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What makes men fall in love with a woman?Page 2 of 8    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

I know i dont want a man to fall in love with me because I don't want to end up taking care of him, and watching every step of what I do and say about his emotional ups and downs. Its like you have to evolve yourself around his emotional connection. If he has those issues why should I have my life end with his. I let them fall in love with some other sucker who would do it. :)
Then they end up with a divorce, child support and more emotional and mental illness bills. :)

Men are more emotional then women. If you put up with their emotions they will love you and even marry you. Why? because they know no one else will.

So the key is kiss their emotional a@@@s and they will surely think about only being with you. I don't live for no man I live for myself.

Bitter, jaded & emotionally unstable. Such women typically play the part of the sweet innocent victim of a bad past relationship upfront. Only after knowing them for 3 to 6 months do their true colors show. Another consideration why guys my age have a wait & see attitude when it comes to love.
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/17/2012 6:08:21 PM
If there was one answer, we would be doomed as a species. There are a lot of the typical chiches that we are all attracted to. Women are usually attracted to a, b, c. Men are usually attracted to a, b, c. But that does not constitute love. That does not move you from then in lust stage to the in love stage.

Many psychotherapist will tell you what when we enter a relationship we do so because there's something about it that reflects on our own upbringing and gives us the room to recreate or to solve issues we had with that upbringing. That in it self is more consistent than anything else. That is why abused people end up finding people that are abusers, and people that are simple and uncomplicated tend to find people that are simple and uncomplicated. Of course we do not know these things naturally, we just go and try and try again, until one sticks for all the good reasons, or all the bad reasons. What this means is that there's no formula. Someone out there is going to like you for who you are. You may not like them back, but that is a different subject. So rather than become some illusion of what should be, become a better version of you. And let the world accept you for who you are.
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/17/2012 6:57:51 PM
I think perhaps. . . If the man (or woman) is open to falling in love . . . that is you observe them loving their parents, friends, or pets. . . is attracted to you and trusts you - - - well, the rush of hormones usually pushes a person over the edge. Honestly for me, it's usually around three weeks into having sex that I feel a strong attachment to the person I am with and as far as I know the feelings have been mutual. However, since it is really easy to talk yourself out of being "in-love" and to dismiss your feelings especially if you have trust or commitment issues, a good relationship won't materialize if you don't both want the same thing and/or you don't have good communication skills. Nobody likes to feel vulnerable or that they might be a "temporary" thing - lots of people start back-tracking when they get scared.
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/17/2012 9:40:09 PM
I recently met a divorced woman who is on her own and works very hard is a great mom and I admire her. She is a true class act. She is smart funny and great company. She doesnt move to fast and that makes me respect her even more. I met her on POF . I also met another woman on here a while back who started to get very attached to me and the feeling was not mutual. She had very fancy taste and we were very different people. I think that love just happens. If the sex is good its even better.
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/17/2012 9:48:55 PM

I have concluded it is stupidity.

Capt'n! You owe me half a beer for what I spit out laughing-

Honestly, it is attractiveness. First and foremost.

-with a woman that has a good head on her shoulders..

And abhors drama.

That is all.
Joined: 3/30/2012
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/17/2012 10:01:26 PM

I am guessing you are male. Forget the honour and obey bit. It is a modern world. Whether they have cool stories, is another thing too. But it is chemistry, timing and perhaps just fate. who knows? There is no one formula or answer.
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/18/2012 4:27:20 AM
a good b.j. and for the lady that asked what makes us fall out of love?/ not
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/18/2012 5:26:47 AM

1/ Sexual Attraction- 2/ Compatibility-3/ Similiar mindsets/ goals 4/ something no one can describe

When the feeling is returned full circle- that's pretty real and it takes time to know for sure if it's lust or love your feeling. But usually, you just get to a point when you 'just know' and your not thinking anymore, your just all-round content with who they are and who you are. There's no if, buts or whys. They all just dissapear- and you know the feeling is returned without a single doubt in your mind. That's real. No guess work. When there's doubt it's still just lust/ yearning. Fearless communication and mutal respect is the real key to keeping that loving feeling (not as exciting as the adrenaline of lust) but more important in the long haul.

Justagirl stated some of my feelings on this topic very well. I had puppy love once, and based on what I've learned over the years have never truly been "in love".

