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With one of these I can get as many of those as I want...that's power!
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/15/2012 12:46:38 PM

Maybe it's hardwiring....but still the vagina has power no penis will ever have.....just is what it is :)~~~

A penis may not have the same power as a vagina, but a man's wallet (if it's got anything it) has a very similar power to a vagaina...
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/15/2012 1:47:40 PM
Yes but if the penis doesn't work the wallet is useless...just sayin.
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/15/2012 3:01:47 PM
and if the vagina doesn't work it's useless too
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/15/2012 3:13:50 PM
LOL...not for nothing but some ladies I know would chat about some of the gents they would date. Seeing we have the vaginas and they have the penis....we would joke about some men's worth which equated to the following:

Some men equal a penis and a paycheck....some got both....some got half of both...some got double...others got one or the other.....but in the end most of the women agreed that despite the size. girth, and wallet attached to the man......that no matter how much some men bragged about how big both their penis and wallet were...the vagina would still win out....part of it is due to the ratio of women to men...part of it is that some men are just really horny with little discriminating taste at last call---but most women won't give up the coochie where as some men will take a stab at any coochie cuz they need to unload.

Certainly this doesn't apply to all men...but there are some who behave this way and clearly there are some women who do the same things. Not saying it's right...but it happens more often then some people would lead you to believe.
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/15/2012 4:29:44 PM

part of it is that some men are just really horny with little discriminating taste at last call---but most women won't give up the coochie where as some men will take a stab at any coochie cuz they need to unload.

Not saying all women do this, but there's plenty of women who won't discriminate if offered a drink by a man at the bar or dinner in other circumstances. Doesn't mean they'll sleep with the guy, but hey, if he's willing to "put out" (dinner and/or drinks) then why not accept, right? Lots of women will buy their own drinks at the bar, but many others are perfectly happy to lower their standards and accept a drink offered by any ol' guy. Then there's a whole other group of women who will go around asking/demanding that men pay for their drinks...I would equate those women with the guys at last call who suddenly lower their standards. Both genders do it, but in different ways and with different goals. Hence, yes to many men a vagina has power, just as for many women a wallet has power.
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/15/2012 5:22:32 PM
some women will have sex with virtual strangers and from the net from what I hear. Alcohol is usually involved I would say. Men are less discriminating and most women can get sex when they want it as evidenced by the less than attractive and often obese single mothers around.

Women know there is more at stake and will be more selective in general about the quality of the man they give it over to.

Men typically revile women who are too easy but will do all they can to get the sex at the same time. Very skewed thinking. Men also know that they pay for sex one way or another and marriage has often been just legalised prostitution in many cases.
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/15/2012 6:02:19 PM
Oh when I was young and dumb, Oh boy the power she had over me.
Then she divorced me, took my pride, took my money, crushed my self esteem...(That was my ex-wife)

Then my left hand took over.... Life is good again.
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/15/2012 8:45:31 PM
some women will have sex with virtual strangers and from the net from what I hear. Alcohol is usually involved I would say. Men are less discriminating and most women can get sex when they want it as evidenced by the less than attractive and often obese single mothers around.

While you are most certainly entitled to your is kind of hard to read this without laughing when you use the term 'sexperienced men' on your profile. Seeing I know a few single mothers...I can assure you not all, but some of those 'single obese mothers' often were quite attractive, in a relationship with someone they loved, not at a bar tossing one back and ended up pregnant and the man who claimed to love them beat feet.

Desiring sex doesn't discriminate based on looks, age, size, color, or gender. I think that many people would have agreed if I said only attractive fit women have vaginas with power. I hate to generalize. Perhaps reading my original post would be be it seems some of these threads take on a life of their own.

My comments are based on what I've seen/heard over the past 26 plus years of being married, separated then in the dating pool. ( I often refer to the dating cesspool ) None the less, I've had the occasion to share conversations with not only my female friends but my male friends too---and I have many of both genders---and many would agree...some would agree to disagree with my belief that the vagina has power...just because it's a vagina. :)

Then my left hand took over.... Life is good again

Sometimes self love is not only safe, but sometimes no one truly knows how to get us off better than our own two hands or one anyway. ;)
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/16/2012 2:29:53 AM
This is somewhat true, and every clinical psychologist, anthropologist, and sociologist knows this.

In case you haven't noticed one of the primary roles of a male in any animal group is to mate. Often. The average human male has sexual thoughts several times a minute every hour of every day, from the moment he hits puberty until death.

