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perhaps it's just something as simple as an underground radiation dump that's been exposed by a leaking container or something dug into it causing the spike. more likely it's a hidden underground nuclear reactor experiencing some severe difficulties due to wear & tear. it would explain the explosions being heard in the area & helicopters buzzing around. there's one under Rochester, New York that most people don't know about.

an older story but maybe can explain what's going on. from Sorcha Faal, again it's only info until proven true:

October 21, 2011
US Nukes Underground Texas Base After ‘False Flag’ Terrorists Captured
The Foreign Military Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff (GRU) is reporting today that the battle for control between the various factions vying for power in the United States heated up yesterday after another of their top-secret underground bases was destroyed by the detonation of an atomic device.

According to this report, the attack was made against the largest US Military base in the world named Joint Base San Antonio which is an amalgamation of the United States Army Fort Sam Houston, the United States Air Force Randolph Air Force Base and Lackland Air Force Base, which were merged on 1 October 2010, and located in Bexar County Texas.

The reason for this attack, according to the GRU, was the ‘escape’ of 5 terrorists from CIA control that Russian intelligence analysts believe were about to launch a ‘false flag’ attack upon the United States using shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles smuggled into that country this past week from Libya and delivered by means of a recreational vehicle (RV) from New York City to its position outside of the Bexar County Courthouse where it was equipped with supplies and potential target information.

The uncovering of this plot, this GRU report says, began last month when the North African nation of Morocco dismantled a terrorist cell linked to al-Qaida and discovered that some of its members had been ‘removed’ to the United States by the CIA for ‘further training.’ Especially worrying to Moroccan officials was the evidence they obtained showing that at least 20 shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles from Libya were ‘removed’ to the United States too.
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/19/2012 4:52:12 AM
ok... so Fukushima - no alarm.
weakening infrastructure reports - no alarm.
last years wildfires & floods around nuclear facilities - no alarm.
possible radiation leak, hidden info from public - an alarm goes off.
hmmm... wonder if we should be worried yet...

June 15, 2012
Emergency Disaster Planning/Preparedness Support
Solicitation Number: HSFE90-12-R-0035
Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Office: Federal Emergency Management Agency
Location: National Continuity Branch

The Request for Proposal is for Program Management Support (subject matter experts) for the FEMA Domestic Emergency Support Team and Nuclear Incident Response Team. Place of Performance is Washington DC and Contractor's location.
This procurement is a 100% Small Business Set-aside. The NAICS Code for this procurement is 541990, with annual receipts of $14 million. This is a new requirement with no incumbent. This requirement is to acquire subject matter experts and technical support for the DEST and NIRT.
The support is envisioned to be programmatic and technical in nature.
Subject Matter experts will support readiness operations and perform other support actions during exercises.
The contractor will also perform analysis as tasked and participate in meetings.
The period of performance is for 3 years. The contract will have one (1) one-year base with two (2) one-year option years. Due to the nature of the work, FEMA will award a fixed rate Indefinite Delivery Indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract, with task orders to be issued at a later date. FEMA anticipates two (2) IDIQ contracts will be awarded.
The solicitation is anticipated to be released on or about June 29th, 2012. The solicitation will be available to download via this website. Potential offerors are encouraged to check this site frequently for updates.

If you would like to see this for yourself you can go to FBO (Federal Business Opportunities) and under keyword/Solicitation search this: HSFE90-12-R-0035
 Soul Union
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 12/20/2012 1:10:34 PM
You are wasting your time here, CreativeStoryteller. All that matters to people today is the telly and how many reruns there are of The Simpsons, and who won the NFL and which dirty Babylon queen is strutting her stuff this week and being worshipped and who's having whose baby behind whose back and who's getting divorced and what new suit Michelle is wearing and who is being charged with racism this week and who won American Idol and what Simon is saying . . . and so it goes on and on and on. Brilliant distractions. They work every time.