However, I'm looking for someone with like thoughts / beliefs, open communication, who loves unconditionally and accepts me as I am. I will reciprocate in kind. As quoted above, this takes time to achieve but once it's done the happiness, contentment, excitement is palpable. She's always in my thoughts, I can't wait to go home to her and enjoy her company. Speaking freely and knowing that we have each other's backs 110%.

In my humble opinion it would be this incredible feeling of comfort with everything and anything between us.

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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/18/2012 6:17:37 AM
You know, I always wonder how come these threads don't get caught RIGHT at the beginning as polarized topics....
I guess it's because the girl is cute, POF is mostly populated of men, and half the people reading the thread want to f*ck the OP....

Anyways, sorry for the tangent, in answer to the thread;
Pick a number from A to Z. Anything beyond that
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/18/2012 8:37:46 AM

Me - Revealing photos such as yours go a very long way in this regard. No, wait...that's "falling in lust".

Neck Romancer - Revealing?! Boy arent you easy to please.. got some ankle shots you might be interested in professor space time.

LOL! Well, there is the "in your face" revealing, and then there is the more subtle revelations such as in the Op's photo. I prefer a certain degree of mystery. As for ankles, they are fine as part of the whole, but by themselves don't do much for me. Thanks, anyhow!
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/19/2012 2:09:43 AM
They fall in love with the successful conquest of a hot piece of ass. That's the extent of their "falling in love."

Very rare is there a man that actually falls in love a pious heart.
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/19/2012 2:17:49 AM
You nailed it dead on target. It's the internal beauty of the heart (and behavior
showing the beauty and also how "difficulties" are handled that makes or breaks
a relationship. If you add humor to the mix the relationship is a great one.
That's what makes a strong bond and with that, a strong romance and all
it entails (if you know what I mean).

Nastiness or lack of caring can break a relationship faster thank the blink of an eye.

Those are the basics.
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/19/2012 2:23:28 AM
Sorry, I'm new and haven't the time to figure out how to use quotes, but chemistry, appearance will attract, but compatibility will allow a relationship to be sustained. What makes compatibility last is another question.
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/19/2012 3:44:05 AM

Great sex, awesome looks, untiring devotion, unquestioning loyalty, unlimited generosity with a bottomless trust fund, the usual things. If she can cook and mow the grass, that would be a bonus.

That's what made my guy fall in love with me! hehe
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/19/2012 4:28:50 AM

What makes men fall in love with a woman?

Booze. Lots and lots of it!!!! Preferably, good whiskey. Very good whiskey. And oh, a very short term memory span. Very short.
Joined: 9/20/2011
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/19/2012 5:08:03 AM
If she looks like his fantasy but cooks stuffed cabbages better than his mother...

Julee Cruise sings this quirky song: first I saw your face, then I saw your smile...
Joined: 6/5/2012
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/19/2012 9:13:39 AM
If she treats me well and doesn't cheat on me she 95% of the way there.
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/19/2012 9:51:05 AM
Once I feel a mutual acceptance of who we are , flaws and all, combined with a mutual enjoyment of being together more than just a little bit ... it usually happens around then.
Joined: 5/30/2012
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/19/2012 12:25:54 PM
She has to be at least kind of hot, want to have lots of sex (and be good at it) and give great head. As far as her personality goes I don't give a crap. If she doesn't meet any of those criteria then she's not worth the effort. Personality means nothing if you've got an ugly dog on your arm out in public.
Joined: 6/10/2012
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/20/2012 1:44:52 PM
Very little is ~Written in Stone~, but...Her looks, height, face, hair, attitude, confidence, the chemistry between us,
Age is only a minor consideration,
She needs to have Some form of Romance/Passion/Sex-drive left in's part of the "Love to Love you"-thing!
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/20/2012 4:23:25 PM
The OP wants details, instructions, darn it, people are hooked on the OPS beauty and do not answer the question, or do not know how to answer the question, she probably wants examples, she should have asked, how did you men fall in love with a good woman, ( different from bad hoochie woman love).

I fell in love with my wife, she died a few years ago by the way , she was my first GF, we got married and had no sex before that. She was beutiful, I only saw her as a friend because I was a jaded beaten up little man that was a victim of a million female offences in life , well so I thought so I did not care for a relationship , especially with her, since she was too smart and beautiful and obviously out of my league, so I thought,... whatever.