The dynamic this creates in our largely monogamous culture drives all sorts of behaviors (largely negative) that anyone who spends a few seconds thinking about it can figure out.
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/16/2012 3:36:20 AM
Here is a woman's take on Vagina Power.... (due credit provided to the original authors - transcription from publicly available records found on youtube.)

By Alexis Tyler/Alexyss Tylor


Southern black woman in her late 30's/early 40's. Dressed in a nice business suit and long braid. Put together on the outside, unravelling within.

GUEST: Heavyset older black woman holding huge portfolio of some sort over her crotch.

AT: …Of some of the things I’m talking about, cause if you really want to earn ya man your need to learn ya man. And a lot of times we get caught up with the wrong man, or caught up in a man’s penis power, because it’s good. I mean if a man has been around, and he’s a ho, especially like the one’s I’m talkin’ about, they’re hopping from here, here and there, they have a lot of practice, and they know a woman’s body, they know the power of their penis, and they know how to soothe her body and to sooth her vagina, so it’s really easy to be caught up with that dog kinda man. Like that one girl asked me “Well why,” she thought somethin’ was wrong with her because she liked the flashy guys with the jewelry, I said “Well, there’s nothin’ wrong with liking a flashy man, you just have to know what time of spirit and energy he’s carrying. Because there are some good men, though they still like to flash, they’re not whores. And the don’t give their penis to everybody. You have to be able to recognize em.

Because the man that is living to ejaculate? He’s in a predator mode. And when the man is in a predator mode, he’s gonna look for the weaknesses of a woman. A woman that’s lonely. Her vagina is cold. She’s layin’ in bed at night playin’ with her toys, or she’s got a man beside her, he’s a good provider, but he’s not hittin the walls and working the middle like that dog she’s having the sneaky sex with.

HEAVY GUEST: But what drives a woman to toys?

AT: Because, like I said, she needs the vagina penetration. A lot of women are hooked on having clitoral stimulations. You have an outer orgasm with your clitoris, but also you have inner orgasms, inside the intra vagina. Inside the vagina walls. Hidden g spots. And every woman’s g spots may be similar, or some women they have more than one g spot. So some women are actually hooked on cummin’.

I mean there’s women that can be at work, at their desk, they got the jack rabbit on, it’s a part you can buy, hook it onto your clitoris all throughout the day, and you can be having orgasms –-

HEAVY GUEST: Jackrabbit?

AT: I knew some girls and that was their favorite product. They called it their favorite best buddy to keep in their pocket book.

HEAVY GUEST: But, see, I go back to when I was a little girl, bein’ raised in the country, jack rabbit… jump from here to there.

AT: Yeah, we ain’t talking bout the rabbit –

HEAVY GUEST: Jump – Jump –

AT: Yeah but --

HEAVY GUEST: We ain’t talkin’ bout a real rabbit. Jump. When a rabbit, in nature… jump from here to there. Just constantly. Movin.

AT: Yes, and they say that they have takin’ the same concept of the rabbit jumpin’ from here to there… the design of it… it jump all up on the clitoris (bounces invisible basketball) Just jump out of control and make the woman have incredible orgasms. That’s why they call that –

HEAVY GUEST: We are livin’ in the 21st century.

AT: That’s the mechanical jackrabbit for the clit.

Some men, they have so much heat and intensity in their peenus, that you can feel it radiating through their clothes. Just to touch the penis… it’s on fire, it feels like it’s fire underneath the skin. So a lot of women actually start goin’ crazy. Cause all penises are not created equal, and they don’t hold the same level of intensity. So if there’s one hot like that, and he has the energy, and he knows how to work his hips, work his buttocks, and really twist her and bend her like she’s a pretzel, give her the gratification she needs, she’s going to be hooked and think that that’s love or on a deeper root level, she’s going to become sexually, mentally and emotionally attached… although he ain’t no gooood. And this other man she with provides for her. Take care uh children that aren’t even his, that woman will still sneak, and get that penis power from him.

But what she doesn’t realize is we have to deal with our attachments and separate the love, the orgasm and the penis. They are separate issues. Cause if we at a lower level of it, and we’re hooked on the penis power, and this man won’t even buy you some shrimp from Long John Silvers. And what. That plate what… $2.99?

