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Alabama weather would be just right(very rarely cold), just stay away from the coastal regions(hurricanes). There are tornados here also but not that often. Try to avoid the major cities and hit country (land is cheap).
As far as retirement advantages, nothing. Plenty of taxes and one of the poorest economical states to live in. But know-a-days which state isn't. Plenty of fishing and hunting and good old country cooking. Be careful where you live as crime is everywhere and in every state.
Regardless of where you decide to live, be aware of where the drug houses are,who the neighbors are, and the area.

My ideal location would be the base of the blue ridge mountains in Virginia, just to cold for me now.

As far as over seas there is a cut off age for Australia unless you have a craft that is needed.(thank God I am a custom woodworker/cabinet maker). I plan to retire overseas.
If you are not country then Alabama would not suit you. After all it is where the original colonies sent their trash.(not to say everyone here is that way)
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Relocating and starting over
Posted: 10/31/2012 11:47:01 AM

I'm thinking Belize...english is offical language.

True but English isn't an issue in some neighboring Central American countries. Ex pat English speaking enclaves in many coutries in the region. There are so many Canadians in Costa Rica that here are Canadian doctors, dentists, etc. You can live a decent quality of life including rent in Costa Rica for about $1500/month. Many ex pats English speakers there have part time positions managing condos, time shares, in the tourism industry, etc. that provide extra income and keep themselves active.
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Relocating and starting over
Posted: 10/31/2012 12:25:39 PM
Found a web site .......18 best places to retire overseas............for some reason Costa Rica wasn't listed. I've heard it is a great place, especially for medical/health facilities.
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