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Joined: 6/26/2012
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blueeyes: nice post. if what you say about yourself is correct, id definitely consider you a quality woman...words i wouldnt use to describe many women these days.

it would be nice if youd at least respond to the guys who send you a nice letter though. trust me, its a bit discouraging to think up something original and unique for a girl youre interested in and not even get a response.

i agree with most of the advice you give out as well. best of luck finding what youre looking for.
Joined: 5/17/2012
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/25/2012 8:54:41 AM
It's lucky for me that most guys choose to whine and blame women for their lack of success on this site rather than putting some actual effort into figuring out how to write better profiles/messages and just generally make themselves into more appealing individuals.
Joined: 10/22/2010
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/25/2012 11:52:56 AM
I just wanted to ad an update; so as to inject some further positivity into this board.


I got three replies in one week.

(So; I am now 26 replies for 345, 273 clean, respectable and attentive messages)

Maybe I'm just a stud, and far better with the female species than most of you though.

Joined: 6/26/2010
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/25/2012 12:19:43 PM

The classier than most girls and like me for inner beauty comments makes one think she thinks a lot of herself and her appearance. Believe it or not, all men are not attracted to thin blondes who think most girls are classless.

Fifi, I guess you don't know my childhood, which isn't your fault. I was a dork in grammer school, and got bullied pretty much my entire childhood. I am not going to get further into it, it's a bit too personal, but my "inner beauty" comment goes both ways. I feel like my entire life, my looks define me. Whether pretty or ugly, I get judged on how I look. I got comments, good and bad, on how I look and nothing more. The experiences I went through in life have made me a better person, not a damaged person. I worked even harder. I got more motivated. It humbled me. I became resilient, pushed forward. And yes, I am proud of the person I became. I am proud to have not gotten depressed and to not have turned to drugs or anything. And so my point is, I like people who see ME, as a whole. People who will like my personality and interests. I am sorry if that is wrong to you, I am sorry if that makes me entitled. No I do not have "high" standards in that I am looking for a 10 with a lot of money. All I want is a good person with decent looks. If you look at the men I have dated, they were not 10s. I am picky in my own little fickle way. But mostly I am looking for someone who will see ME as a whole, who respects me, and has more to say to me than 'nice smile'. As I said I am looking for a relationship, so one needs to like me for my personality too. Just because I have not found a relationship yet on here does NOT make me spoiled, a b!tch, or an entitled prissy princess. There is nothing wrong with you all, its just whatever we are attracted to and are looking for. Nothing personal. I get rejected too and I don't care, to each their own.
And my "classier than most girls" comment? As I just said, I don't say the F or S word, and even though I just typed the B word I actually do not say it out loud. People actually try to pay me to get me to curse. I never touched a cigarette or drugs, I never stayed out late, I don't party, waited until 21 to drink, I don't sleep around, I am always polite as I can be. I don't dress provacative, I don't do crazy things, and in fact in highschool kids always thought I was weird for this. I never fit in because of it. Everyone is always shocked at my goody girl behavior. But I guess in a way I shouldn't use the "most girls" part... I'll give you that one. Or maybe some would think of me as more prudish? I guess it's just because what everyone tells me about myself. But lets end this discussion because this thread isn't about me...

Mr Wrong and and roger, thank you :) Sometimes I'll send a "thanks but no thanks", but it depends on if they seem nice, because I have gotten cursed out. But I really appreciate your comments :)

As for the "nice guy" argument (going back on topic), I don't think it's being nice that is the problem, I think it's more being a pushover and being too passive, and lacking confidence. But then again yes, some women are with complete jerks. But I have to give the argument that I see some men who don't like the "nice girls" too! I see plently of men with hot women, who are complete b!tches, but the seem seem to like a challenge. So I think this may be true for box sexes. Maybe nice people are percieved as boring, and some people like a challenge. Some people like excitement and drama, whether man or woman. I had a friend who was always about drama, and men loved her and stayed with her because she was really good in bed. eh.
Joined: 9/5/2011
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/25/2012 5:16:54 PM
I will stick to my guns about tailored emails. You don't need a long paragraph or a novel. Just a good short, entertaining, ice breaker targeting that person for the best chances of starting a conversation. 1-5 lines.. Most of the time just 1-2.

I will also continue recommend old school, real world, head out on the town methods for meeting potential dates as being considerably better than online.

Many seem to be living out the female version of Brad Paisley's song "Online". "I'm so much cooler online". Most I meet online that at least seem to be the type I am looking for really do have their sights set on a higher than reality standard. Women with just as much going for them, just as well put together and just as easy on the eyes don't turn up their nose and get snooty in the real world. Even out and about in orange county, CA.

