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Well Start with the profile review as suggested.

As for messages there is no one size fits all message. You have to read their profile and be funny and original. The whole Hey beautiful what's up bs is not going to cut it.

You need to message women you have common interests with. If you don't there is no point to it. If you like sitting on the sofa playing video games and she likes hiking the two of you are going to have very little common interest.

Now I'm not trying to be mean but you need to understand that you're going to have to message woman that with in your physical class. To sum it up it takes a lot of work to stay in good shape and be fit. We exercise and eat healthy so that we can attract and date people that are in GOOD SHAPE AND FIT. It's also a life style...

By no means am I saying you have to date people you find unattractive.. All I'm saying is you can try and date out of your league and yeah you might find someone.. But you're going to get shot down a lot and you need to have thick skin to deal with it.

Have you tried a more casual approach? Just look for a good time and to meet knew people if it goes some place GREAT if not o well.
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so lost on this whole dating thing
Posted: 5/26/2012 4:39:31 PM
Don't do the profile review. Any profile can be ripped to shreds by anyone with an opinion, and opinionated people love to do that. Women are not a monolithic group thinking with one brain, so there is no universally respected opinion on what your profile should look and sound like, so asking for that kind of advice is like asking strangers whom you should vote for. I've had women tell me my profile is the best they have ever come across, and two who told me it was the worst. Remember, you are not trying to date womanhood. You are trying to date a person who happens to be a woman.

My suggestion is to make a profile that is unique to you, regardless of whether you think it is attractive or not, because in the end, that is all you can offer - you. That means whatever you think is your strength, play to it. And if you think you have no strengths, think about what you can bring to a relationship - whether or not you think "women" want that.
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so lost on this whole dating thing
Posted: 5/26/2012 4:40:41 PM
I have no intentions of being well built and athletic. I am active like I do enjoy going to the gym, and being phsyically active, i'm only over weight due to a year long knee injury and poor eating but as I mentioned in a earlier post my eating habbits have improved and with my physical activity level I am dropping weight at a good healthy pace.
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so lost on this whole dating thing
Posted: 5/26/2012 5:45:44 PM
I agree with the post above who cares what think about your profile. Most people don't even read or care about a profile. It all looks and its shallow and a harsh truth, but is reality. Women want to be attracted to their partner and they way your body is tells a women who takes good care of themselves. Hopefully, you will find serenity in losing weight and feeling good about yourself and improving your health also, Good luck bro!
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so lost on this whole dating thing
Posted: 5/26/2012 7:47:16 PM

the way you're talking right now is perfect.

all you have to do is apply this with women.

talk about your life, talk about hers. the awesome thing is if both your lives were similar, it'd be fun to talk about that.

if its different then that makes it all the more sweet because of how mysterious she will seem.

Grow some balls dude! haha

i'm saying this out of love ;)
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