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Msg 24- Madisonman0326: Are you reading the same post everyone else is reading? Didn't you see the part in the opening post, where the OP stated: "I left him (no cheating or abuse existed but I had other issues)"

And did you also miss the part where she said: "He tried to get back with me a few times for the 1st year, I always pushed him away. So of course like any normal person/man he moved on, which is normal." In other words, he started dating other woman after they broke up and the OP indicated to him they aren't ever getting back together. So how did you come up with the cheating rant?

Now, a question for the OP: How do you know how many women he is/was dating, and why would you keep track of that? Like another poster stated: that's none of your business. If a mutual friend or relative is keeping you informed of his dating life, tell them you don't want to hear of it. What good does it do to know of his dating escapades?
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I would really appreciate any help
Posted: 8/26/2013 10:00:52 AM
um, Did you guys see that post was from year ago? Also please read message 21 that I posted. The old post just somehow got resurrected again lol. Totally different person a year later. Now, not 100% better but 95%. Which is pretty darn good ;)
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