The majority of responses were not interested because you are going or email me when the deployment is over. One thing that did throw me for a loop was being outright asked if I wanted to f&ck before I deployed by an attractive, successful and wealthy business woman on a pay site. On POF I only got that from severely out of shape women that no degree of intoxication could compensate for.
Joined: 7/30/2012
Msg: 206
What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/25/2012 6:00:11 PM

And mizeat, it is important to be yourself, its not a lazy answer. If you fix yourself up, do it for yourself and no one else!!!! Because then it will fail. Like if you lose weight for a girl and then get in a relationship and get comfortable, you will most likely put on the pounds again. Do something for yourself, be yourself. And dont fluff up your profile. Lol people get so angry on here... Calm yourselves this is supposed to be fun. If you guys are so angry maybe yoi should take a break. I jusy posted here to help some of you men out, to explain why I delete a lot of my mail. It's not my fault moat of the time, and no im stick stuck up because i give plenty men chances,been in a few relationships and met plenty of men on here :) so keep trying and someone will come along

Not sure how you interperted my response as me being angry but ok.

"Just be yourself" is a generic lazy answer. Telling someone who isn't getting dates to just be themselves is useless advice. What they need to be told is to be their best selves. Strive to improve, work out, go out, talk to people like a person and not an object, be confident in yourself and not need someone to "complete" you as if you are broken to begin with, get your finances in order, take up new hobbies, dress your best, keep good physical and dental hygene don't rely on internet dating as the end all be all etc. Otherwise just telling people to just keep trying and "someone" will come along is almost encouraging people to sit on their butt and take whatever they can get when they can get better if they improve themselves to be the best person they can be.
Joined: 7/30/2012
Msg: 207
What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/25/2012 6:40:46 PM

No, its more like "I can't find the type I want to date or marry". Big difference Bro.

Must be your location or a diseased mind.

The few I would want are always taken because their numbers are so few, starting with a 70% obesity epedemic that immediatley wipes out 70% of the dating pool.(Im thin by the way, so I dont see that I would have to date an overweight or obese woman.)

Again. Must be your location. Tons of everyday dudes meet chicks and date them who aren't overweight. But I guess your "niceness" and skinny frame entitles you to date 9's and 10's in the looks department.

Mizeat, I have stats and expert opinions to back up all I say, what about you? All you know how to do is espouse the ole "improve yourself rhetoric". While self improvement is always a great thing, and can help to some degree, it is not going to solve the horrible dating scene in the US for men. The demographics are just too slanted in women's favor to overcome the disadvantages that men have in the US dating scene.

Weirdos and diseased minds worry about "stats". Normal dudes meet chicks and don't need to fly around the world to do so.

Like I said, you are 24, and in shape, and you actually look to be in the top 10% of men in the US dating pool. (and no, I dont have a man crush on you, lol) Of course a guy like you aint gonna have problems at your age with your looks. You're too inexperienced and young to understand much yet. Im sure you have all kinds osuccess with the young ladies who fawn over young GQ looking guys like you. Ive been there dude and I used to tear it up too, until about 10 years ago.(coincidentally the same time that Jean Twenge states narcissim with women skyrocketed in this country)

Yes. I'm an Adonis. Every perfect 10 is throwing their pink at me. And no I'm not too inexperienced. Just normal with a healthy mind and not pedestalizing chicks like you are obviously doing. You have women on such a high pedestal they have completely ruined your thought patterns and have you so desperate to "complete" yourself that you are willing to flee the "bad" U.S. and run to God knows where to find a perfect 10 who "knows her place as a woman". Hilarious! Narcissim? What normal confident man worries about narcissistic women? They either realize the chick is trying to hide insecurities and ignore it while treating them like a normal person and if it doesn't work out..Keep it moving. I'm not anyone's psychiatrist.

Like I said, I present stats, facts, and expert opinion to support my opinions at least . What do you have? Personal opinion that you pulled out of your booty? You havent even dated abroad to have a clue about how different and how much easier it is, much less the abundance in quality , class, and intellect one can find in countries like RUssia and Latin America.

Everyone is an "expert" these days. You find one "expert" so can anyone else to the contrary. Opinions I pull out of my buttocks hasn't stopped me from dating good, normal chicks in the U.S. so why should I give a crap about what an "expert" tells me?

Again. People in other countries have their own cultures, families, and their way of doing things. But I guess you and the rest of the grass is greener crew who hate the West NEVER EVER use your "American" UK, Australia clout and money on these foreign women correct? You all pretend like you've never even come from the west in order to get that "one up" in foreign lands right? You know damn well you ALL are pulling that card overseas when it suits you.

1) There is no movement of men in other countries who complain about not being able to get dates with the type of women they would want. The pickupartist is only a US thing, with a little activity in other Western cultures. It doesnt exist in Latin America, middle east or asia. That right there proves there is a problem with the US dating scene

Who cares about PUA but clueless clowns who are being fleeced by other clowns? You are only proving that these so called "men" are desperate and pedestalizing chicks and proves that they are limp wristed nancy boys.

Right, Men in other coutries just go out and get whomever they want. Righto.

2)"Most of the women we interviewed insisted they were not looking for a prince charming -then, without missing a beat, they described an equally unattainable ideal". It’s ironic that we’ve developed such lofty expectations of our potential husbands at a time when nearly 50% of marriages still end in divorce. (Jean Twenge Gen me pg 133)

People have ideals. That doesn't mean when you are in front of them you are automatically discounted unless you discount yourself. Chicks and dudes say lots of things. I ignore it. I want to marry a multi- millionaire. Doesn't mean I wouldn't marry someone who wasn't. See how that works?