But he can give you a mouthful of sperm and a rectum full of sperm. We have to see what our issue is. Because a man like that doesn’t respect a woman. Yeah, he’ll hit her. But if a man is having sex with you and he had the opportunity to be with you, or he’s an ex, and that mean he had you before the other man that’s providing for you could get to you. And all he’s offering you is a side of penis? When he could sneak in and out yo man bed and out yo man house? That man ain’t got no respect for you! And he know you don’t have none for yourself. Because you’re so hooked on him and you’re hooked on the penis, you will sacrifice and sell yourself out to let him come in the backdoor, or let him come at lunch or let him come in the daaaark, when your real man that don’t have the same penis power is heralding all the expenses. So a woman think she getting over, and think “Oh that’s the best sex”, but she really playin herself, and he playin her. Cause it ain’t about her. It’s about his ego, and about his penis, and his testicles, and how many notches he can get up on his belt to brag about.

Remember… don’t let every man hit the bottom of your vagina, the root of your vagina…

HEAVY GUEST: They don’t know about the bottom. They don’t know about the bottom.

AT: But see every man may not know because he might not have a penis to really know how to hit that bottom, or how to lift and hit that bottom, or how to work that middle with a woman. She spread her legs wide and she start screamin’ sayin’ “Yeah daddy, das it” or she might start cursin’ or screamin’ out all types of profanities cause he doesn’t hit the bottom and now her mind… (hand to head) She insane. Her mind ain’t good. Because the penis done ejaculated all up in her brain. She’s gone crazy. So you don’t let every man hit your bottom, and your body remembers it. Just like a man’ll put a woman over doggy style, or maybe get a mirror or somethin’, then they start hittin’ that woman from the back….

Then they start talkin’. (pause) They start sayin’ all kinds uh stuff to her while they’re hittin her, and see that woman is bein’ seduced, she bein’ seduced, he breakin her down man. He is screwin’ her into submissssion. He’s screwin’ her into slavery by usin’ the penis as a weapon to break her ass DOWN! And her defenses! I mean she wide open, with a penis all up in your vagina, man, you don’t have no defenses?!

Unless you are just really thinking, and this is not about the love experience, this is about a money experience or she’s a prostitute, then she’s workin’ it just for her benefit. But when a woman’s really liking this man and she’s feeling him and what he’s doin – especially if she’s sneakin around with him and he has nothing to give her, and her man is treatin her better than he is – he has already gotten her defenses down when she’s very weak, and that’s the worst thing that can happen, is a man to get you, and while he’s thrustin’ the penis in and out – WHO WHO WHO WHO IS IT? Whose vagina is it? Who does it belong to? That that that what’d I say? Who? And then the woman starts callin’ out the man’s naaaame, screamin the man’s name.

Then she let him know she’s comin. When she’s comin’ she hollerin, she callin for him.

This stuff is programmed all up in this woman’s vagina, rectum, uterus, all up in this mind right here (pause)

And that will actually bind her. Actually reduce her to a cum freak. So if she can’t get to him, she’ll slip him in, and that’s where the jack rabbits, and all them different size penises and dildos come in, because she’s tryin to, she’s rememberin, and trying to recapture that experience.

And that’s why I said, you don’t wanna let everybody hit that bottom, you don’t want to let everybody spank you and talk to you in all kinda ways! Because women – especially when the man pull it back, won’t give you no penis no more – women be all in the bed at night, tryin to sleep, they tossin and turning and dreaming about it. Lawd have mercy! Wake up out there sleep cause they done dream their man did this to somebody else! And the thought of that, you know, is devastating. That woman heart get to beatin fast, blood pressure go up, she can’t hardly catch her breath. Just to think about that man, just ration that out, just laid that out for somebody else, bent them over and talk to them too? And spank them?

[I may not have] a PhD and a Master’s degree to put on my wall in Acadeeemia, but I have a Master’s degree in bein’ played by men, used by men, told everything I wanted to hear to get men in positions.

And I am, to be honest with you –- I’m just gonna be real about it! – I’m very upset by being made a fool out of.

We’re about to close now. But is there something? Cause I didn’t let you talk very much.


AT: You let me talk! So say what you want to say.


AT: Go ahead, for the closing, say what you wanna say. I’m sorry.

HEAVY GUEST: The only thing I want to say is, again, I’ve learned something…. That I didn’t know. And I’m definitely gonna be on the watch out. Cause I know what’s out there. That’ll come atcha. And from what your saying it’s comin atcha with all full force. All this power comin atcha. Then a girl ain’t got a chance. So I’m gonna have to say “Pray it up!”

AT: We have to know who we are and we have to know our roles.

