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Let me give you a hint. The guys on here that play that kind of game don't know they did what they did was a game and they certainly can't be called on it because they have no clue. Perhaps 1 in a 100 guys know what they are doing is wrong but the majority of them claim that they "aren't playing any games". They are just totally innocent in all of this. It doesn't make any sense to try to argue with them or make them see the error of their ways. They just don't get it. I understand how you feel though. That's why I have given up on meeting anyone off of here. I am just here for the forums now. I wish you well.
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the worse thing about online dating...
Posted: 5/30/2012 5:29:58 PM

I have to say I am one of the emotional ones. I wasn't given a choice in life about that. I may be able to conceal it, but the fact is I can be hurt by someone I spent little time with also. It's not neediness, its called heart. Some people have a lot of it, some people don't.

I'm one the most emotional people that I have ever known, but as years have passed, I have learnt to keep my emotions "in check", until they no longer can be,then the gates are opened. I've also learnt longggggggg time ago to question EVERYTHING I read, which includes the bible. Words on the internet, double question. Scammers prey on people that believe everything they hear and/or read. It works,cause people can't (or won't) see the truth, because of "good" things sound.
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the worse thing about online dating...
Posted: 6/4/2012 5:48:54 PM
THE GAMES! And I don't mean just the guys playing their alleged games. I've spoken to women who put things like honesty, trustworthy, and the like in their profiles. Then in chatting, they'll admit to having two or more bogus profiles they'll log onto and try to get a guy they had an hour with having coffee, to start talking to the bogus entity. I guess the basis is, can I trust him. Hell, can he trust her! It's a cruel world out there.

We're always so willing to blame the other person for the failures we encounter, rather than look at ourselves and take responsibility for things.
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the worse thing about online dating...
Posted: 6/8/2012 9:42:32 PM
...this guy is married...that's why you can't seem to meet up...
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the worse thing about online dating...
Posted: 6/8/2012 10:51:36 PM
"Fun" is man code for sex

And women don't enjoy it? (Could be a whole nother thread)

. . . because they have no clue.

Now the question, why do the women keep on going to the guys like that? Bad boys are called "bad boys" for a reason.

You want the thrills and excitement, you pay the price. And you'll do it over and over again.

Read these forums if you don't believe me.

Einstein said that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. That would include going for the same line of crap from the same type of crap.

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the worse thing about online dating...
Posted: 6/8/2012 11:15:30 PM
actions speak louder than words! Love it.
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the worse thing about online dating...
Posted: 6/11/2012 11:17:11 PM
I love it! "poof" instead of pof! I have encountered these same types...great msging, on the phone, first meeting, tells me how much he likes me, asks for a second date, more texting....less texting...nothing..."poof" WTH? why ask for a second date if you wernt interested?? Why do men do this? Does it give them a perverse satisfaction to treat women this way? I know its just the playerboy in the candy store, never satisfied and cant even get to know someone before the next bright shiny object catches his eye . hmmm....dont think I want to know him anyway, sounds like just another loser with an agenda. And people want to know why I am single?
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the worse thing about online dating...
Posted: 6/12/2012 7:57:19 AM
You have 2 dates with him and claim to feel "hurt" about his behavior?? If he's not treating you the way you want then you dump him and move on. Period. There is no need to feel hurt about it or any emotion at all for that matter. You're not in a relationship with him, you are just in the getting-to-know-you phase and what you've gotten to know is a guy with behavior that you don't like. Therefore: Next!
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