3)And mizeat, try telling me how this doesnt support the notion that men have it rough in the US dating scene. And why searching abroad is a rational, logical, and intelligent decision:

Awwww...Men have it rough. Women have it easy. So easy in fact that all the women in the West are only dating and marrying the top 10% of men. See how odd that sounds? 10% of men only date all Western women. LMAO. Open your eyes and look around you my man. You're vision is trapped in a diseased mind.

4) Single men far outnumber single women in the US

That's never stopped the people I know of different ages from meeting and dating one another.

a) . If one thinks this does not put men at a Huge disadvantage, they are nuts!

b) There are actually thousands more single young men than women in America. Between the ages of 25 and 39, for every 1 unmarried woman there are 1.2 unmarried men. Even when you look only between the ages of 35 and 39, there are still thousands more unmarried men. I can hear women immediately yelling that all of the good ones are taken, but the truth is that its single men who should be anxious and complaining. Men get lonely too, though we rarely see that addressed on TV or in the movies. (Jean twenge Generation Me, 113-114)

That's still never stopped me from talking to a chick as a person and not an object I need to "own". But then according to your expert opinion I'm one of the "lucky" ones who gets any woman I want at any time. Hahahahaha. God you are a sick little monkey.
Joined: 7/30/2012
Msg: 208
What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/25/2012 7:43:19 PM

Need to own? Ah, nice, there's one of the many stereotypes espoused by the sheeple who havent traveled to know the truth. Have you visited the POF international section? Check out teh latinas of South America. I see plenty of ladies with masters degrees, engineers, professors, attorneys and other highly edcuated professionals. Have you checked it out? So according to you, these ladies are going to be owned? Pffft! Whatever dude. Keep being one of those sheeple who believe whatever the media tells them about women abroad.

Cut the crap. You clowns want to run overseas with your American, UK, Australia schtick and play that card when it suits you. I'm sure you're all so "interested" in these Latinas degrees when she isn't as "hot" as the other chicks are. You think some beauty pageant contestant from overseas is going to want your pathetic self when she could have her pick of any man in her own country with their own values and ways of doing things especially if he's loaded? I get it. You'll play the I'm better because I'm American card (and "serious" about getting married) to try to pull some hottie like the rest of them are doing while she's "dating" a few of you clowns and having a few send her presents and money. She'll be doing the same crap you clowns love to accuse western chicks of. Of course they'll tell you all the men in her country are "no good". They play you clowns like fiddles. They can smell desperation. And you clowns pull the American angle, and dangle the American cash to "sample" a few of the locals before you marry some chick to "complete" you. Get real fool. you aren't fooling anyone.

Well good for you that its so apparently easy to land thin attractive quality ladies in the US. Now try to tell that to the hundreds of men who come on POF on a weekly basis complaining about their lack of dating success online and in real life. Im here to tell them they have options.US society is just a victim blaming society.
The problem is that many of these men in the USA believe they aren’t good with women but the fact is that they are trying to succeed in an arena where there is no success. If the society in the US says that the problem is *you*, then try changing societies. You may be in for a big surprise.

So these same men shouldn't improve themselves?? Nah. Just sit on your arse and expect some goddess to drop into your lap and love you for just you, because you deserve it and are sooo "nice". No self reflection or self honesty right? No improvement? It's everyone ELSE'S fault! LMAO.

Righto. Going overseas is going to make you good with women even though you can't hack it in your own back yard. You're all helpless victims of western women! You all claim not to pedestalize western women but can't stop going at them even when you're all living it up in foreign shangri la! Real "men". Hahahahaha
Joined: 9/5/2011
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/25/2012 7:55:10 PM
35 and counting.

1 in 80 is an approximation of ONLINE response rate.

Out in the real world it is closer to 8 out of 10.

When most of the late 30's guys have a beer gut and you got a 6 pack and a personality.... well you have got game.
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/25/2012 8:29:06 PM
In Roger33's world it's easier to move to another country, learn their language, follow their customs, get employed, find living arraingments etc. Rather than the rest of us who join a gym, dress your best, get a stylish haircut/shave/look, improve ourselves in all aspects for ourselves first, then go out in America talking to chicks like normal people do, get to know each other and go out on a date. Makes perfect sense in rogers shangri la world.

Western women have Roger33 and the rest of the happier abroad crew under their heels. They are powerless to resist them as they cannot stop complaining about them even though they are all living in heavenly paradise with perfect 10 lawyers, doctors etc who love them just for who they are. No self improvent needed. Just run overseas and all lifes problems are solved with your overseas "soulmate". Sweet!
Joined: 7/30/2012
Msg: 211
What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/25/2012 9:11:39 PM

Ok, your ignorance is showing once again. Little do you kinow there are huge man shortages in many of these contries. See They just want a shot at a chance of love, and with man shortages in latin america and the former soviet republics, that aint happening for so many ladies. NOt to mention that the culture of machismo is prevalent which means these guys cheat on their women on a regular basis. Men dont treat women so great in these countries either. In russia the men leave little to be desired and arnt so family oriented and responsible to the family. Alcoholism and chain smoking men are par for the course and the life expectancy of these men is in the upper 50's because of this. Abuse rates are high in other countries and laws do little to protect them. If you are a women in one of these countries, dont you think you prefer men who practice fidelity and treat women with far more respect? Money is less important to women than having a husband who will treat you well, be faithful, and be a responsible family man. They dont have this with men of their own countries

They define a good man as someone who :

pays attention to them
provides romantic attention;
agrees to bring his paycheck home to contribute to the family;
who won’t cheat on them;
doesn’t get drunk on a regular basis;
who would not harm them.