HEAVY GUEST: I’ve got to keep standing in the Lord. I’ve got to ask Jesus to keep me every day.

AT: Thank you for watching the Alexis Tyler Show. And we’ll see you next time with more of…. Vagiiiina Poooower. (maniacal laugher)

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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/16/2012 6:18:54 AM
because sex is part of a males nature thats why most guys dont turn down sex is because its we just have to have it
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/16/2012 7:28:10 AM

I guess you had to be there.

You can watch it in youtube... it's pretty funny.
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/16/2012 8:34:23 AM
@ Just.....interesting and funny reading.

It could be said there are some women that view men as a penis, with a pulse and a paycheck. They aren't generally on a quest to fill their vagina...most are seeking a potential lover/ATM. ( Let's face it men aren't the only ones who take things for a test ride. ) I would say the majority of women are looking at a man's physique, his career, and general good health in terms of a mate/lover/father. Yes, I'd concede that a good lover certainly makes that individuals penis quite powerful in it's own right, but how often do you see or hear women bragging about penis or ogling over a *** Ok, there is the need to Meat one of my friends pointed out lol*

Still---for men it's that urge to be in a vagina....smell it's essence....feel the warmth and wetness....which drives them to seek it out. I get the toy thing....masturbation....and that a penis has it's positive attributes....but still I stand by my opinion that Vagina Power supersedes Penis Power

I rather be an honest sinner than a lying saint. People don't get used by players...they use them to fill a need...even if it's their vagina...unless you're completely unconscious...once you're naked and peeling off the wrapper of a condom you should know exactly what you're doing...or just go home. I know some women prefer toys (B.O.B.) because some men get more headaches than women....and if the vagina is hungry it will be
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/16/2012 2:51:19 PM
No, to all questions
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/16/2012 6:15:52 PM
You have reached the max number of times you can post to this thread.

wtf? these forums suck
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/23/2012 4:24:19 AM
Average/below average looking females on here get a huge chip on the shoulder and get huge ego boosts from seeing all the responses they get from here. Females are just as shallow as men.
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/24/2012 12:26:01 AM
I hate it when a woman abuses her vagina power, or even tries to; they should all get a Colombian necktie.
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/24/2012 8:37:46 PM
Is the urge to copulate so great that it doesn't matter what a woman looks like so long as they get to find their way deep inside a woman's vagina?

No ... the urge could never be so great as to ignore the woman's looks, just to be in one. If the vagina is attached to a 500lb hippopotamus with rolls and rolls of fat ... normal guys wouldn't even be able to get it up, much less get it in. So to answer your question ... a vagina alone has no magical powers. It must be a cute vagina attached a cute looking woman.
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/24/2012 8:56:50 PM
Well after 53 years and no sex it appears I am immune to this **** power.
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/24/2012 9:54:19 PM
I guess that vagina power explains all those threads about " Goodness, we finially slept together and now he doesn't call or answer my text messages". LOL

The only vaginas that have any power, are the ones we haven't tried yet!
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/25/2012 6:31:13 AM
the power of the super vacuum. the wrong woman can potentially suck the life out of you.
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/17/2015 11:10:00 AM
" does the vagina have a magical power that some men can't resist and will sometimes lower their standards to be in one? Is the urge to copulate so great that it doesn't matter what a woman looks like so long as they get to find their way deep inside a woman's vagina? "

Nope, not even while I was in heat ( puberty )

But I was blessed with a very good imagination , which is I believe a huge advantage over guys who don't.
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/17/2015 12:12:56 PM
One thing about power is that the person who wields it pays the most attention when it doesn't work as expected.
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The power of the vagina.
Posted: 9/17/2015 1:24:36 PM
I am going to disagree with the premise of the whole thing, and that is that men will lower their standard just to be with a vagina. I think there are men that do that, yes, indeed, but not all men are like that. There are men that for whatever reason, hold a standard that fits to what they like and the do not waver from that.

There are also women that use their vaginas as a powerful mind bending tool to get men to do whatever they want for them. Eventually, the woman or the man are going to feel used and are going to resent their whole approach.

I think when you're with the right woman, and a woman with the right man, there's a magic that takes place that is indeed very powerful. In those instances you do see how the vagina yearns the penis, and the woman wants to be taken by the man. It explains why many women get extremely aroused when the man pulls her hair back and holds her, or when she is completely restrained in one way or another. Or moved around to the man's desires. Women like this tend to feel that by giving away all their control, they indeed have the power. It is a strange, yet fascinating description of this feeling.
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