I was not interested in her, she was my best friend. Being a guy, we guys do not have a very solid best friend box, it is made of paper mache' and falls apart quickly. We had things in common went to the same church, watched the simpsons religiuously, surfed together, had alot in common to talk about, this did not constitute being in a relationship , she was my best friend, that is the way i saw her only. every day I would see her for an activity, surfing biking playing pool, she would call me I would go. When I went to her house after work to set the videogame or other things we were going to do she would rub my feet and give me a back rubs, give me some goodies she cooked for me and we would go, she was there for me no matter what time or day, she was available to talk and listen to me.
Even if I talked about other women I was dating she would give me caring advice and would tell me without pressure she just wanted to see me happy. We would go shopping the movies together just like a cpouple but with no physical or loving words, she was my bud and I was hers so I thought.

One day she just blurted out she knew a guy and that she was gonna have a BF but would not if I asked her not to , I listened, she told me that even if I was her best friend to think about it, she wanted to marry me and have a life to gether with me, it shocked me , it scared me, she told me it was my desicion if I did not want to be with her, to think about it....who was going to give me back rubs, cookies and goodies, care for me worrye for me , listen and give advice to me, who was going to be there for me 24/7 when needed, who was going to love me like she did, it dawned on me she loved me , so I spent a few minutes thinking life without her, we never argued it was all good who would be better than her and could I live with out her, then I relized, I could not live without her, even a day without her was boring and lonely, I could not let her go I was in love with my best super duper friend and she was in love with me, so I jumped the gun and said I have to marry her.

We got married , lost our virginity in the honeymoon and found out we were both nimphominac primitive perverts , yes so sex was good and very often.

she being beautiful had nothing to do with it , I did not like her for her apperance, I was jaded and said to myself , ug another stuckup ugly chick...that is when I met her.
Sex had nothing to do with falling in love, it is how I was treated as a best friend, to be cared for by somebody like that would melt anyman's heart even mine after it was cold and jaded, she melted it by caring and making sure I would be not able to be without her care, love and wisdom .
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/20/2012 5:12:54 PM

People dont like ugly people.

They sure the hell do!!!!!! That's why we have whiskey!!!! Again, good whiskey!!!!

Enough of the negative talk. Ya gotta learn to quit doing that shiat. Bad enough ya may "think" it, worse when you actually say it. Leave it for the others to slam ya. I mean, seriously. At least then, ya can tell them to go phuck themselves.
Joined: 1/14/2011
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/20/2012 5:23:53 PM

Its a feeling deep inside a mans heart, mind, which is un-explainable. This is not a fleeting feeling of the moment but, a long lasting feeling of an enhanced joy when you are with a particular woman. More importantly, the feeling is even more intense when you are not with this woman. Not to be confused with LUST but, its close. There are to many factors to try to explain yet...........when it happens, it feels as if you both fit together romantically, interlectually, professionally, personally........etc, etc., etc.
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/20/2012 8:42:50 PM
She's pure as the driven snow, and let's her light shine with a sunny side up personality.
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What makes men fall in love with a woman?
Posted: 6/20/2012 8:56:23 PM
thats a simple but good question.........not easy to answer.... to get to the point of falling ass over tits for a girl.....shed have to impress me. have some of the same beliefs i do in the various areas of life....who understands what im talking about.....who i understand....

isnt afraid to appologize when she should and also has good arguments when she believes shes right....i like a more conservative classy appearance in a girl....crazy about sex....but im the only one who she shows how crazy about it she is....nice to my friends......any dude who tries the slightest move on her she turns him down so fast he thinks he got hit by a boeing 747 aaaannnd she lets me know as soon as she talks to me....

cares about her looks but doesnt have losing weight or looking more like some celebrity on her top 3 priorities in life...

impresses me a girl who is careful with her money....doesnt spend more than what she makes in the most unnecessary stuff and doesnt expect for a guy to pay for everything....respects me for how hard i work....motivates, supports me and gives me insight in my ambitions...has her own ambitions and we have common ambitions for our future together....gets excited about some of the same things i get excited about...a girl who is brave enough to put me in my place when im fckin up....hmmmmmmmmm.....make me believe she truly cares about me...a girl who isnt afraid to tell the truth....who likes to joke around....who doesnt give me the "silent treatment", i cant stand that, it does plays with a guys head, but if i figure ur doin it on purpose and thats something u do a lot, i ll move on so fast that u ll b like "what, why, with who? thaaaat fckr" thats how much i cant stand that....she d have to b kneat and clean but not always catchin a stress fit anytime something is outa place....shed have to b open minded.......

Anyway....something along those lines....for me anyway.
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