These values are basic to us here in the United States, but seem to be difficult for many foreign men to live up to. That is what makes you, the American man so golden to them!

Find me a chick who doesn't want the above defined mentioned in any part of the WORLD. Fool.

Of course! All foreign men are completely helpless abusive **stards! The Golden American man is the answer to lifes problems!

Even the USCIS study confirms their motivations are as I described above as shown below. I dont see anything about money do you? See below, it has little to do with your stupid money. You should do your homework before spouting off. Ill believe the USCIS and campbell law firm before some dude talkin out of his butt

Of course they aren't going to mention money you golden American dumbazz!! Do you honestly think these foreign women are dumb enough to mention that up front? Or do you think they believe you'll both get by on "love"? LMAO.

USCIS Report to Congress

“Why do foreign women want American husbands? Many sources suggest that these women are searching for a "better life" in terms of socio-economic factors--they do, for the most part, come from places in which jobs and educational opportunities for women are scarce and wages are low. However, when the women themselves are asked this question, the answer generally indicates an attraction to American men (they look like movie stars) and an aversion to native men. Americans, they say, make good husbands while Filipino (Thai/Indonesian/Russian/etc.) men do not. Americans are thought to be faithful to their wives, while the native men are cruel and run around with other women. True or not, this is the perception.”

So your own evidence says they are looking for someone with more money. Fool. Yea. Winston Wu and crew are all "movie star" good looks. Hahahahaha!! These chicks are gassing your fool heads up! Gas em up and play them like fiddles. "You handsome golden American man"! So all these "ugly" foreign men get loads of babes but these same babes want the American "movie star" good looks. Dude they game you clowns and gas your heads up. Find the American slob. Gas his head up. Tell him he's "hot" and turn his pockets out! These foreign women must be in for a real shock when the American movie star looks unboards the plane with his comb over, beer gut, and teeth brushed with a pack of firecrackers expecting his perfect 10. LMAO. That's some candid camera foreign style! (Don't worry handsome. She loves you for just being you!) Hahahaha!

Aperfect 10 would be nice, but not what Ive got in mind. Hell, Ill settle for a 6. All I ask is that she isnt overweight which can be somewhat of a challenege in the US. With a 70% obesity epidemic in the US, it can be hard to find. Most non obese women are hotly sought after and get taken of fthe market pretty fast. Interesting how most guys I know (myself and my buddies who have tried dating sites ) who message women only get messages or replies from overweight women or those with kids in tow. Its just about guaranteed that when you message a THIN HT/WT proportionate chick that is average or better in looks, you're not going to get a response on here.Young guys like you at yoru age may do somwewhat better since you have access to a younger market where obesity l ess of an issue at younger ages compared to my dating pool (mid 30's on up).

Yes! There are no slender 6 in looks women in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. They're all dating and marrying the top 10% in looks along with every other chick up to the 10s! LMAO.

And when you have a scenario where 100% of men are chasing after that small pool of women, most average Joe's are out of luck unless they look like GQ or have a fat wallet to throw around. If you call that "cant hack it" , fine. Ill agree. I admit that the competition is too tough in this scenario of 100% of men going after the same small pool of women, which just causes spoiled picky entitlement attitudes with many of the ones who know they are in the top 20%

Yes! 100% of the men are chasing the 20% smallest pool of women and marrying them, divorcing them, dating them and God knows what else your diseased mind can dream of. So don't improve yourself. Just stay average. Don't work out (it'll make you a jerk), don't get good grades, don't try to get a good job, don't try to dress your best, don't try to groom yourself, don't go out and meet anyone, don't develop a personality, don't do anything but stay average and expect to get yourself a goddess because you like being an average joe. Dudes like that sound like the exact same chicks they love to hate. Be average but want everything.
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Msg: 212
What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/26/2012 12:27:51 AM

We all can improve ourselves more.

The argument you are making for improving ones self is solid.

Im willing to self improve. I do it everyday, i have come miles from where i was 3 years ago and i will be miles further along in the coming months after i settle into this new job.

More dudes need to do that and not rely on online dating as the end all be all. They also need to have the willpower to want to improve themselves. Most don't want to. They see this as a free virtual "girlfriend" vending machine that they can just insert a profile and pictures and get their "soul mate" to make their lives "complete". In other words they want the easy way.

I see guys failing who are way better looking, intelligent and financially stable then I, all due to American culture.

The U.S. dating scene sucks for American men, the science perpetually proves this.