As for reality? Don't give me that stuff. Don't want to know. That's too hard. Give me pink glitz and marshmallows and lots of Hollywood brain-rotting mush. Give me delicious scandalous whispers. But don't give me reality. I won't stand for it.

Geez, my Sky TV subscription is about to run out. I'd better get on to it and plug into the Illusion in case reality creeps in.

CreativeStoryteller is just one brave soul trying to bring a crucial message to the world. If people think this spinning, minuscule rock, with its endless wars, terror, rapes, murders, paedophile priests, corrupt politicians, assassinations, disease and unrest is 'normal,' then they need to look at themselves long and hard and ask some fundamental questions about life. But then again, within three years from now people won't need to ask, because the answers will be fearfully apparent.

As for the increase of FEMA concentration camps across America, the bizarre number of heavy plastic coffins being assembled and churned out, as for the HAARP installation and its mind-blowing agenda, don't waste your time, CreativeStoryteller. People don't want to know. Not as long as we have the pink fluff and the marshmallows and the latest anti-perspirant and the grand opera-like TV commercials for cat food and the multi-porn channel. Don't tell them about the actual agenda behind the increase in school massacres, like Sandy Hook. (The Lone Gunman theory doesn't work anymore.) And don't, whatever you do, tell them about the Great Alaskan Pyramid that was discovered several decades ago, a pyramid so large it makes the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt look like a garden hut by comparison. Don't talk about that stuff. Shhhh.

It's too late to turn back the clock, folks. The wool is well and truly dyed. Our collective ignorance and arrogance will, literally, be the death of us.

CreativeStoryteller is a voice crying in the wilderness, a wilderness choking in clouds of dark, dense, thankless apathy. Frankly, we don't deserve his efforts on our behalf.

Best wishes to everyone.

- Peter
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 12/20/2012 4:13:58 PM
Russians being snuck in is an old reoccurring story.
Over 100 years old next year.

The first version had Russians secretly landing in Britain
during World War 1 to fight for the British.
(they were also there to fight all those Kaiser troops
that had secretly infiltrated England.)

The "Secret foreign troops" plot has seen
many versions since.

Secret Japanese or German Troops during WW2.

Back to Secret Russian troops during the cold War.

After the demise of The Soviet Union that plot line
became unbelievable. (Even for Tin-foil heads)

But in the 90's when Evangelicals labeled The UN as the Anti-Christ
then the "secret UN troops" conspiracy began to take shape.
Even so...The UN is a pretty Lame evil entity to power a world domination theory.
They couldn't even dominate Haiti much less us.
But all the really evil empires had perished by then.
So the UN had to do.
They had to pick some foreign organization
to keep the fear based money rolling into their websites and tele-commercials.

Add secret Russian troops and it almost becomes plausible to ignorant hicks
with more guns then sense.
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 12/21/2012 2:22:48 PM

" ... CreativeStoryteller is a voice crying in the wilderness, a wilderness choking in clouds of dark, dense, thankless apathy. Frankly, we don't deserve his efforts on our behalf. ... "

Huzzah! Huzzah! Yay! At last - a post that properly gives CST (izzat an acronym for 'Central Standard Time'?) 'credit' where 'credit' is 'due' ... kinda / sorta ... I guess all that " ... choking in clouds of dark, dense, thankless apathy ... " stuff can kinda get to ya after a while, but hey, for those who proudly wear the Tin Foil Hat, it just goes with the territory. Live for the danger, sweat through the thrills. Indiana Jones had his fine light brown beaver felt Snap-Brim Fedora, CST has his tin-foil ... and all's right with the world once again. We are most certainly not a deserving audience for his " ... efforts on our behalf ... " - but we are tolerant ...

Only thing better than CST's 'reportage' was the 'Farm Report' on 'SCTV' with 'Big Jim McBob' and 'Billie Sol Hurok'. None among us will ever forget their insightful commentary which followed the demise of every guest on their fine program: "HE BLOWED UP REAL GOOD!" With luck, CST might yet be a guest on their program should it ever be given sponsorship again ... just sayin' ...
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