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To Toupee/Wig or not to Toupee/Wig?Page 3 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
or hair dye. I used to work with a married couple who together dyed their hair black, but I guess they got the cheap stuff, it was "Shoe paste black". on Friday they had grey hair, on Monday it was flat black. or the poor people like my best friend, who parts her hair in the middle so when the dye starts growing out, there's a row of "roots" across the top of her head. but hey, I went thru my hair issues, too, someone took a photo of me from behind at work and I saw how much I was losing in the back. went military short, my mother got the dementia and she thought I was her brother home from Korea so I had to keep it so she would recognize someone in the family, and when she passed I took it all off.

my boss at the time tried the plugs, left a halo on his head, so he can't try going bald. so he just buzzes it short, but he's married anyway. who cares what a married man looks like, lol :)
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To Toupee/Wig or not to Toupee/Wig?
Posted: 2/20/2017 6:43:09 AM
I don't think anyone has issues with a "good" toupee, it's the one's you can spot a mile away that make us cringe. Makes everyone uncomfortable seeing how bad it looks and obviously the wearer has no idea we're all thinking "That looks terrible, just take it off".
There's an older gentleman customer where I work. Maybe late 60's. Takes a black marker? makeup pencil? to his face. Draws on stark black thick eyebrows, mustache and it's the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Apparently he used to also do sideburns and a beard. I can't even look at him for fear I'll stare.
One of my co workers asked him why he did this, he claimed women liked it.
Nothing wrong with improving your appearance but people need to be aware that some things actually make you look worse. Keeping everything as natural as possible is your best bet.
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To Toupee/Wig or not to Toupee/Wig?
Posted: 2/20/2017 11:34:50 AM
I absolutely refuse to ever wear a toupee. I do use Just for Men occasionally to take out some of the gray in my facial hair. It took a few tries to get the right color as it is a couple of shades darker than expected.

I do enjoy seeing the women getting their wigs snatched off on Springer. Some of the disguises on Undercover Boss look obviously bad.
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To Toupee/Wig or not to Toupee/Wig?
Posted: 2/20/2017 10:04:41 PM
what is as bad as the toupee often not in their natural colour, is the dyed black hair, all one colour....of a middle aged man trying to remain young looking. Completely ignoring the sagging gut or beer belly but all concerned about his hair...

Women can dye their hair, wear all manner of wigs and some are really good these days, that is fine. It is the same with moisturised metrosexual men... dont turn me on at all. I like a few grey hairs, a craggy smile.
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To Toupee/Wig or not to Toupee/Wig?
Posted: 2/21/2017 7:41:33 PM
I would never wear a toupee. Rather be bald or have a short haircut or even try hair treatment to see if I can regrow my natural hair.
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To Toupee/Wig or not to Toupee/Wig?
Posted: 2/21/2017 7:55:05 PM
anaaustralianwoman- Well, question #2 made me laugh. I ALMOST went on a tangent and joked about it, and/or got a little dirty, but I try to behave, so I didn't. :D ;)
Anyway, toupees are fine if they look good and are quality, if it looks like a squirrel is sitting on top of his head, Houston, we may have a problem. :D
Why fight it and do a comb over, or have to worry with a toupee?
I think bald is sexy. :)
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To Toupee/Wig or not to Toupee/Wig?
Posted: 2/22/2017 12:19:04 AM

I have seen a few profiles with men quite obviously wearing a toupee/wig and have to ask people out there in Forum Land your opinon's on Toupee's/wigs.
1. Would it bother you IF the said person was in denial about wearing a Toupee/wig?
2. How would you feel if in that moment of orgasm you ripped
their toupee/wig off?
3. Do you prefer the person you fancy to wear a toupee/wig or would you prefer 'a la natural'?
I prefer the natural look. To me it's all about the person and not their hair.

1. That depends on the reason for the denial. Some individuals wear false hair after undergoing therapies related to cancer treatments. A cautious approach in a world where everything causes cancer would be good.
2. I enjoy running my fingers through a woman's hair just to see her facial reactions/expressions. I'm sure that could possibly occur well-before the orgasm.
3. I prefer the individual I date to be CONFIDENT in who she is. Confidence is beautiful. Lack of confidence is a mood killer.
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