Every one fails everywhere all over the earth everyday. It's how you learn and grow from those experiences. Winners become winners by failing, learning, improving, and growing. Not by running off to fantasy land bubble world as a band aid. Actors, Athetes, businesses, people in general fail all the time. It's life. Learn and grow. Period. They become winners by looking past the "obstacles" and WIN despite the odds. Funny I see people everyday going out, dating, hanging out etc. And these aren't all fantasy perfect 10 men with perfect 10 girlfriends. Some are quite "average/normal" and STILL manage to get what they want despite the "fact" of the "horrid" American culture you speak of.

No is it not an excuse to give up or be lazy but it is a reality that can not be denied or the blame thrown elsewhere.

Ignore the nonsense and strive to improve or else drive yourself insane over things you cannot control. No need to run off with a pack of so called "men" who need buddies as security blankets to "prove" to themselves that shangri la is overseas.

American women have made the choice they rather be single then settle for less then perfect, they set the bar, that is their right, that they had to fight very hard for that right. So i respect it.

Is that what all American women and whiny nancy boys have lead you to believe? Women use that nonsense to weed out the nancy boys. Trust me on that. I've learned to ignore nonsense and treat people normally. Your mind would be blown at how much women are receptive to a dude with a head on his shoulders who isn't a pushover and is confident in himself, takes care of himself and doesn't act as if his world would be shattered if she decided she didn't "want" him. Ignore the nonsense. Keep it Zen like at all times. What you throw ou to the universe you will get back.

Doesn't mean I or any other guy has to play their game though. Now does it?

You learn to play the game better. Games so long as they aren't destructive to either party actually strengthen realationships. Do you ALWAYS pick up the phone when someone you don't feel like talking to calls? If you don't answer their call. Well then YOU are "playing games" so to speak. Does that make you a bad person? No.

Not all foreign women are *gold diggers*

Not all. But let's get serious. You think these women think they are just going to get by with a man on looks and love? You think these foreign women who KNOW American men are flying over to see them just get dolled up for "love" and don't see any MONEY in these guys who are desperate enough to fly over because "they don't like American women because they are "gold diggers"? It's like a chick saying she's tired of all the players. They players know she's a MARK. Tell her what she wants to hear. Get's what they want and takes off. You think no other American men are throwing money at these same women other men are flying over looking to date? Please. Don't be purposely nieve.

Plenty will settle for even a working class American guy.(if he isn't truly a slob)

So these women have to "settle" for a man who can't cut it in his own country because he refuses to improve himself? I see how that works.

There is a genuine appeal between the sex's when it comes to different nationalities.

Yes. Golden American man. Or they see Golden American men. all vying for the hottest babe they can land. I'm sure all of these "nice" men aren't all tripping over themselves to go for the best looking. Nah couldn't be.

For those who lack common sense, or the willingness to self improve, dude does make a good point, you will just get taken by a foreign women anyway.

Most without common sense are seen as soon as they unboard that flight in foreign lands. Desperate American Golden man. You don't think these women know these men are either desperate and or full of it when they hand them lines of how they dislike American, Canadian etc chicks yet run their Western man card to score chicks abroad? These chicks sit back and let the fools run their mouths, smile at them, touching/dancing with them, gas their heads up with compliments and pour it on to get that fool to buy her dinner (because she's "worth" it) slowly play the "victim" card and have the American gassed up chump start trying to buy her affections/sex to ward off her other American etc. suitors while she's running the same game on other dudes.

Im not talking about the slobs but the decent men who are trying to improve their life but are hitting walls of rejection regardless.

Mind blowing to deal with I know. Not everyone is going to like nor want to date you, I or someone else. Winners deal with it. Others cry and give up. The hilarious thing is this:

People, men and women see someone and project a "perfect" fantasy of that person of their affections whom they don't know from a can of paint. Their subconcious is also at the same time aware of whatever real or perceived imperfections they themselves may have. So their mind then to "deal" with the conflict of their fantasy perfect person who is the cure all to their problems in life and their subconcious negative voice telling themselves they aren't good for this fantasy person they've created based on looks etc. is to simply tell themselves: "I'm afraid of rejection".

Truth is. IF you REALLY think about it. You, I and everyone else isn't really afraid of rejection. It's your mind using the thought of being "rejected" to cope with whatever negative voices that have taken control along with the fantasy of this beautiful "perfect" stranger.

People who say they are afraid of "rejection" aren't afraid of rejection. They are afraid of ACCEPTANCE. Why? Rejection is a small sting. One time and it's over. If you are afraid of rejection how the hell can you not be afriad of acceptance? ACCEPTANCE is what those people fear. Because with ACCEPTANCE means you then have to face your real or perceived imperfections and leave yourself vulnerable to this person you've put on a pedastal without even knowing them but also the fact that with acceptance by that person, you might eventually have to repeat it with their friends, and family and also the possibility that the fantasy of that "perfect" person you've created in your mind may not actually be so "perfect" nor work out in reality.

Why not take a middle ground approach? See where *improving one's self takes you* and be ready to pack up your belongings in the event it doesn't.

