of drivers you hate to ride with.

2)Pity more women don't bike. I went to Middletown's Motorcycle Mania last night, thousands of bikes, and man, the women who came in riding their own...hawt. Never mind the fact they were so bent over their rice rockets exposing their bubble--it was just the fact they were interested in something that required active participation, and could control an 11-second vehicle. More attractive than the models who were there just struttin' on 3 inch heels

just sayin...women who do more than go to the bar and look good...yum :) and you have something to go break the ice about and start a convo with...
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Motorcylces and dating
Posted: 8/9/2012 2:07:49 PM
I don't mind a motorcycle or hang gliding for that matter. However when I saw my ex's profile with him on a harley which he does not own, I realized that the pics can be deceiving. I'd rather meet the guy and see if we click for better reasons than the type of vehicle he drives (or doesn't)
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Motorcylces and dating
Posted: 1/4/2013 12:05:17 AM
How about hang gliding with a shark?

My problem is I'm always serious.
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Motorcylces and dating
Posted: 1/4/2013 5:15:31 AM
Just like anything else, it varies from person to person. Some women can't stand them, some don't care one way or the other, and some consider it important. Personally, I can't imagine making a motorcycle that important, except for when the bike owner mentions it's important to him. I like motorcycles, but it's not on my radar at all when it comes to if I'm interested in a guy or not.
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Motorcylces and dating
Posted: 2/28/2013 11:39:35 AM
I am purchasing my own trike soon. Not to impress anyone but because I want it...... I like to date men with motorcycles because I love to ride them..... In this day and age most riders are baby boomers......we do things we want to do not because it seems cool.... LOL!
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Motorcylces and dating
Posted: 2/28/2013 11:46:33 AM
I am a senior citizen, and ride with senior citizens.......I frequent a local biker bar and most of the people who also frequent this bar are senior citizens. LoL, 50's, 60's and some 70's. Real tough group.....We are mature, experienced riders who respect others either on a bike or in a cage. Dating someone with a bike is sharing your interests......riding is my passion, helps if you have a bike.
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Motorcylces and dating
Posted: 2/28/2013 12:35:44 PM
I hate motorcylces and usually aren't attracted to the kind of men that have them. I hate when they have all these photos of them next to their bike...I don't want to date your bike!
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