If you can't improve in America, Canada, UK, Australia what in Gods name makes you think you'll magically improve elsewhere? Because you should just have women and relationships/love hand themselves to you or I with a crutch?
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Msg: 213
What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/26/2012 6:44:00 AM
Alright mizeat, we call all improve ourselves somewhat, I think what I was trying to say was don't drastically change yourself or try to be someone you're not. But having better hygiene or getting a haircut or whatever can work. Sooo... Out of curiosity I did a google search on this. actually did a study on the types of first messages sent out and reponse rates. I also came across a bunch of other articles. Sure enough, they all seem to agree with me. Tailor your message but it doesn't have to be that long, show that you read the profile, don't go for physical compliments, use certain words, and grammar counts. The study showed this leads to better response rates, although does not guarentee a response. Just do a Google search on it, if not ill see if I can copy and paste the link later.
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/26/2012 6:48:19 AM
The study was by o k cupid, I dont know why it took that word out of my above message, that other free dating site
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/26/2012 9:34:43 AM
Wow Roger33... I had no idea that all Russian men were out of a job drunks who beat there wifes and rape women on the street and then died early.... Get of your bassement often???? Do you think all Latin men are lazy no good drunks??? How about all rednecks drink beer drive broken down cars and shoot dogs on the street and beat there wifes. You watch way too much TV..
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/26/2012 3:18:14 PM

Nope. That is not what I recommend. Bring them over to the US is easier. That being said, Young grasshppuh, you show some signs of learning on a higher plain of existence. I'm proud of you. There is hope for you after all. ; )

But wait Roger33....Won't brining these gorgeous doctors and lawyers to the US expose them to the "poisoning" American culture and the Top 10% of men who are dating and marrying every female that crosses their path? Or do you keep your foreign bride locked in a cage? Make her wear a burka? Or does she hide in a cave in the mountains with her average golden American "man"? I guess you expect these foreign women to just "know their place" as a woman correct?

Again, Ill take the 20% divorce rate over the 50-60% divorce rate anyday. Which divorce rate do you prefer??

You seem hell bent focused on divorce rates don't you lil man. lol It's as if you are powerless before any adversity. Isn't that right "Real man" Roger33?

young grasshppuh, that's the beauty of overseas dating and marriage. Their values are different. American women are into youth, flash, and level of employment. Foreign girls are into substance, family values, spiritualness and soulfulness and for who you are not for what you do. I see signs of maturity in you already young grasshppuh

Chicks all over use those lines. It's all over this site as well! You think because she's foreign it's "different"? Of course all foreign women will tell you that you nitwit. You're their golden American "man". You sound like the type of chick who defends her man slapping her around. These chicks tell you what you wan to hear and even if you don't totally believe it you still refuse to see past the lie you are living because you are butthurt by American chicks and want to use foreign women are "better" as an excuse to bash them.

And foreign women aren't into flash, looking youthful, and concerned with empolyment? Where is this mass population of single women living? In huts? Are you that nuts? hahahaha. Damn you may be older but you are one seriously confused/deluded mofo!

Well, I'll take the 20% divorce rate any day. You can have your American 50-60% divorce rate. Have fun with that bro. When you get taken to the cleaners you'll be singing a different tune. Ah, the blissful ignorance of youth and inexperience , must be nice. : )

Funny. I've seen your clown POF "experiment" on happier abroad Roger33. I've read threads there for teh LULZ. You clowns run around getting fleeced by these foreign chicks, visiting brothels, sampling "brides", aren't honest with yourselves but living complete lies and wanting to wife up some perfect 10 and make sure all of your money is in your names. Why? I thought these beauties only cared about you and not your money?

***For anyone else even contemplating Roger33's nonsense and delusional B.S. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it in spades. These dudes come here with profiles trying to pull dudes into their B.S world butthurt by "no success" with "Western women" to fund their own perversions and having dudes as a security blanket of "proof" and comfort for their own fkd up lives. (they get fleeced by these foreign "brides" and "dates" but can't control themselves from going after more "easy" targets in prostitutes or women who use them and look to get financed by other dudes like a pyramind scheme. They play the "victim" role to the hilt and you see countless dudes complaining about getting taken by "scam artists" when they knew what they were getting into all for a piece of kitty that they THINK is "all their own".

Look no further than Roger33's bussy "Winston Wu" Google him or youtube him. These are the types of sex addicted freaks who trip over themselves to "find a wife" yet are going with prostitutes and hopping from country to country for a "better deal".

These dudes are bottom of the barrel in ANY country they visit for a "wife".
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/26/2012 3:37:50 PM
The women on here don't respond. Your dreaming!
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/26/2012 3:42:19 PM
A woman's perspective - It's been my experience that men give up very easily and quickly online. Sometimes just familiarity alone can help. Stick around... say hello or something interesting every once in a while. Patience and persistence can make a difference. Women need to know a man is seriously interested and willing to put in the time.
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/26/2012 3:53:11 PM

Im all for self improvement. But its not going to change your luck with ht/wt proportionate self entitled American women.

You've sworn off American women, so how do you know others self improvement might just help them out in life period? You don't.

But , again, simply having this philosophy isnt going to change your luck (well, at least not that much) in the US dating scene. Hunting abroad will.

Grass is greener. Of course that's the easy thing to massage our stubborn ego when we don't want to look at ourselves as possibly being the problem.

Such is the line that American culture presents about Foreign women. Go travel, see the world, and then rport back to us. How do you explain the 20% divorce rate?? Im listening.

How many of these women are forced to stay married even if they aren't happy? You limp wristed nancy boys love making the woman know her place (your property). There are many variables that could be in place making sure that higher divorce rates aren't happening especially when they know it's good business having American. UK, Canadian, and Australian men coming over and spending their money looking for their "forever wife". It's mind blowing how all these women claim the men in their countries are so "bad" yet the divorce rate is so low...yet there are men shortages but all these men are running around on their women.....yet low divorce rates. Hmmm...

They dont need to bro, 80% of the ladies are Ht weight proportionate and these ladies also dress hot! They dont romp around in public in unkept hair and pajamas. Its a different world, full of man shortages too. These ladies appreciate a man when they are lucky enough to find one and they show that appreciation. American women (not all, but generally speaking) are more likely to say "what have you done for me lately".

I see! The foreign women are all engineered to be ht wt proportionate, dress hot all of the time and only love you their American Golden man! American women run around with messed up hair and in pajamas in public? LMAO. I guess someone needs to take a picture of me when I run to the store in shorts. flip flops, and my hair messed up and claim all American men run around all day in messed up attire. Dude your delusions are hilarious! So what. Some chicks run to the store in pajamas. It's not the end of the world or is it for you? Hahahahaha

Mizeat, explain the 20% divorce rate then. If what you claim is true, if they are users, why dont they leave after they get the greenacard?Im listening. Again, 20%!!!!!

IF I was one of those chicks..Why would I leave family, friends, my country, culture and way of doing things when I could keep on fleecing American Golden men for their American dollars that go further in my own country?? I'd tell them what they want to hear. Clean out their wallets, while "dating" a few at a time, let them run on to the next one, while I buy new clothes, fix myself up even better, and find new American Golden men to take that American money from to use in my own country! Roger33 = MORON.

Ohh Mizeat, this is truly PAINFUL to read. Take this advice from a gentlemen to a manchild, Bro, go and see the world. It will blow your mind. I didnt see the light untill I did. You have no idea. Im going to give a young guy like you a pass. You cant help yourself.

So you've "improved" by staying the same average dude who couldn't and didn't want to cut it in America, ran overseas to play the "American Golden man" dream card to women who claim they don't care about money and told you just what you wanted to hear as well as telling every other moron who runs over there the same schtick. Then think youre going to wife up some perfect 10 and abduct her here as your property away from family and friends, not knowing much, keep her in the dark so as not to "poison" her with "bad" American culture and hide her away fro m these same top 10% of men who live in the west who marry and date everyone in their path. LMAO. You are entertaining bro! Completely delusional and crazy but entertaining!
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/26/2012 4:02:02 PM

This self improvment genre is totally what the pick up artist crap is all about. One thing about the whole pick up artist industry that I despise most is that they teach you how to NOT BE YOURSELF! The presumption is that you are defective, and not deserving of a woman as you are. What a bunch of crap! Trying to be something that you're not all day eventually leads to psychological imbalance and mental dysfunction. Not a good thing. The problem is not you, it’s your dating environment (aka :America). Its all about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!It’s great environments, not great men that create great woman and great results.

Roger Roger you deluded nitwit.

Who in their right mind follows that PUA crap but you? PUA's are scammers who run the same game that foreign women are running on the same chumps. They both see you fools as marks.

In Roger's diseased alleged mind. Working out = being a PUA, Dressing your best and keeping good hygene = being a PUA, going out and meeting people like every other normal person does = being a PUA. Working on self confidence and not being an jerk nor a doormat = being a PUA. doing your best in life and at your job = being a PUA. Being your best self and not just being yourself (not changing who you are but working on correcting mistakes you've made ) = being a PUA. Doing nothing but complaining, blaming everything else, using absolutely ZERO self reflection and running overseas to get fleeced by women who tell you what you want to hear = not being a PUA but just being yourself.
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/26/2012 5:45:53 PM
chainbreaker: its tough to stick around and be patient when your initial messages dont get a response.

yeah, men do give up quickly online, ive done so myself. usually because when i do say something interesting or witty, and actually get a response, itll be one of the conversation killers like "lol" as far as im concerned lol doesnt count as a response and ill refrain from further contact until the other person makes some effort as well.
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/26/2012 6:43:17 PM

Ok mizeat, you are a great motivational speaker but life hasn't kicked you in the ass yet, you feel this way now because you are 24, you will change, you will age, your prospects will gradually dim and your perspective will change.

Who says I'll end up single and desperate? Who says anyone has to hate being single? I guess you are the type to need someone to give you a "life" as if you don't have one on your own? You make people a part of your life till you grow and possibly become one. Not the whole of it and your world will shatter if not.

I don't recommend happier abroad or any similar service necessarily, there are many ways to make contacts with people, including traveling and that includes many, many different countries.

You also seem ignorant of what kinds of great women there are over sea's.

I'm sure there are wonderful people all over the world. I'm not going to throw in the towel and run on some chase across the world to "complete" my life when I can just do it in my own backyard.

yes lets get *real* here.

I have not used happier abroad but i have on another dating site had dozens of long conversations with nice women, who continued to talk with me long after they knew my social status or the fact i could never be a cash-cow, so why would they waste their time? Hours of conversation when they could be off fleecing some other american.

And who says they aren't fleecing other dudes? They get a bunch of dudes. Get real.

Have you ever traveled? I don't mean the touristy experience but the real deal, staying in youth hostels or hotels, backpacking....My experience was in italy mostly and london for a week.

I recommend traveling not only for *meeting women* but for the general experience.

Fantastic. They have their own culture and way of doing things. You think some nancy boy who can't cut it over here is going to go overseas and "run things" on some chick, her family, friends, and ways of doing things? You'll become the housewife and like it. Italians have their own ways of doing things. And since they are pretty tight knit families once ONE of them doesn't like you...they all start to go at you. (Italians overseas)

I even recommend this to women, the few female friends i have.

For the slobs who want to *buy* sex slaves or a *trophy* wife i feel sorry for them and especially the women.

You come across as more cynical then even me and you are only 24? Pfttt

How am I cynical when it's fine over here for dudes who can hack it? You think you are "proving" something to western chicks by going overseas? LMAO.

When the superman effect wears off and you come to grips with your humanity let me know!

It's called confidence in oneself and not needing someone to complete themselves as if they are a broken person to begin with. Some of you no matter what the age will never get it.
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/26/2012 7:34:01 PM

Ok, you are right, it is all the mens fault, we are all nancy boys who can't hack it here. The women are perfect by default.

No it's all womens fault, American and Western cultures fault, not the individuals. No self reflection or improvement needed. Let's all just take the easier pill to swallow. Chicks on here are the same way. It's everyone else's fault.

Traveling is for the weak apparently along with the desire to find a mate.

Correct. Traveling overseas to find a mate because everything is against you and you aren't a fault in the least is for weak minded, deluded simps.

Apparently the women i have talked to are gold diggers, including the educated middle class women who have no need for *my money or lack there of*

Of course. These women just love you for you. No money required. Doesn't matter that you are a poor Amercian victim.

People should accept being single instead of broadening their horizens. After all everything is the same everywhere.

Don't join a gym, don't even work out in your own home, don't dress well and groom yourself nor take pride in your appearence and hygeine, don't work on any flaws you may have. Just blame it on everything around you then buy a plane ticket, spend your American dollars, stay just the way you are. Try to wife up some foreign chick on the first visit. If not stay the way you are. save up fly overseas again, hope she still wants you and isn't seeing 3 other American and more of her own countrymen, save up for a ring, possible residence, leave your family and friends, or convince her to leave everything for the America you hate thats caused you irreparable damage. Train her to go against western poisoning, and hide her from the top 10% who are dating marrying and sleeping with every woman who crosses their path. Sounds like a great plan! LMAO.

You are an expert afterall, being 24 and so full of life experiences, though you haven't even broken from your insulated American perspective.

It's mind blowing how many people travel all over the world and still aren't convinced to just marry foreign women. Hell everyone who travels overseas should just marry overseas chicks correct? What don't these people see that you do?? Athletes, business men, any man who travels overseas should come back with a foreign wife! I can't believe how many millions of people who've travelled overseas on an annual, monthly, daily basis haven't "seen the light"! LMAO.
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/26/2012 9:18:51 PM

Most people are more comfortable marrying their own culture so thats what they do. Most people choose the path of least resistance when finding a mate and dating a foreign woman isnt easy for obvious reasons.(distance, expenses etc) People tend to date and marry in their own back yard. All we are saying is that expanding your options to include searching abroad is a superb option for guys who arent finding what they are looking for here in the US.

The path of least resistance in their own country (I thought it was hopeless in America? LMAO) yet it isn't easy to find foreign women so they should do things the harder way like instead of going out and getting a job, travel all over the U.S collecting bottle deposits to become a millionaire.

I heard something like 90% of Americans dont even have passport so most havent a clue. But of the ones who do travel, actually, a lot of these men DO end up marrying a foreign woman. And as far as athletes go, they have access to the top 1% of women in the US. No need for them to expand their search. As I said, most people are more comfortable sticking to their own backyard (path of least resistance) but more and more guys are now going abroad for love and marriage. While the marriage rate is at an all time low, the number of men marrying women from abroad is skyrocketuing, doubling about every 7-9 years.

Amazing. All these American athletes and loaded billionaires would rather "put up" with these terrible American and western chicks rather than get a loving perfect 10 who loves them for themselves and not their money in another country. Wow. They must all be dumb. They could have their pick and the "Average joes" who travel abroad would be left in the cold. You are seriously deluded. Keep trying though. I'm sure you'll convince a few desperate suckers to hold your hand for security in shangri la! You can all have these perfect 10s falling at your nice American Golden man feet! lol
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 8/26/2012 10:06:05 PM
Ehh, why not just keep tightening up you profile until you get the responses you want?
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